Chapter 9:

Chapter 9

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 1

Yuta laid in bed tossing and turning. The rest of the school year seemed to go by in a breeze, and he and Hachimitsu’s relationship only grew to the point where they had a deep mutual trust for one another. He then paused when he felt a weight on his chest, he gave a soft moan when he felt his neck and chin being kissed and licked. “Honey...stop...let me sleep…” He said softly, “Honey…” he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes widened and he screamed as he saw a beautiful girl laying on him. She gave a gentle giggle and sat up, he panicked and moved back to the head of his bed, “WH-WHAT THE HELL?!?!!!!”

“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up Yuta-Chan~!” She gave him a wink causing a Star to shoot out of it. She had long pink hair that probably went down to her heels, her eyes were a sky blue and her pupils were shaped like stars and were a yellow color.

“Wh-What is this?!?!!! Who is this girl?!?!!!” He then paused, “Wait a second!!! My harem!!! At last!!!” In his mind he began to transform yet again. He screamed changing the color spectrum of the world several times causing it to go from Negative colors, to all blue, then to rainbows, to black and white, to infrared, and eventually back to its normal color as he reached his climax!

“MURIDAYO!!!!!!!” The people on the street said as they viewed him in his magnificence!

“ONORE HONEY KAMEN!!!!!” A massive explosion went off causing the color spectrums to go crazy before going back to normal. He then stood there well over 8.97 nonillion light years tall, “GRAND DAI SUPER HYPER MAX….” he then struck a All Powerful Hero pose, “CLIMAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXX!!!!!!!” The explosion from the results of said explosion caused all of reality and the fabric of space-time to tear as Yuta achieved enlightenment.

The girl gave a soft giggle and she reached out and grabbed his hand, “Hey, Yuta-Chan~” she said with a sweet smile. Yuta looked to her completely love struck, “Do you wanna have sex with me~?” Steam blew out Yuta’s ears as blood shot from his nose. He suddenly jumped from his bed and held out both of his thumbs and he somehow had a pair of panties on his face.

“OKEI!!!!!!” He went to jump on her when suddenly his phone went off, he picked up his phone and held it to his ear, “MOSHI MOSHI?!?!!!!”


He then froze, his blood running colder than the Boomerang Nebula. Hachimitsu! How could he just forget about her?! “H-H-H-Honey….?”

“ are you going to get to school?”


“Yeah..we have that assembly today.”


“You said you would sit by me…”


“So you’ll come…?”


“Okay! I’ll see you there!” She then paused, “Um...I love you.” Yuta’s very core shook. In his mind all of his emotions and people living in his brain began to panic.

“OH GOD!!!! OH SWEET HEAVENS!!!!” One said as explosions went off, “CAPTAIN!!! WE’RE GOING DOWN!!!! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!!!!!”

“WE MUSTN’T SURRENDER!!!!” The Captain responded, “SHE SAID I LOVE YOU IT SHOULDN'T BE THAT HARD TO RESPOND TO!!! GRAAARGHH!!!!” More explosions and sparks flew, “QUICKLY RESPOND BACK!!!! DEATHCON ONE!!! DEATHCON ONE!!!!” One of the crew members raced over to a desk. He inserted a key which then caused a button to appear. The button was VERY heavily armed and guarded. A moat of lava laser sharks surrounded it with chainsaw armed crocodile Vikings guarding the button, the button itself was in a titanium case which was coated in all of the world's venoms and poisons put into one. “WHAT THE HELL?!?!!?!!!!”

“I’ll go.” A firm heavy and deep sounding voice came. Everyone turned to see a tall and muscular gloriously handsome and well trained black man who seemed to be beyond ripped.

“Officer Henry no!!!” A little girl said running over to him,

“I have to.” He responded, he pulled up a massive jack hammer and he advanced towards the button. He used his jack hammer to take out some of the sharks but in the end it cost him his left arm. He screamed as he took out the chainsaw crocodile Vikings with all his might! The battle was glorious! Officer Henry was too wounded by the time he reached the button. Tears fell down his face and he went to remove the titanium but he quickly died from his wounds and he fell only to have his hand hit the button besides the Love button.

Yuta paused before he said, “Me too….”

“NO!!!!!!!!” Everyone in Yuta’s mind screamed, “HENRY’S SACRIFICE COST US EVERYTHING!!! HE WAS SO YOUNG!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!”

“O-Oh…” Hachimitsu responded, “Y-Yeah...see you at school.”

“Y-Yeah…” Yuta then hung up. He swallowed heavily and removed the panties from his face and he handed them to the girl, “A-Are these yours?”

“They are~!” She said with a soft giggle, she took the panties and slid them on before she stood up. She was wearing one of Yuta’s t-shirts and nothing else, “Want to go on a date with me~?”

“U-Uh...later, I need to get to school.”

“Oh~! Can I come with~?”

“Uh sure…” he then turned and got dressed for school. The beautiful girl also got dressed and they started walking to school. All the while the girl clung to his arm and rested her head on his shoulder. She wore skinny jeans and a red top with a pink leather jacket. She had a really flat chest, but Yuta didn’t mind as her face was all he could think about. “So...what’s your name?”

“I’m Minori~!”

“I see, I’m-“

“Yuta-Chan~! Everyone knows your name because you’re the best~!!!”

“Y-Yeah, I guess I am.” He said with a blush. They approached the school and Hachimitsu was waiting outside. Yuta gently shook Minori off of him and he walked up to Hachimitsu, “Hey, Honey, sorry I’m-“


“SHIT!!!!” Yuta screamed internally as they both turned to Minori,

“I can’t believe you ran off without me~!”

“F-Forgive me…” Yuta said,

“Y-Yuta-Kun, who is this?”

“I’m Minori~!” Minori said, holding out her hand to Hachimitsu. Hachimitsu’s eye twitched and she swatted Minori’s hand away, “Owie~!” Minori rubbed her hand, “Why do you have to be so mean~?”

“Yeah Hachimitsu that was king of ru-“

“Yuta-Kun, are you stupid?” Hachimitsu said in a stone cold tone of voice.

“WH-WHAT THE HELL?!?!!! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!?!!!!” Yuta screams internally, Hachimitsu then turned to Yuta,

“This person isn’t who you think she is!” Hachimitsu said, “Infact, she’s not even a girl at all!”

“What?!” Yuta said, as he looked to Minori, Minori gave a guilty smile.

“You caught me~!

“Lies.” Yuta said, he approached Minori and patted her chest before he then grabbed her crotch. A giant exclamation point appeared above Yuta’s head, “...I know what I felt…” his irises and pupils shatter causing his eyes to become a blank white slate. He fell to his knees in ultimate despair. “I….I was fell for…”

Hachimitsu then stepped between Yuta and Minori. “Tell me, what are you really?” Hachimitsu asked,

“Well, I’m like you, only a lot stranger~! I came from the fifth dimension where all my universal laws are different from yours, your laws don’t apply to me~! I’m the only one of my kind~! I destroy Stars like no tomorrow so you could call me a Star Breaker~!” He gave a smirk and lunged back, “And I’m in love with Yuta-Chan~!” He said as blush decorated his face, “His laugh, his hands, he’s so soft and gentle~! Every time I see him and think about him~!” He placed his hands over his crotch and bit his bottom lip, “He’s my one and only~!”

“Well too bad,” Hachimitsu said, “He’s my boyfriend, if you want him then you’ll have to go through me.”

“Oh~? You wanna fight me~?” He smirked and began to power up, “Well alright~! I’ll start off with my first transformation~!” He gave a subtle scream and suddenly his hair turned a light shade of pink that looked almost white, black markings adorned his body and his nails began sharp almost like claws. “I’ll warn you, in this form I am far faster than any possible thing~! Including light~! To give you a sense of scale I’m about one hundred thousand times faster than light~! You’ll die from the momentum of my punch and the momentum alone~!” He grit his teeth and smirked and charged Hachimitsu at full speed and threw a punch hitting her square in the face. Hachimitsu didn’t budge. The impact from the blow broke the air pressure behind her causing everything in an exact line behind her to collapse, explode, and be reduced to dust clear off the coast of Japan and onto the United States. Minori’s eyes widened.

Hachimitsu grabbed Minori’s wrist and began to squeeze, Minori winced in pain the more Hachimitsu squeezed. Hachimitsu opened her eyes and delivered a punch to Minori’s gut causing him to go flying clear across the street crashing through at least ten buildings. Minori coughed and then moved back to Hachimitsu’s location. Hachimitsu’s body was suddenly surrounded by a blue-green aura as she clenched her fists. Her arms bulked up followed by her legs and then her chest and finally her neck causing her to grow to exactly nine feet tall. She growled and looked down at Minori. Minori’s eyes widened and began to quiver before Minori then closed his eyes before opening them again giving a smirk. “Well alright then~! Looks like we’ll have ourselves a little match~!”