Chapter 40:

Chapter 40- Rekindling Old Wounds

Sorrow Dayz

"I guess she was too weak by then to even push through the dirt poor Michiko" Mr. Howkuu thought. Megumi pushed through the dirt and they made it out of the tunnel to the top and saw they were surrounded by men from all sides. "What are you doing here, what do you want, who are you, state your village," some of the men were asking. 

Feeling enraged "that’s all you want to know we told you this earlier!!" Megumi yelled. "You all killed my grandmother!" She yelled. Her art activated. "Megumi you must calm down now" Mr. Howkuu said. "We don’t have Yuuta for protection right now from this." "You guys can run I’m not running they killed my grandmother and they will pay back what they took from me with their lives!" All of the men reached in their pockets after they noticed she was of Wakai and began reaching for that dirt misted supplement she assumed. 

"I know your tricks they won’t work anymore" she covered her face with her skeletal arm. Then right when they took their hand out of their pockets her art disappeared. "What the heck!!" Megumi said. "What’s going on?" Tasyoukee asked. "I don’t know I can’t activate my art" she said. Tasyoukee turned around and told Yuuta, Mr. Howkuu, Enjo, and Kenta watch her while I try fend them off." "What!? no" Mr. Howkuu said aloud. 

It’s like Tasyoukee was moving at super speed, light speed soon as he turned around his art was activated and he covered his face again with that skeletal mask. He pushed Megumi out the way quickly as possible the men couldn’t believe it, in a split second Tasyoukee closed his eyes and opened them he had white nun chucks in his hands swinging them back and forward everyone astounded by what they were seeing. Tasyoukee whipped his nun chucks through the group of men it hit seven to ten of them. Hitting them in the knee, face, chest, arm, some neck immobilizing them. In only a matter of seconds all the men were down for the count on the ground. 

Next they began running to the gate it had the same writing that was on the cell door that trapped Ms. Ai. "NO you have to be kidding me!" Mr. Howkuu said frantically. "Cant you do what you did a moments ago sir?" Megumi asked. "No this would take enormous time look at the size of this gate it’s almost the same size from the Village of Divinity but a few inches higher." 

"We have no choice we will watch your back" Kenta said. As they were talking a lot more men ran out twenty to thirty of them. "Tasyoukee, Kenta!" Mr. Howkuu said. "Right we’re on it." They replied. Tasyoukee threw his nun chucks and closed his eyes then opened them the nun chucks turned into a huge whip in midair. It was spinning and knocking down some of them, but no where near enough. "Kenta!" Tasyoukee yelled. "I can’t activate my art" he said. "Why not?" Enjo asked. "C’mon we need you now" Megumi pleaded. 

"Think of your brother don’t forget how he suffered" Tasyoukee said. "Think of his last hours now!!" Tasyoukee yelled. Falling to the ground on all fours crying "no I don’t want to think of that my brother suffering in his last days" Stop please. Kenta begged. "Now you’re the only one left of your family, you couldn’t save your mother, father, or brother now it’s only you you’re a coward."

 The men ran closing in on Tasyoukee, upset his heart feeled with sorrow losing all his hope feeling empty. The ground began to shake. "Tasyoukee you did it" Yuuta said. His eye changed and started jolting black and red lines going across it. His hair growing longer again. 

He looked up clinching the ground watching the man running at Tasyoukee and set him on fire. The man fell rolling on the ground near Tasyoukee  trying to put it out. Then Kenta slowly started to get up and looked at Tasyoukee. 

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