Chapter 9:

The Circus in the City

White Nightmare

The White Nightmare resumes her travelling to the corners of the present time Gantz city. In one point, she sits on the top of a watch tower while overseeing a wide open ground that’s currently used as market. Bookmark here

But when she reminisces of that place five years ago... and it made her ghost white skin shape shifts into hardened spiky hide. She became wrathful when remembering it, but when she remembers Rodan’s words, she quickly calms down and lets her skin recover to normal.Bookmark here

After her breathing returns normal, she takes some time remembering those days, those... bleak days.Bookmark here

“I remember that horrible circus tent was built here long ago...Bookmark here

That’s where I met Roro and Nono for the first time...”Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Back to five years ago...Bookmark here

In the next morning, Rodan and Nono were hanging out in the living room of the giant tree. The room looked wider than ever, thanks to Bartz’s mercenaries who helped polishing the house. But somehow, Rodan didn’t look too happy about the changes.Bookmark here

“Mmmrggh...” he grunted while lying down on the couch.Bookmark here

“What’s the matter now, Roro?” Nono asked while moving some crates.Bookmark here

“I’m not sure... either I’m too bored waiting for that apple girl to deliver more apples here or maybe I’m just waaay to unmotivated.”Bookmark here

“Wait, you’re buying more apples from her? Where’s the last box that you just ate?” Nono wondered while searching around the table.Bookmark here

“Oh... that box no longer existed. I gave them apples for Bartz and his boys on their journey.”Bookmark here

“Can you at least think of our limited funds, Roro?” Nono wrinkled his face, irritated by his lazy voice. “We’re nearing deficit, you know?”Bookmark here

“Ahh, don’t worry, don’t worry... in the meantime, we might get something to do that could boost our treasury. If not... well... yaaawn... just... go... and sell some unused stuffs. That could get us some money, right...?”Bookmark here

Before even replied, Rodan had gone asleep.Bookmark here

“Sheesh, Roro... you’re leaving the work to me again...” Nono said in a resigned voice. He sat down on the couch and proceeded to read novels.Bookmark here

*knock-knock-knock*Bookmark here

The poorly-fixed door was knocked, which quickly caught Nono’s attention.Bookmark here

“Ah! Coming!” he replied. “Roro, is that Miss Ringo’s package? Sure is fast, huh...”Bookmark here

Rodan opened an eye and looked at him in reluctance. “Not a chance, Nono. Yaaawn... her apples will arrive roughly tomorrow or maybe the day after.”Bookmark here

“Then, who’s that on the door?” Nono asked curiously.Bookmark here

*knock-knock-knock*Bookmark here

Once again, the door was knocked. Strange for Rodan that his favorite green apples were supposed to arrive later. But shortly, the person beyond the rotting door spoke:Bookmark here

“Good morning, Mister... um... Rodan... er... Rouge! I am Max from Maxwell Furniture. I’ve come at the request of ‘rebuilding the front door that was breaking apart lately.’ Are you available?”Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

Rodan and Nono went silent for a moment, before finally peeking out through the hole in the wall and looked who’s at the door.Bookmark here

“O-Oi, Nono...” said Rodan while sweating aggressively. “Y-You sure you didn’t get drunk and suddenly asked a millworker to get our door replaced?” he asked in a rapid tone.Bookmark here

“Hah-hah-hah, impossible, Roro... I know how bad our financial reserves are and I will never buy a service outside our range of money. Not only that, I’m underage to drink one...”Bookmark here

“Then who the hell ordered him?! Moreover, he’s from Maxwell Furniture! They’re the highest quality carpenters and millworkers in town!”Bookmark here

“...I d-don’t know... w-well! Why don’t we invite him in and let see what he has to say?”Bookmark here

Rodan then opened the door carefully, since the hinges weren’t properly rebuilt. The millworker was wearing a tricorn hat and as soon as Rodan opened the door, he put his hat down and reintroduced himself in a lavish manner. Rodan’s wallet was screeching in pain. Even the owner himself was screaming silently, dying inside.Bookmark here

The millworker, Max, was welcomed in and was greeted with a cup of tea by Nono.Bookmark here

“Well, you see... It’s quite a surprise that you demanded our services, Mr. Rodan,” said Max while holding the teacup.Bookmark here

“Ho-ho?” Rodan responded, trying to replicate the etiquette of a high class standard. “It is, apparently, quite shocking for us too!” he said while holding his teacup, not the handle, but the bottom of the glass.Bookmark here

“Uwah, what a forceful manner!” said Nono in his mind while cringing to his friend’s attitude.Bookmark here

“Oh, what is it that surprised you, Mr. Rodan?” the millworker asked kindly as he put down the teacup.Bookmark here

Rodan quickly retorted—Bookmark here

“Ahh... it’s beca—”Bookmark here

“Um, you see, Mr. Max, we’re quite shocked that you suddenly come.”Bookmark here

—only to be cut off shortly by Nono’s words.Bookmark here

Nono continued on, “I’m sorry, but we didn’t ask for our door to be replaced, since we don’t really have that much of money right now...”Bookmark here

“Ah, worry not, gentlemen. We have our own policy that we will not provide any service unless the client has paid in total,” Max stated gently.Bookmark here

Rodan lifted his right eyebrow, “That means...”Bookmark here

“Precisely, your order has been paid in total to us, Mr. Rodan. I didn’t know you have such a good servant in the house. I’m impressed by him.”Bookmark here

“...him?” Rodan quietly said.Bookmark here

“Yay, more free things!” said Nono in his mind while reflectively clenching his fists.Bookmark here

“Oh, and by the way, your servant also gave me a letter that he wanted me to read when I reach your house. It is as follows:Bookmark here

Sir Rodan Rouge, thank you for your kindness to let me and my boys stay at your place. This might not be much, but this is the only thing I can come up with.Bookmark here

Get your door fixed ASAP!Bookmark here

Bartz Totemhand
Bookmark here

End of the message. It impresses me that you can treat your servant well, Mr. Rodan.”Bookmark here

“AND you concluded from the letter that he’s my servant?!” Rodan retorted.Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“Geez...”Bookmark here

Rodan stared out into the hole in the wall that served as a window. For a brief moment, he remembered the mercenary leader.Bookmark here

“That big guy... huh... well, then! If you guarantee that we do not need to pay any extra price in the near future, then I’ll take it!”Bookmark here

“Sure do, Mr. Rodan. You won’t have to pay anymore. Very well, then, I will get to work as soon as possible!” Max stated with excitement as he lifted his hammer.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

Rodan and Nono were relaxing outside of the tree. The millworker stated that he’ll make the doors for the entire tree house. In the meantime, Rodan and Nono went outside and let him work.Bookmark here

“Hey, Roro...”Bookmark here

“Hmm, what?” he said in a rising tone.Bookmark here

“Don’t you want to go to this place?” Nono showed the VIP tickets that Bartz gave the other day.Bookmark here

“Nah, I’ll pass. You can go by yourself if you want.”Bookmark here

“Sheesh, so quickly to deny, come on, it’s your chance to try and enjoy an event in the city, you know?”Bookmark here

“Like hell I would, Nono! I’d rather nap the entire day... or maybe read a book or two. Maybe another time... I’d like to rest down a bit and enjoy this beautiful day...”Bookmark here

He expected a leisure day. Indeed, that’s possible, IF he’s inside the giant tree house, where loud noises were blocked by a magical barrier around the massive tree. But when he’s outside...Bookmark here

This happened.Bookmark here

He heard thousands of noises: Drilling, hammering, blacksmithing, and many more noises from those who lived in the Red Bean Debauchery community. Moreover, there was a millworker near him, who produced a dozen of loud noises from his work. Rodan couldn’t continue his nap nor could he lie down peacefully.Bookmark here

“Ahh, crap...”Bookmark here

His morning nap was utterly destroyed.Bookmark here

“Ah, frick it, let’s get going, Nono!” he shouted as he jumped to stand back up. “To the circus we go! Quick, get your arse moving, Nono! Let’s go to Gantz now!”Bookmark here

Nono grinned at his friend’s attitude.Bookmark here

“Yes, yes, Roro, I’m coming now!” He slowly got back up and followed him to the stable.Bookmark here

And with that, they rode to Gantz city to attend the circus.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

In the city, many eyes were pointed to them, specifically Rodan. As they rode their horses through the busy road, Rodan got a bit anxious of the situation he’s in. Bookmark here

He moved his horse closer to Nono and asked in a whispering. “Hey, Nono, why are they looking at me so... fiercely?”Bookmark here

“Huh, now that you mentioned it, you’re right,” said Nono while looking around him where people who recognized Rodan stared the man cynically.Bookmark here

“Well, maybe that’s because the baron’s death was somehow connected to you?”Bookmark here

“Ha-ha! Fools! I have an alibi. I’m not there in the time of accident!” he said eccentrically while pointing a finger up.Bookmark here

“Haha, yeah, you’re right, Roro. Maybe they were thinking of something else. But anyway, let’s not worry about that.”Bookmark here

“That’s right. Let’s get to the circus immediately. I wanted to know what this circus is all about.”Bookmark here

As they continue their ride for a couple minutes, Rodan realized how numerous amounts of people were staring at him as if he’s one of the most wanted that was posted on the front page of daily newspapers. Though Rodan was not entitled a criminal, he was rather disliked by the people of Gantz. But... Rodan found it odd.Bookmark here

“Their eyes were staring sharply, as if they were informed that I was the one who caused that fatso’s death. I could simply give an alibi and leave it as it is... but that’s not how the justice system works in the kingdom.Bookmark here

Nono might be right. The people here must’ve thought I was the one behind the incident. I think I might’ve missed something, a crucial thing that caused people to be more cautious towards me than before that baron died. What is it... eh...?Bookmark here

Let’s see I’ve put everything into place. I was not present in the city during the time of incident, which made up an alibi that I’m not the culprit. I’ve told the mercenaries to let him burn down with the mansion and all of those who were loyal to him. I didn’t expect they burnt down everything in that mansion, though. Even their leader’s choice to fake his death using the mannequin led to the daily article to believe that he was dead, trying to protect the baron. And not a single time my name was mentioned.Bookmark here

But why was I got suspected by these people?Bookmark here

Oh... I know.Bookmark here

I know what’s up.Bookmark here

It happened too quickly and too swiftly. I believe they were suspicious that the baron died because of me since it all happened right after my head was priced by him.Bookmark here

But, that would only lead to a conspiracy theory. They don’t have proof. But then again, that’s not how it works in this kingdom. Those of the upper class man, the nobles have the authority to pin me as the prime suspect and none will be allowed to refute it. That’s how it works in this kingdom.Bookmark here

I must do something before it turned bleak someday.”Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

Unfelt by Rodan, they had arrived near the circus tent.Bookmark here

“Whoa... that tent sure is huge,” said Rodan in awe.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I heard from the guild that Gloria Circus is one of the world greatest! We’re so lucky to have these VIP tickets, don’t we, Roro? I believe you’re itching to get in there and see what they have to offer to us, hoo-hoo...!” Nono stated in excitement.Bookmark here

“Yeah, well, now it felt like you’re the one who’s itching to go in there,” Rodan retorted.Bookmark here

Shortly, Rodan and Nono noticed a group of five adventurers passing by the road near them.Bookmark here

“Oh, the Pitbulls!” Nono stated as he recognized them.Bookmark here

“You know them, Nono?” Rodan asked as he got off his horse.Bookmark here

“Uh-huh, they just formed yesterday. They were pretty liked even though they’re still new. Their party leader is Raz. He’s pretty unique since he’s the first guy who takes the ‘Crusader’ class as an adventurer in the city.”Bookmark here

“Crusader, huh... don’t they realize that by becoming adventurers they’re literally signing up their death warrant in the near future?” Rodan asked softly to himself.Bookmark here

“Who knows...? Adventurers were quite many in the kingdom since they could become a prime source of income, but... it doesn’t really fit us, don’t you think, Roro?”Bookmark here

Rodan slightly nodded and turned his attention at the circus tent.Bookmark here

“Well then, let’s go inside, shall we?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, let’s go!”Bookmark here

And with that, the two entered the large tent. Little did they know what was waiting inside...Bookmark here

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