Chapter 6:

A little conection

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” —Michael Jordan

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“Dear Aiko, I wish nothing but happiness in this life. I must admit that my difficult moments also became your difficult moments. You were always there when I needed you, but now I’ve let you down…Bookmark here

I wish I could pray more to this incredible being that everyone calls God. I wish I believed in him, but with no desire and trust, it would be in vain. I’m sorry I know no deity. I’m sorry I complicated your life.Bookmark here

I guess I do bring misfortune into everyone’s life. Can I at least say my goodbye properly? Will you hang on a little longer for me?”Bookmark here

Kibo’s mother was smocking outside. She was waiting for her daughter to arrive. She didn’t spend a lot of time with Aiko, but she knew that the girl was a good influence. It’s a shame.Bookmark here

Why is this world messing so much with Kibo? How much can she still take?Bookmark here

“Mom!”Bookmark here

Kibo finally showed up in front of the building.Bookmark here

“How does Aiko feel?”Bookmark here

It was a pretty stupid question, but understandable. She still hopes for good news.Bookmark here

“Let’s go!” The woman grabbed her arm. “I don’t think there’s a lot of time left!”Bookmark here

The two of them rushed to Aiko’s room.Bookmark here

“Wait! Mom, do you think she will want to see me?”Bookmark here

The mother sighed. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t understand how Kibo feels. It hurts to only be able to look at someone who is in pain.Bookmark here

“You know… I don’t think she blames anyone! She even asked for you a few times. She worries more about you than her current state!” She puts a hand on the girl’s shoulder.Bookmark here

“Thank you!” She also answers with a weak smile.Bookmark here

She enters the room. Of course, Mister and Miss Okada were already inside. The woman was crying like the world ended while her husband looked at the ground full of thoughts. Neither of them turned when the door opened.Bookmark here

Kibo kneeled in front of the bed with tears in her eyes.Bookmark here

“It’s only my fault! I’m sorry for everything!” She kept asking for forgiveness and the married couple looked at her after some time. They went to Kibo and hugged her tight.Bookmark here

“Don’t say stupid things! We know it’s not your fault, dear!”Bookmark here

“There are moments in life that are meant to be the way they are. This was our Aiko’s fate…”Bookmark here

It was heartbreaking.Bookmark here

“Kibo…” Aiko let out a whisper.Bookmark here

Her friend hurried to hold her hand.Bookmark here

“I’m here! I’m right next to you!”Bookmark here

“Mom…Dad… can you leave us alone for a moment?”Bookmark here

Even if they wanted, they did as they were told.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, Aiko! If I can do something-“Bookmark here

“Don’t even bother!” The girl giggled. “It’s none of us fault! I knew you would blame yourself! Stop being so predictable!”Bookmark here

Kibo smiled at the last affirmation.Bookmark here

“The problem is that you know me too well!”Bookmark here

“That too!”Bookmark here

After a moment of silence, both looked serious.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry if I’m asking so much-“Bookmark here

“Whatever you wish I would make it happen! It’s a promise!”Bookmark here

“It’s a stupid wish…”Bookmark here

“It doesn’t matter!”Bookmark here

“Do you don’t want a boyfriend?”Bookmark here

The girl looked a little confused.Bookmark here

“One hundred percent sure! But why do you ask?”Bookmark here

“You see, there at the House of Cupid you only get a chance to meet your soulmate. I'm sure with all my heart they make miracles to become true!” She sighed and tears started to roll down her cheek. ”Unlike you, I hate the thought of being single. So I will give you my ID and any personal data you need for finding the right one for me. Everyone says we look a lot alike so I’m sure you’ll be fine. After all, I always liked to copy your style and I don’t regret dying my hair like yours.”Bookmark here

“I don’t know if it will work…”Bookmark here

“I beg you! After I die I will watch over you! I want to see what kind of person he is and I want you to find him another girl that will make him happy! It’s my only wish!” She started coughing and her heartbeat started to become slower.Bookmark here

The doctors rushed into the room with Aiko’s parents behind.Bookmark here

“MY BABY! DON’T LEAVE ME!” Miss Okada started to scream and her husband broke down into tears.Bookmark here

“K-Kibo…” Aiko struggled to breathe. “I beg you…”Bookmark here

Then, without thinking, Kibo answered.Bookmark here

“I will find your prince charming! Don’t worry! I give you my word!”Bookmark here

A long *beep* filled the chamber.Bookmark here

This is ridiculous! She lost so much yet she still keeps losing people. Why her? Why can’t she take a break?Bookmark here

******Bookmark here

After two full years, Kibo decides to go to that stupid House of Cupid.Bookmark here

“How have you been Aiko? Is everything alright where you are? If someone is messing with you I hope you will handle them well! I’m sorry I didn’t go sooner to the place you talked about. But don’t worry! I graduated high school one year ago. I’m 19 years old now and I started a part-time job.Bookmark here

I miss you every day… But I’m fine. It takes more than this to bring me down!Bookmark here

I almost forgot! Me and my mom get along well now! She promised to quit smoking and she kept her promise! Also, she started to drink less. This means a lot to me!Bookmark here

Even if you won’t receive these messages I will keep sending them until I will be ready to let you go. “Bookmark here

Kibo's phone starts to ring.Bookmark here

“Miss Aiko Okada?”Bookmark here

This voice again! It was the same man that called Kibo on the day of the incident.Bookmark here

“Yes, that’s me!”Bookmark here

It doesn’t feel right to take the place of someone else but what could she do? She must keep her promise.Bookmark here

“We received your e-mail and all the personal information we needed! I’m Doctor Chiba and I am the one that will help you from now! Can you come today to discuss a little your situation?”Bookmark here

This doesn’t sound good.Bookmark here

“Well I’m free today so I can come by anytime!”Bookmark here

“Wonderful! I will wait for you at 5 PM! My cabinet is on the first floor and looks for a door that has my name on it.”Bookmark here

“I got it! Thank you so much!”Bookmark here

“Don’t thank me yet, dear! I don’t have very pleasant news.”Bookmark here

What could this possibly mean? How bad can it be?Bookmark here

“Have a nice day! Goodbye!”Bookmark here

“You too, goodbye!”Bookmark here

Beep.Bookmark here

“He might be a criminal. I won’t be surprised to hear this! Let's get over with this charade!”Bookmark here

She arrived in time for the meeting. As she searched for the right door, she saw something written under Doctor Chiba.Bookmark here

Special cases only.Bookmark here

“Are you kidding me? What kinds of unpleasant news can that stupid information be? I swear I deserve a vacation from all this bad luck!”Bookmark here

*Knock*Bookmark here

*Knock*Bookmark here

*Knock*Bookmark here

“Come in!”Bookmark here

“No thank you!” She thought to herself but she still entered.Bookmark here

“We finally meet!” The man gives her a sweet smile.Bookmark here

“Nice to meet you!” She bows in respect.Bookmark here

Not at all.Bookmark here

“Have a seat on a chair because it’s going to take some time!”Bookmark here

She sighed. Kibo tried to stop the bad scenarios inside her head that kept on playing.Bookmark here

“Miss Aiko, I have both good and bad news. Which one would you like first?”Bookmark here

How fancy. He gives her options.Bookmark here

“Good I guess!”Bookmark here

“He lives in Tokyo and he is about your age.”Bookmark here

What? What could be bad? She felt confused.Bookmark here

“Now, I must tell you the bad part. He’s not in the Tokyo that we know. He lives in a different universe.”Bookmark here

Is he for real?Bookmark here

“HUH? You want me to believe that? I paid a lot of money for this-“Bookmark here

“I wish it was a joke! Please calm down! You can meet him but you have more rules. So are you willing to listen?”Bookmark here

She took in some deep breaths.Bookmark here

“Since I’m already here I don’t have a choice.”Bookmark here

“You will have only 100 days to make him fall in love with you.”Bookmark here

Only? This is more than enough for sure!Bookmark here

“You may think is a lot of time but I assure you it’s not. I will give you some pills to take before you go to sleep. I don’t know if you heard of shifting, but it works pretty similar.”Bookmark here

“What is shifting?”Bookmark here

“Shifting represents the act of moving one's consciousness from this current reality to one's desired reality. We don’t have a lot of cases like yours so we aren’t prepared. So you will be invisible to others, but to your soulmate and he is also the only one that can hear you. What you touch will become impossible to be seen for the time of your contact with that object. But this doesn’t apply to the people you touch.”Bookmark here

“So you’re telling me that I will travel through time and space?” Her eyes widened.Bookmark here

“Something like that. Your 100 days start when you take the first pill. Be careful because time passes differently in each universe.”Bookmark here

“Tell me about this world and him, please!”Bookmark here

“I can’t!”Bookmark here

“Why? Is it confidential or something?”Bookmark here

“It’s impossible to find any more information. I will count on you to tell me the rest!”Bookmark here

“But how will I find him?”Bookmark here

“Fate brings people together! Don’t forget that!” He smiled again and gave the girl a box. “Your pills are inside. Take them as normal ones, with or without water.”Bookmark here

“Thank you!”Bookmark here

Should she take one of the pills tonight?Bookmark here

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