Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 2

After the Amusement Park Yuta took Hachimitsu down to the train station where they eventually came to his neighborhood. Hachimitsu looked around at the different houses as they walked around, “Wow, this is a really nice part of town.”

“I think so, I grew up here and everyone is friendly.”

“What does your house look like?”

“It’s a one floor house with two bedrooms, so it’s out of the ordinary in this area but it’s still home.” He said before they came to the front gate of his house, “Here it is.” They walked in the gate and came to the front door, “I’ll go let her know you’re here,” he took out his key and opened the front door and walked inside, “Mom, I’m home!” He called,

“Ah, welcome home! Did you bring your girlfriend?” She called back,

“Yeah I did!”

“Wow! Let me come see her!”

“Oh, uh, well I was going to invite her insi-“

“He-“ Yuta’s mom said as she came to the door, she swallowed heavily as she looked up at Hachimitsu, “...llo….”

“Hi,” Hachimitsu said with a rather shy smile,

“Well, this is certainly a surprise…” His mother said, “Do you play basketball by chance?”

“ work at a daycare.”

“I see,” she then smiled, “Well come inside, dinner is almost ready.”

“Thanks,” Hachimitsu said as she walked into the house. Yuta shut the door after her,

“You can take your shoes off here,” He said

“Oh, okay.” She bent over and removed her shoes before setting them beside Yuta’s. She followed Yuta through the house to the dining room,

“So what’s for dinner?” Yuta asked,

“Well, I didn’t go to the store today so it’s going to be Yakisoba and Onigiri if that’s okay.” She responded,

“Yeah, that sounds fine.”

“Why don’t you go show her your room?”

“Oh that a good idea…?”

“I wouldn’t mind seeing your room,” Hachimitsu said,

“IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!” Yuta screamed internally before he turned around, “Alright, let’s go.” He then took her through the house to his bedroom. He looked at the doorknob, today of all days his doorknob was looking rather ominous. He swallowed before he slowly reached out and grabbed onto the knob before he twisted it and shoved the door open. Hachimitsu sucked through the doorway slightly before she stepped into the room. She looked around for a bit and was confused,

“Why are there so many blankets around here?”

“Oh! Well...I was doing some wood work in here!!!” Yuta said as he came into the bedroom, “No need to be concerned about-“ Hachimitsu then removed one of the blankets and he inhaled sharply, “WHAT THE HELL DID SHE DO THAT FOR?!?!?!?!!!” Hachimitsu gave a soft giggle,

“Wow, are these all your anime toys?”


“I see, and what are these?” She asked removing another blanket, “Oh wow, robot toys-“


Hachimitsu gave another giggle, “And these?” She took off another blanket, “Oh wow, cosplay dolls and accessories-“


Hachimitsu gave a soft snort before she started laughing. “I’m just teasing you babe, I know exactly what they are. I didn’t expect you to go on such a tangent.” She then continued to laugh before she kissed his cheek, “I think it’s cute that you’ve got a hobby. Your room looks really cool.” His eyes widened and blush spread across his face,

“R-Really? You think it’s cool…?!”


He then smiled before he gave a smirk, “Well in that case, I’ll have to show you my prize possession!” He then turned and opened his closed and moved the hanging clothes aside, “BEHOLD!!!!” Hachimitsu looked into the closet to see a life-size anime girl figure, and she gave a soft smile.

“That’s Fujiko Mine from Lupin III right?”

“That’s right!” He said with a rather proud nod, “This here took me a whole year or house chores, dog walking, lawn mowing, and much more hard labor! I also had to track one down as they were a limited release, plus I had to buy her clothes because my mom wouldn’t let me bring her into the house naked for some reason…”

“I see,” she smiled before she went to the door and closed it before she turned and leaned against it, “You know….I’ve got the same cup size as Fujiko.” She said with a soft smile, Yuta’s eyes widened as blood shot from his nose.

“I-Impossible….!!!! Monkey Punch-Sensei inspired Fujiko’s breasts after Mount Fuji!!!! Based on my figure and if my calculations, psychics, science, and math are all correct, plus if I apply the surface area of Mt. Fuji and compared it to anything on the human body then Honey’s boobs are-“ He looked at Hachimitsu’s breasts, “K-CUP!!!! BUT SINCE SHE’S A PLANET BUSTER THAT MEANS THAT HER CUP SIZE MUST BE-“ In his mind he was standing in in a large stadium, several soccer balls flew over his head as he clenched both his fists placing one over his heart and the other behind his back, before he looked into the distance taking on his Honey Kamen persona yet again only this time his eyes were now covered with Hachimitsu’s bra. He spun around before he curled into a ball before he threw his arms and legs out, “WARUDO KAPPU!!!!!!”

“Wanna see them?” Hachimitsu asked with a gentle smile, Yuta snapped out of his trance and looked to Hachimitsu,

“Wait-“ he paused, “WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!!!!!!!”

“Yeah,” she smiled as she started to unbutton her top slowly, “You look at them all the time, even now I know you were fantasizing about seeing them, and I bet if I look through your phone you probably didn’t delete that picture. Besides….you're not the only one with lewd thoughts in this relationship.” She looked into his eyes once her shirt was fully unbuttoned, “Are you ready?” She asked, giving him a subtle wink. All Yuta could do was nod. Hachimitsu giggled softly before she then removed her shirt. He watched her shirt fly past his face before he turned back to her, his face was calm before he suddenly screamed.


“Surprise!” She said with a smile as she was wearing a black t-shirt with a graphic design on it. She had drawn a picture of the two of them and got it printed on a shirt with the lettering ‘Happy Anniversary!’


“Happy Anniversary!” She said with a smile as she bent over and kissed his forehead, “Don’t you remember? We’ve been dating for 12 Months now. It’s why I arranged meeting your mom and everything!”

“W-Wait!!! You talked to my mom?!?!!!!”

“Yeah,” she said with a nod, “It was at the last parent and teacher meeting of the school year. I introduced myself and we got to know each other and she gave me her number.”

“.....lies!!!!” He then ran past her and into the dining room to see the table set with a lot of Yuta’s favorite foods as well as a present and a large cake, “Mother!!!” He didn’t hesitate to look at the food,

“Yes dear?” She asked as she came into the dining room,

“Have you been transpiring with Hachimitsu behind my back?!”

“Actually, I have. This was all her idea and I thought it was rather nice.”

“ knew this whole time?!”

“That’s right,”

“And you didn’t bother to ask or tell me anything?!”

“No, I figured you’d tell me when you were ready.”

“But-“ he then looked to the table to see all the foods, “But….you….” he then paused, “She really put all this together with you….?”

“That’s right.”

“She did it all for me….?”

“I’m afraid so, I did some helping with the cooking and stuff.”

“Wow….” he said, his eyes dazzled as tears formed in them, “Wow…!” Hachimitsu smiled as she came into the dining room, he turned to her and wrapped his arms around her as tightly as he could, “You’re really the best girlfriend a guy could ask for!!!!” He said partially happy but also partially crying, either way Hachimitsu knew how he felt. She smiled and pat his head,

“Of course, I’d do anything for you.”

Yuta’s mother smiled, “Come on, let’s have dinner!”

“O-Okay….” Yuta as he slowly went over to a chair and sat down. Hachimitsu then sat beside him and his mother across from him. Yuta then looked to the present, ““ he then wiped his nose, “What’s that?”

“It’s something that Hachimitsu got you, she dropped it off earlier this morning when you were still asleep.

“Can I open it…?” Yuta asked looking to Hachimitsu,

“Yeah sure,” Hachimitsu responded,

Yuta grabbed the present and he brought it over to his lap, the box it was in was rather heavy which meant something of great value must’ve been inside! He tore the paper off and took the lid off the box to be greeted with a shirt similar to Hachimitsu’s, beneath it he pulled out a plastic bag which contained a pillow, “A pillow?”

“It’s a special kind.” Hachimitsu said, “Open up the bag.”

“Okay…” Yuta unzipped the plastic bag only for the pillow inside to shoot out and hit him in the face. He looked the pillow up and down, it was a massive body pillow, “Oh wow! A body pillow! Um...tha-“

“Look at the other side,”

“Other side?” Yuta turned the pillow around and his eyes widened, “It’s anime Honey….it’s a Honey body pillow…!!!!!”

“There’s more,”

“More…?! How much more?!”

“Well...some of it is making up for the presents I forgot to give you, so there’s 12 of them.”

“12 BODY PILLOWS?!?!?!!!!”

“No,” Hachimitsu said with a giggle, “12 gifts.”

“Oh...makes sense….” he put the body pillow in the chair beside him and looked back into the box, “Woah…! I love these…! I always get them for the newest Tokusatsu Show!!” He said as he pulled out two little handmade plushies of him and Hachimitsu that looked similar to the popular Chibi Plush Series that Japan often had for Television Shows.

“I made them myself,”

“You can sew?!?!?!!!!” Yuta said looking over to Hachimitsu,

“Yeah, I can draw too. The shirt and body pillow were things I drew then had graphically printed.”

“Wow! What else can you do?!”

“Well, I’m not the greatest cook…” Hachimitsu said rather sheepishly as scratched then back of her head, “I’m also bad at video games…I always destroy the controllers with my thumbs…”

Yuta then looked back into the box, some of the things were all visible and were little things like a framed picture of them when they went to the beach and had a nice couple take a picture of them. There of course was various anime dvds and collectibles before he eventually got to the final gift which was a love letter. He picked it up and opened it and began reading,


I’ve loved being your girlfriend for these past 12 months! I hope we can spend 12 more together and 12 more after that and so on! You really know how to make a girl like me feel like the most important person in the universe. I love you! For now and always!

-Hachimitsu <3

Yuta grit his teeth as he held back tears trying not to cry, “Are you okay?” Hachimitsu asked,

“No! I’m not okay!!! Now I feel bad that I didn’t get you anything!!!! I’m such a jerk!!!” He then faceplanted on the dining room table. His mother sighed and stabbed a burger patty, with a slice of cheese on it, with a fork before she slowly started to inch it towards his face. Yuta quickly peeled up and bit the patty off the fork with tears still streaming down his face. “I’m not worthy…” he said sadly as he chewed his food. His mother and Hachimitsu laughed as everyone began to eat their dinner. In the middle of dinner Yuta’s mother gasped as she looked at her watch,

“Oh crap! I gotta go!” She said getting up from the table, “Um, you don’t mind cleaning up right?!”

“Yeah, we can do that.” Hachimitsu said with a smile,

“Thanks!” She then turned and ran to the door, before she ran back into the house to grab keys and hair band before she kissed Yuta’s cheek and left. Hachimitsu gave a soft sigh,

“Your mom is really nice,” Hachimitsu said with a smile as she stood up and started to clear the table of the empty and dirty dishes.

“Yeah...she is…” Yuta said finally being able to calm down from his state of being an absolute failure of a boyfriend. He then stood up and started to help Hachimitsu clear the table. Hachimitsu looked to Yuta as he came beside her and started to help her clean up the dishes. Once the food was put away and the dishes were washed Hachimitsu started to dry off her hands with a towel, she looked to Yuta before she set down the towel. She bent over and placed her hand on his shoulder and planted a kiss on his lips. Yuta’s eyes softened before he kissed her back before she pulled away with loads of blush decorating her face. “Yuta….”

“Yeah? What’s wrong?”

“I….” she looked away from him a bit embarrassed, “I um….I don’t want to go home tonight….”