Chapter 5:

One day...

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” — Abraham LincolnBookmark here

*ring*Bookmark here

“Yes?”Bookmark here

“Hello! Can I take a little bit of your time? I’m calling from House of Cupid.”Bookmark here

How did they even get Kibo’s number?Bookmark here

“Sorry but I’m not interested! Have a nice day! Bye!”Bookmark here

“Wait!”Bookmark here

This man is insistent. She doesn’t like this type of person.Bookmark here

“Did you find a cure for cancer?”Bookmark here

“No, but what does this have to-“Bookmark here

“Did you find a way to stop global warming?”Bookmark here

“No, but-“Bookmark here

“Did you fought in the army and won great merits?”Bookmark here

“Miss, you are out of your mind!”Bookmark here

“Answer please!”Bookmark here

“No…”Bookmark here

“Then you don’t deserve my time! Have a wonderful day!”Bookmark here

“Wha-“Bookmark here

Beep. She doesn’t lose time on this type of call. They want to increase the popularity of their firm. What they don't understand is that not everyone is interested in finding their love.Bookmark here

Her friend begins to laugh.Bookmark here

“You messed  with him, girl!” Aiko adds after some time.Bookmark here

Since they were five years old, the girls have been best friends. They've always been there for each other, and Kibo has even gone to stay with her while her parents were acting up. They didn't seem to mind if she was missing from home.Bookmark here

“Does your mother recall the conversation you had with her yesterday when she was drunk?”Bookmark here

“Unfortunately not…” Kibo says with a neutral tone.Bookmark here

“I’m very sorry! I’m sure it meant a lot to you!” Aiko hugs her friend, but even she was used to how things worked in the Maboroshi family.Bookmark here

“It’s fine! It’s not like I can change something, you know?”Bookmark here

Her friend nods.Bookmark here

“If I were in your place, I would have already gone crazy!” Aiko pretends to have a microphone in her hands. “I’m here with Miss Maboroshi on this beautiful day of summer! Kibo, how does it feel to see a live drama every day?”Bookmark here

Kibo gives her a sly smile. “Why so curious, Miss reporter? Want to exchange lives?”Bookmark here

The other girl pouts.Bookmark here

“No, thank you! The world is not prepared to lose such a pretty girl like me yet!”Bookmark here

“I don’t think anyone would notice that you’re gone, sweetie!”Bookmark here

“Hey! Stop stabbing me from behind! I thought you are my best friend!” Aiko acts like her heart is aching and then turns her back. “On to the police station we go! I will report you for abuse!” She says as a joke.Bookmark here

“If they give me free food I’m in!” Kibo joins along.Bookmark here

“You would enjoy everywhere if you get to eat! You should start thinking about dating, not food!”Bookmark here

“Girl, know your priorities! Food over boys! You won’t die without a boyfriend, but you can last 2 months without food!”Bookmark here

‘I better die of hunger than alone with 50 cats!”Bookmark here

“But the cats are adorable!”Bookmark here

“They are evil! Stop talking nonsense!”Bookmark here

They start laughing.Bookmark here

“I don’t care how I die if you’re going to hell with me!”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry; I have already made a reservation! They got us VIP rooms down there!”Bookmark here

“That’s so sweet of you, Aiko!”Bookmark here

“What can I say; you’re lucky with a friend like me!” She winks.Bookmark here

“Oh my! Indeed I’m lucky!”Bookmark here

*Bang*Bookmark here

*Bang*Bookmark here

The girls look at each other with fear.Bookmark here

“Was that a gun?” Aiko asks while her knees become to shiver.Bookmark here

“Let’s run!” Kibo grabs her friend and leads her far away.Bookmark here

*Bang*Bookmark here

*Bang*Bookmark here

Aiko was breathing heavily.Bookmark here

“S-Stop! I can’t run anymore!”Bookmark here

“Do not stop! Do you hear me? Don’t stop!” She felt how her friend started to slow down, so she yelled without looking at her. “Aiko, listen to me! I swear to God, if you stop right now I’m going to shut you myself!”Bookmark here

“I don’t think is going to be necessary!” *cough*She let go of her friend’s hand.Bookmark here

Kibo stops as well, but she doesn’t dare to turn around. This is not a nightmare! Her friend is ok; she’s too tired to run anymore…YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT! She’s tired!Bookmark here

“Run! They may shot you!” Aiko fells to the ground trying to catch her breath. “Please…don’t look behind!” Her words become whispers.Bookmark here


Her body was stunned. There’s still time! If she could -Bookmark here

“Kibo! Run!” Aiko tries to scream but her whole body is powerless.Bookmark here

The girl turns with her eyes closed. For the first time in her life, she was praying. She prayed so that she couldn’t hear anything else but words from the Bible. Her mom used to recite it a long time ago.Bookmark here

“Why are you so stupid? At least hold my hand… I’m a little scared! I never thought I will ever feel cold under this warm sun…” Tears start to flow from Aiko’s eyes,Bookmark here

Kibo finally opens her eyes. There was a lot of blood coming from Aiko’s stomach. Neither words nor actions got out of her body anymore. She looked lifeless.Bookmark here

Why is this happening? Why must it be her friend? Why must she lose so much? Her brother said that she deserves to be happy …Did he lie?Bookmark here

Police cars along with ambulances make their way through a big crowd.Bookmark here

“HELP! SHE’S DYING!” Kibo screams from the bottom of her lungs, but no one seems to hear.Bookmark here

Other victims were surrounded by a loud crowd.Bookmark here

“I won’t let you die! Hold on! You said we will go to our VIP rooms in hell together! Don’t go on your word!” Kibo lifts her friend and gives her a piggyback.Bookmark here

“HELP!” She kept screaming as she carried her friend closer and closer to the crowd. Her legs started to give in but the fear and adrenaline made her keep going.Bookmark here


Someone hears her and rushes to help. They take Aiko's body into the last ambulance. A doctor assisted by two nurses attempts to stem the bleeding.Bookmark here

“Please save her! She means the world to me!”Bookmark here

The ambulance rushes to the hospital.Bookmark here

The most disturbing thing at that moment was herself. She didn’t even think that she won’t grow old with her best friend. She never imagined that their paths would go separate ways. There is still hope for Aiko as long as the doctors do not declare her dead.Bookmark here

Besides her, there were some corpses covered by white sheets.Bookmark here

“Mister Officer, could you please tell me the on earth is going?” Her despair was no longer hidden.Bookmark here

“It’s not your place to know, little girl! Go home!” He goes to his car, but Kibo grabs his arm.Bookmark here

“You are wrong! I have all the right to know! My-“Bookmark here

She is interrupted by the policeman. He frowns at her.Bookmark here

“Listen, I am busy right now and you are keeping me from doing my work!” He frees himself from the girl’s grip and slams the car’s door.Bookmark here

No matter what happens, she must find the reason.Bookmark here

She starts hitting the window and asks for answers. The car starts moving, but she runs after it. She ran like her life depended on it. Even if she lost the car after a few minutes, the direction left only one possibility for the station. She kept running until she reached the place.Bookmark here

“I was right!”Bookmark here

She sees the same car parked outside. While trying to catch her breath she goes inside the building. There was a little chaos, but she found her way to the policeman she was looking for.Bookmark here

She rings the bell that was placed on his desk. He turns ready to greet someone but he stares at the girl in front of him. What an interesting view, you don’t see this every day.Bookmark here

Sweat streamed down her forehead as she breathed heavily and her eyes were filled with anguish. She leaned on his desk with her arms crossed, deepening the eye contact. Her hair was tangled, and she was trembling all over.Bookmark here

“Pay attention because I'm only going to ask once!” She says it with a stern tone.Bookmark here

“She was a complete disaster, but a stunning one. This young lady is going to be a fantastic woman in the future.” The cop mulls over his thoughts.Bookmark here

“Stop being such a pain, kid! If you don't go home, I'll send you home myself!” He attempts to put her to the test.Bookmark here

She is unresponsive to his words.Bookmark here

“Today, Aiko Okada was shot in the stomach! She is one of my closest friends, and-“Bookmark here

“I have no idea what you're talking about! Leave me alone!”Bookmark here

“Don't worry, I'll explain what I'm on about! To be clear, I'm referring to the parents who allow their child to associate with such a negative influence as me! I'm talking about how, even though I was bad news, they welcomed me into their lives! And how they trusted me to look after their only daughter!” She clenches her hands on the table.Bookmark here

She was feeling more than sadness. Kibo was also filled with fury, sorrow, and disappointment.Bookmark here

“As I’m talking to you, my sweet Aiko is fighting for her life because of today’s incident! I know she won’t make it!” Tears start to roll down her eyes. “I know that too damn well! But don’t at least her parents deserve to know why their child left them behind?”Bookmark here

The whole room went silent as the girl tried to make the policeman talk.Bookmark here

“There is no greater pain in this world than parents having to stand in front of their child's graveyard!”Bookmark here

Her words touched everyone. The man finally gave in.Bookmark here

“You are one insisting girl, did you know that?”Bookmark here

“The only thing I'm aware of right now is that I'm wasting my time here rather than being with my best friend in her final moments. She smacks her palms on the desk. Bookmark here

“Give me the information!”Bookmark here

The man sighs.Bookmark here

“It was a terrorist attack. There were 10 hurt people and 6 deaths…well 7 with your friend. I’m sorry for your loss!” He bows full of regret for the way he acted.Bookmark here

“I won’t accept your condolences because she’s not dead yet! You’ll see that one day when you’ll need help someone will look down on you! I bet we’ll see each other again in hell!”Bookmark here

She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming at the man, but blood began to run from a corner of her mouth. Kibo, be patient! Everything will soon be over! Hold on a little longer.Bookmark here

*ring*Bookmark here

“Mother.”Bookmark here

“I've been summoned to the hospital to go with Aiko's parents. She's eager to meet you! “Where in the world are you?!?”Bookmark here

“At the police station,” says the narrator.Bookmark here

“I'll send a taxi.” Please arrive as soon as possible. There isn't much more time...”Bookmark here

She could hear Aiko's parents' screams. They were, of course, destroyed. Will they hold it against her? Will they file a lawsuit against her? Is she a bad person?Bookmark here

Beep.Bookmark here

Before walking outside, she gives everyone a disdainful look.Bookmark here

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