Chapter 4:

Chapter 4

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 2

“ don’t want to go home???” Yuta asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t...I…” she sighed, “I want to stay here tonight….with you….”

“What’s wrong with your apartment?”

“What’s wrong with it is aren’t there.” She stepped closer to him and reached down taking his hands, “Yuta...please let me stay here tonight…! I love you…!”

“I love you too, but-“

“But what…?”

“Well…” he looked around before he sighed, “I mean...I guess you could. Let me get you some things.” He smiled before he turned and went to his bedroom to get some spare blankets, little did he know that she was actually following shortly behind him. He perked up when he heard the door click shut, he turned to see Hachimitsu leaning against the door. “Hey um...are you okay?”

“....I mean it….”

“You mean what….?”

“....when I said you weren’t the only one with lewd thoughts in this relationship….”

“Lewd tho-“ His eyes widened when he realized what Hachimitsu was trying to say. He swallowed nervously, “U-Um…” He stood up, “…” Yuta then turned to his bed before he sat down on it, “Want to talk about it…? You can sit next to me…?”

“Okay…” She reaches behind her and locks the door before she walks over and sits beside him. She then turned and wrapped her arms around him, “’re so warm….”

“So um….these thoughts um….I mean...uh…”

“....I started having them a while ago….not even was at the beach when we first went….I noticed you looking at my breasts….I don’t know why but it started something in me….”

“Oh...I’m so-“

“No….don’t be sorry….truthfully….part of me wanted you to look there….” she then pulled away from him, “I….I want you to look there now….”

“Um….okay,” Hachimitsu blushed heavily before she then started to remove her shirt. Once her shirt was off she tossed it to the floor now sitting in front of Yuta in just her bra. Yuta swallowed heavily as blush heated up his face. He took a deep breath as he looked at her breasts. She had a beauty mark on her right breast, and her bra was pink. They were perfectly symmetrical and looked rather soft.

“Yuta…” She grabbed his hand gently and guided it to her breast, Yuta swallowed heavily before he gave her breast a gentle squeeze. Hachimitsu gave a soft whimper. She looked to him with her face bright red before she leaned forward and kissed him. Yuta kissed her back as he wrapped his arms around her neck. Hachimitsu placed her hands on his chest and gently grabbed onto his shirt.

“Honey…” Yuta said softly,



“Nothing I just….” She sighed, “You’ve never really once called me by name….it’s always Honey.”

“I thought you liked it….”

“I do….it’s just….” She sighed, “Tonight….I want you to call me Hachimitsu….”

“Okay then,” he said with a soft smile, “Hachimitsu.”

“Yuta…” She smiled and the two kissed yet again. Yuta leaned forward causing Hachimitsu to lay on her back. She moved slightly and bent her legs so she could fully fit on his bed. She then pulled away from their kiss and leaned into his ear, “Yuta….please….I want you to touch me down there too….”

“O-Okay…” Yuta swallowed nervously as he moved his down her body to her waist, Hachimitsu then opened her legs slightly and Yuta placed his hand up her skirt and onto her crotch. Hachimitsu gave a soft moan, “I-I’m barely touching it...even though she has panties on...she’s already reacting to it…” Yuta kissed her again as he slowly moved his hand up and down, Hachimitsu moaned into his mouth. Hachimitsu then broke their kiss,

“Um….can you….take your shirt off?”

“Oh...uh...yeah…” He then sat up and started to remove his shirt. As he did Hachimitsu sat up and removed her stockings followed by her skirt revealing her matching pink panties. Yuta swallowed heavily as Hachimitsu then got back onto the bed, she moved closer to him and pressed her body against his. She kissed his jawline before she kissed his lips.


Yuta sat up before he then came behind her and wrapped his arms around her laying his head on her shoulders. “Hachimitsu….you’re amazing….I know you said you want to be a normal girl...but I really love you the way you are, you’re my new normal.” Hachimitsu’s heart skipped a beat as her face turned bright red. He kissed the back of her shoulder before he got off the bed and got on a pair of underwear followed by a pair of pajama pants. He then left the bedroom and came back moments later putting on the new shirt Hachimitsu got him. He smiled at her, “It’s a perfect fit!” Hachimitsu smiled as she put her panties on followed by her t-shirt.

“There! We match!”

“Yeah,” Yuta then ran over to her and tackled her onto the bed with a loving hug, “You make me so happy! You know that?”

“I do now,” she said with a big smile. Yuta then got off of her and shut off the light before he then went to the bed and laid down with Hachimitsu laying beside him, he grabbed the numerous blankets off the floor and pulled them onto the two of them. Yuta smiled and cuddled close to Hachimitsu.

“Bam! We’ve got more than enough blankets to have a mighty pillow fort!”

Hachimitsu snickered, “You’re so weird!” She said as she smiled at him, “It’s why I love you.”

“You know...that body pillow isn’t as good as the real thing…”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well there’s two obvious reasons…” He said as he gently started to squeeze her breasts. Hachimitsu gave a soft giggle,

“You really do have a one track mind Yuta.”

“Hm…?” He said looking up to her not hearing a single word she said,

“Oh nothing, goodnight silly boy.” She said wrapping her arms around her,

“Goodnight.” He said as he cuddled in as close to her as he could.