Chapter 41:

Chapter 41- What's Happening

Sorrow Dayz

Tasyoukee took a defensive stance. "Calm down" Kenta said so calmly and in despair "I know you had to that to help me activate my art." "We don’t have time to talk right now you guys" as Enjo interrupted. A bunch of men were about to lunge in at the group in a split second Kenta produced a massive fiery wall made only of fire. 

The men fell back almost touching it with their arms they fell and watched the fire burn in front of their eyes sitting there. It didn’t move, grow, or shrink. It was amazing how the fire stood still or moved whenever Kenta commanded it to. Beating his head against the gate Mr. Howkuu turned around, he saw the fiery light bounce off of the gate. "What in the world?" Mr. Howkuu muttered. 

The men got up and ran to another building inside the village, they came back out minutes later with some type of water. "Water won’t work it will only make the fire disappear" Mr. Howkuu said. They took the water in the buckets and stood in a line together and began throwing it. The fire slowly started to disintegrate. "Impossible!?" Kenta said. "What type of water is that?" Tasyoukee stated. "I’m only delaying them, I can’t stop them from putting it out and that’s with my art they are still affecting the fire" Kenta said. 

"We need to find another way out I won’t have enough time to get this gate open" Mr. Howkuu said. "Where are we going to go sir?" Megumi asked. The fire got smaller and smaller than one man slid under the fire another, so forth, and so forth. The men started throwing these hard cold shackles with that same writing on them carved in. The shackles started latching onto the group Kenta and Tasyoukee’s art disappeared. 

It prevented them from activating it period. Even Yuuta couldn’t do anything he couldn’t close his eyes and have a clear mind something was making so much noise every time he tried. "What are these?" Enjo asked. "I don’t know, but stay alert" Mr. Howkuu said. The men grabbed them and started walking towards another building and one the men looked at Yuuta and smirked. "Not so tough now are you" he said. A Slooping Slew Rize just happened to fly in and sit on one of the buildings looking down at the men. Yuuta noticed the bird at first behind the men. Then he whispered "up there look above their heads." "Huh that bird again ahey" Tasyoukee replied. "What is it doing?" The rest of them asked. 

The eyes were the same when they encountered it earlier, white no pupil. One of the men fell to the ground feeling weak, and disorientated. Also the shackles on the group’s hands began melting off as it was frozen on them. 

They didn’t feel anything, "hey look"  one of the men pointed. The men looked and started rushing the group and started grabbing them by their collars. Unsuspectingly the men started falling to the ground like nothing they have ever experienced before.

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