Chapter 10:

Chapter 10

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 1

Hachimitsu stood across from Minori. Minori was getting rather anxious to strike. Hachimitsu widened her stance, lowering herself to a fighting stance. Hachimitsu gave a soft smirk, “Bring it on.” She said, Minori screamed and charged Hachimitsu. Minori vanished and appeared behind Hachimitsu wanting to strike the back of her neck. Hachimitsu quickly raised her arm and struck Minori in the face with the back of her fist sending Minori flying. Hachimitsu turned and flew after Minori at a high speed. Minori hit the ground and rolled before he got up and flew towards Hachimitsu.

Minori and Hachimitsu exchanged blows before Hachimitsu threw a punch and sent it to the air in front of Minori’s face causing Minori to flinch before she struck Minori in the gut with her knee causing Minori to skyrocket to moon in less than a fraction of a second. The moment Minori made contact with the moon it bisected. Minori shook his head before he then flew back to Earth in less the time it took him to crash to the moon. He flew towards Hachimitsu with a raised fist. Hachimitsu vanished as Minori threw his punch. Minori’s eyes widened before he was struck across the face and sent crashing through a building.

Minori growled and charged Hachimitsu once more, Hachimitsu smirked and charged Minori throwing a punch. Minori spun and performed a Round Off on the length of Hachimitsu’s arm before he ran his knee into her face. Hachimitsu flew backwards through the air and Minori used his full speed to quickly close the gap between them. Minori threw a punch which Hachimitsu quickly dodged before she ran her knee into Minori’s gut causing him to fly in a perfect line around the planet before he came back to Hachimitsu. Hachimitsu anticipated his return and she threw a downwards punch to Minori’s face. When Minori made contact with the ground the entire country of Japan shook and cracked, the large cracks continued into the ocean and even onto some parts of the Asian Continent.

Hachimitsu dove towards Minori and dug her heel into his chest causing the two to crash through the Earth’s crust and into the space between the mantle and Earth’s crust. Minori growled and grabbed Hachimitsu’s face and threw her into the mantle. He screamed and flew into the mantle himself. The two clashed constantly until Hachimitsu grabbed Minori and spun, throwing him to the surface causing him to crash through, and destroy, a tectonic plate. Minori arrived at the surface where he crashed up through Tokyo. Hachimitsu flew through the hole she sent him through and closed the gap between them where she threw a massive punch. Minori quickly vanished and appeared behind her, he screamed and fired a massive beam from the palm of his mouth. The beam shot off the surface of the planet and traveled through space where it destroyed the small planet of Mercury.

Hachimitsu emerged from the smoke of the beam and delivered a powerful blow to Minori’s face causing him to crash into the street. Minori stood up and screamed, “YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME~?! I AM MINORI THE STAR BREAKER~!!!!” He powered you, causing his form to change. His hair kept the light pink blow and now two antennas protruded upwards from his forehead. His blue eyes became yellow and his star shaped pupils became green. Spikes protruded from his forearms and shins. He then charged Hachimitsu, “IN THIS FORM MY SPEED IS BOOSTED BY WELL OVER A THOUSAND~!!!!!” Hachimitsu was struck under the face from his blow, as she was hit she groaned in pain before she was sent flying across the roofs of several buildings. When she stopped Minori was already upon her and he grabbed the back of her head and forced her face into the building which sent her crashing straight into the basement of the building. The building lost its structure and fell straight down on top of her. Minori panted heavily as he grinned evilly and gave a soft chuckle before he burst out in evil laughter. “AH~!!! YOU SEE~!!! I CAN NEVER LOSE AND YUTA-CHAN IS ALL MINE~!!!!” The debris of the building exploded going up in dust and smoke.

“Like hell he is…!” Hachimitsu said as she flew up through the dust and smoke, “If there was ever a world where Yuta-Kun ended up with you, then I would destroy it!!!” She screamed and suddenly a massive burst of power caused the smoke and dust to vanish. Hachimitsu floated there in the air with her hair now a light purple color and her eyes had gone from yellow to light blue, she didn’t grow physically but her strength increased immensely and her hair was now flame shaped. Minori grit his teeth as his eyes widened, he screamed and the two then started to clash. Hachimitsu quickly backed up as Minori fired a beam from his hands, she then flew in snake-like patterns as he continued to fire more beams. She quickly turned and charged him again and she delivered a powerful punch to his gut. The shockwave of the punch caused everything on the ground within a 15 Mile Radius to break and explode revealing the mantle below, spit flew from Minori’s mouth before he flew through the air.

Hachimitsu quickly flew through the air to catch up to Minori. She grabbed his leg and she spun horizontally several times before she let go causing him to crash into the ground. The ground split and folded on Minori before he screamed and broke through the ground and charged Hachimitsu. The two exchanged blows before they flew high into the clouds. The shockwaves from their punches parted the clouds, and their flight caused the clouds to swirl. Minori screamed and delivered a punch to Hachimitsu’s face sending her crashing to the ground resulting in a massive crater. Minori screamed as he dove towards her, Hachimitsu quickly jumped and spun kicking Minori in the gut causing him to stop in mid-air before she quickly spun and kicked him in the side sending him crashing into a building. MInori flew from the building to deliver a headbutt to Hachimitsu’s gut causing her to slide along the ground on her feet leaving tracks.

Hachimitsu charged Minori and the two began exchanging blows again. As they blocked and parried each other's attacks Hachimitsu was able to get a quick backhand slap to Minori’s face, and Minori threw his knee into Hachimitsu’s side. Minori screamed and powered up before he threw a series of bullet punches to Hachimitsu’s gut, she gasped being totally winded before Minori spun through the air and struck her across the face with his foot sending her flying clear to Mount Fuji. Hachimitsu got to her feet slowly before Minori flew up to her with a punch. Hachimitsu moved out of the way and grabbed his ankle, she thrashed him about on the ground before she threw him. She lunged and stood above him and smashed each of her fists on his face before she used both at once. Minori quickly pulled his knees to his chest and extended his heels into her stomach causing her to slide backwards.

Minori flipped onto his feet, “WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING ME~?!?!!!! YUTA-CHAN DOESN'T EVEN LOVE YOU~!!!!” He flew towards her and punched her across the face, Hachimitsu grit her teeth, “HE WAS GOING TO MAKE SWEET AND PASSIONATE LOVE TO ME THIS MORNING~!!!!”

“N-NO!!! SHUT UP!!!!” Hachimitsu screamed as she punched Minori in the face, “HE WOULDN’T CHEAT ON ME!!!!” She punched him in the face several times more, the shockwaves breaking the mountain and parting the clouds, “HE LOVES ME!!! I KNOW HE DOES!!!! SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!!!!” She continued to punch Minori in the face before she reeled her fist back, “SHUT UP!!!!!!!” She then threw a punch striking Minori in the face with enough force to cause some of Minori’s teeth to fly from his mouth, as well as cause some magma to spew from the top of the mountain. Minori pressed against her punch and he spun and put Hachimitsu’s arm over his shoulder before he elbowed her in the gut and threw her over his shoulder. Minori chuckled,

“I can show you~!” He said as he wiped blood from his mouth. He opened his palm and a bubble formed and he showed Hachimitsu the memory of when Yuta was on the phone with her this morning, “Why do you think he said Me Too~? He doesn’t care about your feelings~! He was going to willingly cheat on you with me~! He loves me now and not you~!”

“N-No…” Hachimitsu’s eyes softened as tears formed in her eyes, “Y-You’re lying…” Hachimitsu rolled over onto her hands and knees, “H-He loves me…h-he has to…” She closed her eyes as she started to cry. The memories of her and Yuta went off in her head, all their dates, all the times they hung out, the time he brought her soup and tea, Christmas when he got her a collection of her favorite manga and a plushie of the main character from said manga, Valentine’s Day when he brought her flowers and stuffed bear nearly as big as her, meeting her parents, their first kiss, all the dates, the anniversary presents, the love she felt for him. Was it all for nothing? Was her joy all a lie? Minori chuckled as he opened his palm and went to fire a blast to kill Hachimitsu.

“God women are pathetic~! They’re so over the top emotional and are only good for a half-decent shag~! The best part about being a man is you know exactly how to please a man without second guessing or needing to try new things~!” As the beam began to charge and gain power Minori chuckled, “I almost feel sorry for you~! You were this close to-“

“HONEY!!!!” Yuta’s voice came, Minori turned to see Yuta falling through the air above them. He had been dropped off by Hachimitsu’s parents. Yuta held out his fist and straightened out his body in hopes that he’d hit Minori in the face, but Minori moved backwards and Yuta fell fist first into the soft powdered snow. Minori blinked slowly and looked back to Hachimitsu.

“I’m going to ignore that~!” He chuckled, “Now die~!” As he fired the beam Yuta quickly lunged into the way as the beam went off. The beam continued to fire. Yuta’s shadow appeared inside the beam and he slowly started to walk towards Minori. He reached his hand out and grabbed onto Minori’s hand shutting off the beam. Minori’s eyes widened, “Wh-What the hell…~? I didn’t see you jump in front of it….~! You’re a normal human…~! How did you survive…~!”

Yuta grit his teeth and glared up at Minori, “Listen here you filthy Trap!!!!”


Yuta panted heavily, “I realized something about myself!!! I’m a goddamn idiot!!!” Minori’s eyes widened,

“D-Did he just admit that~?” He thought

“Yeah! I’m admitting it! My entire High School life I’ve wanted nothing but a girlfriend! I was just a lonely and shy kid with an immense addiction to anime and video games and oftentimes hentai! I had no clue how to talk to a girl or even how to get one to like me! That all changed when I met Honey!”

Hachimitsu’s eyes widened, Yuta swallowed heavily, “She came into my life and at first I was scared! She’s the size of a goddamn three meter class titan from Attack on Titan, but you know what?! She’s my three meter class titan!!!!” Tears began to stream down his face, “I thought having a girlfriend would mean I’d be the goddamn king of the school! I’d get girl after girl eventually leading to a harem so large that Negima and To Love Ru would have to combine and add another fifty women to even compare, but even so they’d still be jealous and wouldn’t have enough!!!!”


“But it turns out...having Honey as my girlfriend already makes me a king! I don’t need the other girls! A harem is stupid!!! What’s the point if I can’t have Honey in my life?!?!!!!”

“Y-Yuta-Kun…” Hachimitsu said looking up to him with a heavy blush. Yuta lowered his head and then gave a soft sigh,

“Honey...I’m so sorry…”


“I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you,” he then looked over his shoulder, “I love you.” Her eyes widened and her face turned a deep red, Yuta gave a soft smile. He then turned to Minori with a glare, “And you,” Yuta began to slowly crush Minori’s hand, Minori’s eyes widened at his strength. “I hope you know,” he angrily grit his teeth as he continued to squeeze Minori’s hand,

“Wh-Where is this strength coming from~?!” Minori thought trying to pull his hand away,

“That Honey is gonna beat your ass!”

Minori then paused, “Wait...wha-“ Yuta then punched Minori in the nose. Yuta screamed and suddenly fell to the floor as he held his hand.


“Y-Yuta-Kun….” Hachimitsu said walking up to him, Yuta turned to her as she put her hands under his arms and picked him up. She then gently kissed him on the lips. Yuta blushed heavily before he kissed her back, she pulled him away and smiled, “I-I love you too….”

“Cool~!” Yuta said with a smile, “Now put me down and kick his ass!!!!” Hachimitsu nodded and set Yuta down. Yuta then dashed off and was warped away back on Hachimitsu’s parents ship. Though before Yuta vanished he turned and held up his middle finger with his left hand, while using his right hand to pull down his right eyelid as he stuck out his tongue at Minori. Minori’s eye twitched as he grit his teeth.

“That’s it~!” He said angrily before he turned to Hachimitsu, “I’LL KILL YOU USING MY ULTIMATE FORM~!!!!!” He screamed as a golden aura erupted from his body and his form began to change. More spiky protrusions came from the back of his shoulders and they pointed forward, with another one coming out of the center of his collarbone and pointing back, his antenna remained and five horns came from his forehead. His light pink hair became hot pink and his skin color was gold with an almost sparkly texture. His eyes were the color of space and had numerous stars in them, his fingernails and toenails became gray claws and the black markings on his body were more stripe like. He had a large eyeball on his forehead, chest, palms of his hands, and bottoms of his feet, “BEHOLD~!!!! MY STAR BREAKER ULTIMATE FORM~!!!!!”

Hachimitsu grinned and she then powered up having a massive rose colored aura engulf her. Her hair went from purple to a red rose color, on her forehead, around her neck, wrists, and ankles bands formed which looked like thorns. Her hair kept its flame shape and her eyes became a light purple color. She then pounded her fist into her palm and cracked her knuckles, “Alright! Let’s go!” Minori screamed and the two began to clash leaving large sonic blasts in the sky followed by sparks of color. Their clashing caused our very dimension to shake and stir. Minori let out an ear splitting scream as he and Hachimitsu clashed fists causing the dimensional barriers to be completely destroyed.

The two began to battle in a dimension that mirrored ours. The structures of Japan were there as was everything else only they were textured to look like multicolored fibers. Minori punched Hachimitsu in the face causing her to go flying and crash into a wall. He flew towards her and performed a drop kick sending her crashing through two other dimensions. Hachimitsu rolled and landed on her feet as Minori charged her. She grabbed his wrist and spun causing Minori to crash through the floor and the two fell into the dimension beneath them. This dimension had Negative coloring so everything light was black and everything dark was white, though Minori and Hachimitsu kept their regular coloring.

The two continued to clash over and over again with Hachimitsu holding the edge on her opponent. A ball of energy formed in Hachimitsu’s hand and she dashed towards Minori beating the ball into his face sending him flying into another dimension, Hachimitsu followed shortly after her. Minori growled as he formed a blast in his hand and fired it at her, Hachimitsu gave a loud “HAAAAAHHHH!!!!” as she fired a beam of her own. The beams then collided causing the dimension they were in to be destroyed and they entered another one. This dimension had time flowing both forwards and backwards and also stopped. As they hit each other they’d either be really old, or really young. They battled as old people, teenagers, adults, deteriorating corpses, children, and even babies. They reached their original forms however and destroyed the dimension causing them to move to the fifth dimension.

Minori screamed and powered up breaking the dimensional space around them. He charged Hachimitsu and struck her in the face causing the fifth dimension to shake and crack in its entirety. Hachimitsu was sent flying and crashing through several more dimensions before she finally stopped. Minori charged Hachimitsu at full speed. Hachimitsu screamed and punched Minori in the face with enough force to destroy the dimension they were in causing them to return to our dimension.

Hachimitsu struck Minori in the face with several rounds of chain punches before she spun and jammed her elbow into the top of Minori’s skull causing him to crash into the ground. Hachimitsu landed near him and she began to power up. Yuta watched from the safety of the spaceship and saw Hachimitsu on a large screen. She crossed her arms in front of herself before she slowly turned them and brought them to her side, Yuta’s eyes dazzled, “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! IT'S THE KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!!!!” He screamed as he watched the screen.

“Actually it’s not,” Kaizou said, “This is the signature move of the Planet Busters. It’s immensely powerful and can destroy a planet without fail.”

Hachimitsu screamed as the blast started to gain more and more power. Minori got to his feet and wobbled for a bit as he tried to get his vision to be correct. “THERE’S ONLY ONE PERSON IN EVERY UNIVERSE AND EVERY DIMENSION WHO CAN LOVE YUTA-KUN!!!” Hachimitsu said, “AND THAT'S ME!!!!” She then fired the immensely large beam which hit Minori head on. The beam shot off the surface of the planet, it had such a force it caused Earth to rotate slightly faster. The beam shot through the Solar System where it then made contact with the planet Saturn resulting in the destruction of the planet, it’s rings, and it’s moons reducing it and them to Quarks. The beam shot out of the Solar System and across the Galaxy before it broke the Universal barrier and soared through the Multiverse. It crashed through a few Universes destroying any planets that got in its way before it left the Multiverse and came to the Outerverse. The beam transcended the concept of infinity and came to the edge of existence where the beam finally went up in a massive explosion.

On Earth Hachimitsu shrunk back down to seven feet and nine inches as she reverted to her base form. She panted heavily as she fell to one knee. Her parents' ship landed not too far off from her and Yuta ran from the ship, “Honey!!!” Yuta then jumped towards her, Hachimitsu smiled and stood up and she caught him in her arms, “Wow!!! That was amazing!!! You were so badass!!!”

“Thank you…” She said with a soft smile, “That last attack took all my energy….”

“ can never transform again?”

“I can...I just need to rest and get my energy back…”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“I’m quite proud of you,” Kaizou said as he got off the ship. Hachimitsu looked down at her father and smiled, “Not only did you successfully fire off that attack but you did it with more force than I ever could!”

“Thanks dad…” She said softly,

Suddenly a pop sound was heard and a man in swim trunks, a gray tank top, a straw sun hat, and sunglasses arrived. He had some stubble on his face and he had a coconut with a straw in it, the coconut contained alcohol. He gave a burp before he sighed, “S’up losers.”

“Your majesty!!!” Kaizou said quickly bowing,

“Majesty…?” Yuta asked,

“Yes!!! This is the Great Lord of the Great Lord of the Great Lords!!!” Kaizou responded,

“You can just call me Hank but whatever,” he yawned and looked to Hachimitsu, “You’re Hachimitsu, yeah?” She nodded, “Good, well-“ he then burped, “To congratulate you on defeating that pesky Star Breaker I’m granting you one wish.”

“A-A wish…?” Hachimitsu responded,

“Yep. It’s all people pray to me for anyways.”

“…” she paused and looked around, “I wish for you to restore any damage done during our fight. Please…?”

“Cool,” he sneezed and a pop sound was heard and everything was restored, “Welp, see ya losers.” He took a sip from his straw before he vanished with a popping sound. Yuta sighed as he gently lowered himself from Hachimitsu’s arms. He placed his hands on his hips and looked out at the sunset.

“Wh-What are you thinking about…?” Hachimitsu asked,

“You don’t want to know.” Yuta said folding his arms and looking down slightly,

“Y-You can tell me…” She said with a soft smile,

“Well...earlier I had that dude’s panties on my face….”

Hachimitsu gave a soft giggle, “I’m sorry, if you want I can give you a pair of my panties to put on your face.”

Yuta blushed, “You really don’t have too…” He sighed and gave a smile, “I’m glad this is finally over.”

“Me too.”

Yuta stood there in silence for a while before he gave a scream, “OH SHIT!!! FINALS ARE TOMORROW!!!!”

The End