Chapter 32:

Chapter 32- Falling On Your Enemy's Shoulder

Sorrow Dayz

The group madetheir way back to the escoolur nobody saw Kenta. "C’mon you guys let's head over to his home" Mr. Howkuu suggested. "Wait you know where he lives?" Enjo asked. 

"Why yes I know where all my students live now let us commence forward." "Wow he stays here?" Enjo asked. "It's quite spooky"as Megumi interrupted. "That’s a big house" Yuuta said. "Now move it we need find out where he is" Mr. Howkuu said. 

"Where is that slick devil", he said. Kenta was roughly 5’9 three inches taller than Tasyoukee who was 5’6 slim lean. Enjo was 5’5, Megumi 5’2 , and Yuuta was 4’8. As they walked up to his home the group saw that Kenta’s door has been slid open already. Mr. Howkuu took one step inside and saw everything had been trashed.

 "Stay outside you guys" Mr. Howkuu said. He then went inside to check around he saw nobody was home. So he went up to the second floor to make sure, and still nothing like it was a break in. Mr. Howkuu came back outside "he’s not here" he said. "May we go in I have never seen a house so big?" Yuuta asked. 

"No we will not trespass any further" Mr. Howkuu said. As they walked back through the courtyard they saw Kenta coming from the school. "Hey!" Mr. Howkuu yelled out. He turned around and saw that Mr. Howkuu was calling him. He started walking toward Mr. Howkuu "yes?" He asked. "We need your now!!" Megumi blatantly said. "What is it?" He replied.

 "My grandmother is missing can you help us find her please?" "I didn’t hear your grandmother earlier when I saw her heading to the escoolur." He said. 

"Does that trick only work by sound" Mr. Howkuu asked. "What if we have something of hers recently will that help?" Megumi asked. "Won’t hurt to try." He replied. "So they ran to Megumi's home and went inside they sat down on the floor. 

"This is the letter she left behind" as she hands it to Kenta. He began reading the letter a couple of minutes went by after he read it and nothing. "Well!?" Megumi asked. 

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