Chapter 31:

Chapter 31- The Great Supika Vanished? Or Gone

Sorrow Dayz

"What group what makes you think we possibly have a group?" He asked as he began to sweat. "Well for starters all you guys hang out together, I see you all everyday walk in this village talking about something including you Mr. Howkuu." He replied. 

"Well you know I expelled you from my class Kenta for trying to bully another student" Mr. Howkuu said. "I know I will always feel very ashamed for that and truly disgusted, but I have apologized sir." He said. "I know you all left the village yesterday, and went to the Village of Divinity." "Thus, you all didn’t return until dawn, and you Mr. Howkuu were badly ill." Kenta said.

 "How do you know so much?" Mr. Howkuu asked. "With my art, I learned a new trick ability a day after you guys saved me from myself" Kenta said. "Yourself you really are delusional" Tasyoukee said. "Shush." Megumi said. 

"Go on"… Mr. Howkuu said. "Well I noticed that my eye could see through all objects, but not organisms." "That is how I saw you guys. I heard Megumi's grandmother, that day saying goodbye." "Then my jolted eye opened and it was like I could see in a tunnel of past moments that recently happened." "I saw that you guys were on the path to the Village of Divinity."

 "That still doesn’t explain how you knew I was badly i'll." Mr. Howkuu said. "Well when you guys were coming back through the gates I heard you guys asking Mr. Howkuu was he OK." Kenta said. "That’s a bunch of seapus" as Tasyoukee threw his Habinge cup on the ground and started walking out. "Wait!" Mr. Howkuu said as he ran after Tasyoukee. 

"You’re not going to take him serious." "Is that what you’re going to do now take everything as a joke Tasyoukee?" He asked. The others told Kenta "not now, we’ll talk about this some other time", and then followed Mr. Howkuu and Tasyoukee outside. "OK." Kenta sighed. "Let’s go back to my home and discuss this" Megumi said. "Fine" as, they return to Megumi's home they saw her grandmother was still not home. 

The note said she would be back soon, and it’s almost sunset. Megumi said. "Where could she have possibly gone?" Mr. Howkuu asked. "I don’t know I was usually out in the courtyard when my grandmother left to run errands." "Look around everyone to see if she took anything with her!" Mr. Howkuu exclaimed. They looked everywhere and everything still seemed to be in place. "Nothing is out of place, she didn’t even take a cup of tea with her."

 "That meant she would usually be right back unless something happened to her." "Oh, my goodness what do we do?" Megumi worriedly exclaimed. "Calm down, just think of places she would go" Yuuta said. Walking around with her hand on her forehead worrying '"she could be in a village she’s well known in" Megumi replied. 

"Well the only way we can do this is by going back to try finding Kenta, and asking for his help" Mr. Howkuu suggests. "NO WAY!" Tasyoukee exclaimed. "Please!!" Megumi begged. "Fine." He replied. 

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