Chapter 0:


Reappearance of the lost ones (RLO)

Hello readers, I am 'Raj' the protagonist of the story "REAPPEARANCE OF THE LOST ONES". Today I'd like to introduce you all fellow to my one and only family my dear brother 'Ishan'.

Well, he is three years younger than me and enjoys being pampered. Both of us brothers attend the same school. I am in high school and my brother in the last year of middle school.

The car accident that killed our parents just one year ago has left us on our own in our new apartment.

As for the living expenses like food, rent, clothes, etc; I served as a paperboy in the morning and as a receptionist in a hotel in the evening and night. I was living a satisfying life even though I was struck with grieve because of the death of our parents just a year ago. Everyone in our neighborhood also assisted us mentally and sometimes economically.

Even though our life didn't seem as comfortable as others I was fine with it. We brothers were drifting along with the flow of time without care for the future. But deep within I wished that I could spend my all life as it was then.

Most of the time I wasn't home so, my friends would go to my room to look after my brother and he also enjoyed it as he would get to play many games with them as we couldn't afford them. He was a cheerful, enthusiastic, and good-natured boy, and everyone loved him. Maybe that's why he would sometimes act like a spoiled kid but still, I adored him.

We didn't have a proper source of income at first and couldn't afford a room around the town so we rent a room on the outskirts of the town with whatever money our parents had left behind. It was near the jungle and we would get up in the morning with the pleasant chirping of the birds and sometimes weird noises from deep within the forest. My brother even brought a wild rabbit from the forest to keep it as a pet. I tried to convince him that it wasn't right and told him to leave the rabbit back into the wild and that day he cried a lot. It was a disaster to silence him. His eyes swelled up and his throat went sore from crying. He was very upset so I brought another rabbit from a nearby shop. Ishan was immediately attached to the rabbit and also the rabbit kinda seemed attached to my brother as if they have known each other for a while. We got a new family member that day!

Joe Gold
Syed Al Wasee