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My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 2

20 Years Ago

Tzatz ran into the Great Palace that rested atop the hill overlooking the kingdom. He went through several halls before he came to the throne room to find the King talking with his Grand Vizier. The King turned to him in shock, “Tzatz! What brings you here?!”

“A thousand apologies my lord,” He said as he started to catch his breath, “It’s worse than I’ve ever imagined.”

“What is it?” He asked walking over to the man and placing his hand on his shoulder, “What’s the matter my friend?”

“The Universe is in peril!” Tzatz responded, “There’s an alien life form out there known as the Leech. They’re slowly consuming every planet they come in contact with.”

“What?! How close are they to us?!”

“I’d say about three days,”

“I see,” the King sighed as he looked over to the stained glass window, “I’m not sure what to do.”

“I’ve got an idea,” Tzatz said, “It’ll take a while, but I know for a fact I can do it.”

“Speak, what is it?” He asked said turning to the man,

“We’ll have to destroy the universe, one planet at a time.”

“Will that work?”

“Yes, the Leech need an atmosphere in order to survive. If we get rid of the planets then the Leech will die off.”

“I see, and you’re sure you can do this?”

“I can,” he said with a nod, “I’ve been training probably the hardest out of any of the warriors of our race. I’ll have the stamina to do it, and with my ship I can warp around at faster than light speeds to get to each planet.”

“What should we do?”

“Get as many Planet Busters as you can off the planet, we need to go to some small pocket of the universe. Destroying the Leech I am certain is bound to get the Great Lord of the Great Lord of the Great Lords’ attention, he’ll surely grant us a wish and we can restore the universe!”

“I see,” the King gave a smirk and placed his hand on Tzatz’s shoulder, “You always did your best to show off when we were kids. Go on, I’ll send out a warning.”

“Thank you.”

Meanwhile down in one of the villages a man had come home from a quest in space. He looked around at the village as he sighed and threw his bag over his shoulder before he walked down the ramp to the ground below. “Hey, Bumbu,” a voice called, the man turned and smiled at another man,

“What’s up?” He asked,

“You’re back just in time,” he said, folding his arms, “From what I hear, your wife gave birth recently.”

“What?! Are you serious?!”

“Yeah!” He said with a chuckle, “A beautiful baby girl!”

“I see! Thank you!” He waved to him before he smiled and ran off towards his home. Bumbu was a low-class Planet Buster warrior of the planet Mentum. The people were often organized into classes, Low, Mid, High, and then Royalty. Low-Class Planet Busters often lived in small villages, or larger villages closer to slums. What made them low-class was their amount of damage output. Planet Buster’s are a race of people all naturally born with enough strength to destroy a planet. Either with their bare hands or projectile beams.

Low-Class Planet Busters could dish out around 433 Exatons to 59.44 Zettatons of force, Mid-Class is 59.44 Zettatons to 2.7 Yottatons, High-Class are 2.7 Yottatons to 16.512 Ninatons. For Royalty it often ranges from 16.512 Ninatons to 22.77 Foe.

For the people themselves they’re the size of regular humans ranging from 147 Centimeters to 274.32 Centimeters, or 4’10” to 9’0”, no bigger, and no shorter except for children and infants. Males were generally the larger of the two sexes, being much more muscular and built for brute force, where females are smaller and slimmer but they are more built for projectiles. Males have Green and Red eyes where females have Yellow and Purple eyes. Regardless of gender all their hair is black, unless they were to bread with a race other than their own.

Bumbu eventually came to his home, he burst through the door and threw his back to the ground, “I’m here!” He called, “I’m here! Where are-“

“Sssssh!!!” A nurse said coming around the corner,


“She’s asleep, so is the baby.”

“Can I see them?”

“Yeah, they’re both very tired.” She gestured for him to follow her. She took him through the hall before they came to a bedroom, Bumbu looked through the small crack of the door to see his wife. He pushed the door open slightly to see her lying asleep in bed with an infant in her arms. Bumbu felt nothing but a sense of overwhelming pride and joy. He slowly walked into the room and over to the bedside, he smiled as he bent down and looked over the baby and his wife. His wife’s nose twitched softly as she picked up his scent, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Bumbu….” she said softly,

“Hey,” he said, “I didn’t mean to wake you Lisha.”

“You’re fine,” She said with a soft smile, “I’m just glad you’re home…”

“Me too.” He smiled and rested his forehead against hers before he kissed her. He then looked down to the baby in her arms, “So, this is the little one that was causing all that trouble inside you?”

“Yeah….say hi to your daughter….” she gave a soft chuckle, “I told her that you’re not as handsome or great as you make yourself out to be….”

“How dare you,” he said as he placed his hand on the baby’s head and gently began to pet her. “I’ll let you two sleep,” he said standing up,

“Wait...don’t you want to give her a name?”

“I can wait until later, just sleep okay?”

“Okay…” She yawned before she slowly shut her eyes. Bumbu smiled before he turned and walked into the living room where the saw the Grand Vizier along with Tzatz,

“Tzatz,” Bumbu said,

“Hey,” Tzatz said with a smile. Tzatz, Bumbu, and the King, Hoisin, were all sworn brothers via a pact they all made as kids. Despite them being all in different classes, their friendship and brotherhood only grew stronger and deeper. “We should talk.”

“About what?” Bumbu asked as he walked over and moved his bag out of the way and onto a nearby table,

“The universe, it’s in danger.”

“What kind?” Bumbu asked as he dug through his things and started to unpack it all.

“A deadly kind, an alien race called The Leech, is slowly eating away at it, one planet at a time.”

“Why just the planets?”

“It’s the only way they can survive,” he said, “They’re three day away from our planet, we need to get everyone off the planet’s surface.”

“Why can’t we fight them off?”

“Because anything they touch instantly dies, they’re a liquid based organism looking similar to goo.”

“Then how do they get from planet to planet?” He asked turning to Tzatz,

“Teleportation. They got to this universe after a Great Lord crashed to a planet after being infected by them. They came from somewhere outside the universe.”

“I see,”

“Bumbu, as your brother, you need to get off this planet.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m using my ship to destroy the planets of the universe. Hopefully the Great Lord of the Great Lord of the Great Lords will see this, and will grant us the wish to restore the universe.”

“Does Hoisin know?”

“Yes, I confronted him about it before I came to see you. Afterwards I’m heading out.”

“I see…” Bumbu sighed before he rested his face in his hand, “Today of all days...and it had to be this universe.”

“What do you mean?”

“Lisha,” he said looking up to him, “She just had our baby, I’m not sure if it’s safe for her to travel.”

“You don’t have to leave now, there’s still three days. I’ll make sure there’s a ship available for you and your family.”

“I see….” he sighed, “Thank you, I’ll handle the rest….”

3 Days Later

Bumbu walked through the woodland area with Lisha following close behind him. He held a massive spaceship on his shoulders with one hand. “Bumbu! Hey! Talk to me!” She said as they walked deeper into the woodland areas, “You’ve been awful quiet for the past few days! Care to fill me in on something?” The two eventually came to an empty field, Bumbu then stopped and sighed, “What are we doing? Why do you have this ship?!” Lisha then gave a soft groan as the baby in her arms started to cry, “No, no, don’t cry, mommy didn’t mean to yell.” She said, bouncing the infant softly, “There there.” Bumbu looked down hiding his eyes with his bangs,

“Lisha...I’m sorry,”

“For what…?” She asked looking at him for a split second before looking back at the baby.

“For not telling you, we need to evacuate the planet.”

“What? Why?” She then paused, “Is that why people are disappearing?”

“Yeah, I’m fairly certain we are the last ones on the planet right now.” He turned and walked over to her and wrapped his free arm around her. He rested his head on her shoulder, “It’s been eating me up inside….”


“I’ve kept this from you, mostly because I wanted to find some way to power through it, the same way you always encourage me too. But’s impossible.”

“What do you mean?”

He then looked her in the eyes, “Nothing,” he smiled and wiped a forming tear from his eye, “Let’s just get out of here.”

“Are you sure…? If something is bothering you, I want you to tell me. We’re a team,” she said, grabbing his hand, “Remember?”

“Yeah...I do,” he said looking to the silk collar around her neck, “It’s why I put this wedding band on you,” he said gently placing his hand on her neck, “I just…” he sighed and turned up to the night sky, “I didn’t want to worry you, when our baby came into our lives I saw how happy you had become…why would I ruin that?”

“Yeah…” She sighed, “She still doesn’t have a name you know.”

“What?” He looked at her, “I thought you gave it to her.”

“No...I’ve been waiting for you to give it to her.”

“Oh...I see...well um, let’s have a look at her.” He said stepping closer to Lisha and looking down at the baby. “….she kind of looks like a-“ he then paused, “….” He then stopped to think before he smiled, “Nana, after your mom.”

Lisha smiled, “I like that.”

A soft boom went off in the distance. Bumbu looked up to see Tzatz’s ship, “It’s time,” Bumbu then set the ship down. He opened the door and the two of them walked in. A flash was seen and suddenly a puddle of goop appeared on the floor in front of them, “Shit!”

“What’s that?!”

“Come on! The escape pods!” He grabbed her hand and the two raced through the halls before they came to the room with the pods. Bumbu looked around, he came to a pod and opened up only to see some more goop inside it. He panicked and quickly shut the pod door, “Okay, um, new plan!” He went to another pod and opened it, “Okay, this one is empty!” Lisha nodded and rushed over to it, she then froze as she got it and winced,

“Ow…!” She turned and looked down to see that some of the goop was on her ankle and she was stuck to the floor, “Bumbu…!” Bumbu looked down, he quickly held out his hand to shoot a blast at it, the blast bounced off the good and around the room before it fizzled. Lisha’s eyes slowly began to droop and she slowly fell into Bumbu,

“Damn it!” He took the baby from her and put her in the pod before he then shut the pod door.

“W-Wait…” she said as Bumbu went to a computer and out in coordinates, “What are you doing…?”

“She has to go without us,” once the coordinates were put in he came back to Lisha and the pod, he turned to Lisha and grabbed her shoulders, “Lisha….I’d rather die alongside you, instead of without you. And if we are brought back, we’ll go find her. I promise.” Lisha gave a very weak nod as the two looked to the window in the pod, “Did you hear that Nana?” Bumbu asked as he smirked and placed his hand on the window, “The moment we are brought back to life we will come and get you! I promise! Mommy and daddy love you!” He reached your and pressed a red launch button causing the bullet shaped pod to shoot from the ship and off the planet. As it did Tzatz stood above the planet outside his ship.

Powerful energy swarmed around him as he began to charge a massive projectile attack. Mentum was the final planet in the universe to be destroyed. He grit his teeth angrily as tears shed from his face. Never in Tzatz’s life did he think he’d have to destroy his home planet. He then moved his arms making an L shape with them causing a massive beam to fire. Bumbu and Lisha embraced each other in a kiss before the planet lit up and was destroyed down to its Quarks.

As the final planet was destroyed Tzatz stood there in the dead silence of space. He grit his teeth as he shut his eyes letting tears flow from them. Eventually as he had predicted The Great Lord of the Great Lord of the Great Lords had arrived. Tzatz felt his powerful presence and he looked to the Lord with tear filled eyes. “I saw it,” he said, “All of what you did. Destroying the planets in order to save the universe and many others. If it were up to me I would’ve erased all of existence and recreated it again but without the Leech.”

Tzatz wipes his face, “If that’s the case, then you must know what I want.”

“Yes, you wish for me to restore the universe. All the planets and everything else.” He then looked to Tzatz, “But that’s not all you want, and it’s not all I can offer you. For your immense courage and bravery I’m bestowing the title of Ruler of the Universe upon you, not only that but I’m giving you great power as well. You also would like to live far away from here, I know the guilt from destroying your own planet is destroying you. Luckily there’s a nice planet similar to that of your own, only much smaller, the humans call it Earth. There you will live amongst them with a new name and new life.”

“New name…?”

“You can’t exactly have an alien name without raising some concern. From now on you’ll be called Kaizou. And of course you’ll be married, I also saw what you saw on the edge of the universe. Through our universe and into the one next door you saw a young woman, a Planet Eater is what she's called. Her name is Gallantia.”

“That girl I saw...yeah…” He sighed, “I just need everything restored…afterwards I’m taking my leave towards Earth.”

“I see,” he nodded and then snapped his fingers, in a flash everything in the universe was restored. “Is there anything else?”

“No,” he said, “I’ll be going, thank you.”

Present Day

Kaizou looked at his computer. He was watching something over and over again. It was from the other day when Hachimitsu fought Minori. He kept watching when Yuta stepped between Hachimitsu and Minori’s beam, before he walked through it and cancelled it. “Why don’t you come to bed…?” Gallantia said as she came up behind him rubbing her eyes, “What are you doing…?”

“Oh,” he said with a smile as he turned the computer off, “It’s nothing, sorry I kept you up.”

“No, no,” she yawned, “I’ve been asleep for a while…”

“I see,” he sighed and spun around in the chair as his wife knelt down and gently pressed her finger against his cheek, he smiled and placed his hand on her finger. “I’ll come right to bed, you can go back to sleep.”

“Alright,” she stood up, “Just don’t stay up too long.”

“Of course not.” He said before she turned and walked down the hall. Kaizou then turned back to the computer and turned it back on looking back to the paused video. He rubbed his chin as he leaned forward, “Tell me Yuta, what exactly are you?”

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