Chapter 42:

Chapter 42- Humongous Leap of Faith

Sorrow Dayz

Then the bird left the building and flew away outside of the village. "NOW LET’S GO!!" Mr. Howkuu said. Quickly they began running as fast as they could to the gate. Closing the gate behind them they streaked up the path way heading back to the Village of Sorrow.

 A woman met them soon as they turned and started heading back up the path. "It’s that same woman" Tasyoukee said. "What do you want?" Mr. Howkuu yelled. "Your grandmother she was killed wasn’t she?" The woman asked. "How do you know that?" Megumi asked. "So I’m going to assume yes I was right I take it" she replied. "Do you know my grandmother?" Megumi asked 

"Michiko Ai everyone knew of her" she replied. "What do you want with us?" Enjo asked. "I was here to see if you all were of any threat to the Village of Thaumaturgy." "Now that I see you all aren’t I am deeply sorry of your grandmother’s passing." "I am partially to blame for her death since I was in your way of getting to her." "I will reveal who I am and tell you anything you want to know" she said. 

"Who are you?" Kenta asked. "My name is Cyree" She responded. "Come with me I will tell you guys everything" she also said. "Should we trust her?" Enjo asked. "I’m with him on this one you guys" Tasyoukee said. "We have no choice but to trust her I need to find out what happened to my grandmother" Megumi said. 

"I kind of agree with the boys we don’t know what this woman’s true motives are" Mr. Howkuu said. "Well I will go by myself" Megumi said. As she started walking towards Cyree. "NO MEGUMI DON’T!" Yuuta said as he grabbed her arm. 

Her art activated. So he grabbed her other arm Megumi looked down at his hand and her other arm turned skeletal. He quickly let go, "but how." "It must be her triggering affect whatever it is if you push it hard enough you can unlock further capabilities with your art" Mr. Howkuu said. "I agree with Megumi you guys when I lost my brother I felt hurt and terrible not knowing what killed him, and my family until I found out" Kenta said. 

"What!?" Tasyoukee said. So he began walking towards Cyree as well. As their walking Megumi grabbed Kenta’s hand and told him "thank you" as she hugged him. Tasyoukee saw and he ran to catch up "hold on I’m coming with you guys." 

"Well I guess we have no choice guys" Enjo said. Enjo started running behind them "wait up" he yelled. Mr. Howkuu looked down at Yuuta and told him "we’re going but keep your eyes open and sharp as always we don’t know this woman at all Yuuta after all you were the one who saved us before from her." 

"I can’t ask the others of this but please watch out for us because there will be moments where I will have to show sympathy and empathy towards Megumi." "Just please do what is always right especially in favor of the group" Mr. Howkuu said. "OK I understand sir and I will" he replied. "Thank you Yuuta" Mr. Howkuu said. So they began walking towards Cyree as well "hold on we’re coming too." 

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