Chapter 6:

Returning home

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

“So, what type of relationship do you have with Suto-Sensei?” Hirata asked Koshiro, “You told me she isn’t your sister.” he paused for a moment, “Unless you don’t want to see her as a sister…” Hirata thoughtfully held his chin.Bookmark here

“Unless what?” Bookmark here

“Koike-san...”Bookmark here

“That is my name.” Koshiro nodded.Bookmark here

Hirata stared at him with a serious expression: “Do you have Siscon?” Bookmark here

“K-Koike-san??!” Yasutake exclaimed, startled.Bookmark here

“Of course not.” “You idiot.” “What made you think that?” Bookmark here

“Well…” Hirata shrugged his shoulders, “Suto-Sensei is not bad looking AT ALL, did you know?! I wouldn’t blame you if you happen to fall for her.” he had the guts to say that even while being faced by a scowling Yasutake.Bookmark here

“I see…” “He’s not totally wrong.” “I suppose you are just worried that a “good guy” like me would be into that sort of thing, right?”Bookmark here

“Yep!”Bookmark here

“Please rest assured that I’m not into it. I could say that she’s a family acquaintance… but this might be too insensitive.”Bookmark here

“So…?”Bookmark here

“So…” Koshiro made a pause, “Yeah, you can call her my sister, you can call her whatever you want.”Bookmark here

“But isn’t that what you just denied?” Hirata had question marks all over his head as he and Yasutake looked at each other.Bookmark here

“That drunk version of her this morning is not who she truly is.”Bookmark here

“So S-Suto-Sensei was drunk this morning?” Yasutake was the one prying now.Bookmark here

“That’s right.” said Koshiro, returning to his desk, “Although it’s not like she’s much better sober.”Bookmark here

The three first-year students returned to their seats and, shortly after, the last classes of the day began.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Just as Koshiro finished his cleaning, Hirata came to talk to him: “So you’re gonna wait for Suto-Sensei now?”Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“But you said that you would wait for her.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, but I forgot teachers have to stay late. I don’t want to stay here so long.” he responded promptly, “And talk to drunk Sumi-nee.” he added in his mind.Bookmark here

“That’s how it is, huh?” Hirata murmured.Bookmark here

“Why are you so concerned about this anyway?” “Yeah, see you tomorrow.” Koshiro said while leaving the classroom.Bookmark here

“See you tonight…” Hirata waved his hand.Bookmark here

“What are the odds of him having a crush on Koike?” Hayami murmured to Etsuko.Bookmark here

“Huh? Who?” Etsuko searched everywhere.Bookmark here

“Hirata.”Bookmark here

“Hirata-san?!”Bookmark here

“Do you know another one?”Bookmark here

“No, hehe.” Etsuko touched her lips with her finger as if musing on the question. “I don’t think so. But why did you ask this?”Bookmark here

“He’s always worried about that idiot.”Bookmark here

“I believe his name is Koike-san!”Bookmark here

“This one, right. So, he’s always worried about him.”Bookmark here

Etsuko held her head, feigning despair, “Oh no! Don’t tell me you’re the one that wanted to worry about Koike-san?!” then held her chin, as if thinking: “Or maybe you wanted Hirata-san to worry about you?” she was now goggling closely at Hayami: “Or Maybe both??!” the girl pointed her finger at her friend, “Hey Hayamichi, don’t be so greedy!”Bookmark here

“Please Shimizu, I’m serious here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Koike was into him... I wouldn't be surprised if he was into everything in this class, he's a pervert after all.” Bookmark here

"Didn't you want to say 'everyone'?" Etsuko tried to correct her friendBookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

“A...” the open-mouthed girl seemed to deflate a bit, “Anyway, I’d say he’s more likely to have a crush on Yasutake-chan, or even you!”Bookmark here

"What?!" Hayami jumped back, "M-Me??"Bookmark here

"Of course! There's a fine line between love and hate!"Bookmark here

"Aargh." Hayami composed herself. "Stop saying nonsense and answer me. Do you think Koike can like Hirata?"Bookmark here

“I dunno, I barely know him! But I don’t think so!” saying that Etsuko grabbed her bag and headed to the door. “C’mon Hayamichi! Don’t forget we have something to do tonight!”Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, that.” Hayami sighed as she followed Etsuko.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“I wonder how mad she’ll get at me.” Koshiro mused as he looked at his homeroom teacher's message:Bookmark here

Sumi-nee: DOT FORET to wt for me a class?Bookmark here

Thankfully, Koshiro was able to translate it:Bookmark here

DON'T FORGET to wait for me after class!Bookmark here

“Aargh.” the boy sighed, “I should at least let her know that I’m going home.”
Bookmark here

Koshiro (replying to Sumi-nee): Sorry, I can’t stay ‘till late (Scar is waiting for me) so I’ll just drop by Fujimori’s bakery and go home today.Bookmark here

After replying to her message, he started to make his way home. Koshiro arrived at the bakery twenty-six minutes later, when a terrifying voice startled him as he opened the door:Bookmark here

“Hi, Koshiro-kun.”Bookmark here

The boy turned slowly, to see the one he wanted to see the least at the time. Bookmark here

“Hi… Sumi-nee.” he said while giving a nervous smile.Bookmark here

“Now I’m your ‘Nee’ again?” she put her hands on her waist while scowling: “You really had the guts to bail on me, huh?”Bookmark here

“But I thought you’d have stuff to take care of after school.”Bookmark here

“I didn’t have much to do today. And even if I had you should’ve waited.”Bookmark here

“But Scar is waiting for me.”Bookmark here

“C’mon." Sumiye frowned, "Everyone knows she doesn’t care about you.”Bookmark here

“That one hurt.” “Although that’s probably true.” Koshiro sighed. “So, what’s so important you had to come to talk to me?”Bookmark here

“There’s a bunch of things.” the woman stated, “We’ll talk on our way home. I’ll make dinner tonight.” Sumiye raised a plastic bag in her right hand.Bookmark here

“Okay, but don’t you think rumors are gonna spread if someone sees us?”Bookmark here

“I don’t think that’s going to happen.” Sumiye said confidently, “And I can’t just let you eat all your meals here.” she added while pointing at the Bakery with her head. “Fujimori’s Anpan is delicious but it’s not healthy for every meal.”Bookmark here

“Sometimes I eat junk food at that restaurant on the other side of the street too...” Koshiro muttered.Bookmark here

“What did you say?”Bookmark here

“That I’m looking forward to your food! Thank you very much!”Bookmark here

“That’s what I thought.” the woman released Koshiro from her glare and entered the bakery to say: “Excuse me, Fujimura-kun, but I’ll borrow Koshiro for tonight.”Bookmark here

“No problem. I was beginning to worry about him myself.” Fujimura replied with a smile.Bookmark here

“Okay then, let’s go Koshiro.” she handled the plastic bag to the boy and then started walking to the Koike’s household.Bookmark here

“Where’s your car?” Koshiro asked after a couple of seconds.Bookmark here

“I left it in front of your house. Maybe you should go to school by bus, it would be much faster.”Bookmark here

“Nah, it’d be a waste of money if I can walk.”Bookmark here

“You’re right. You better start sparing some money to when you get a nice girlfriend.”Bookmark here

“Where did that come from?” Koshiro looked annoyed, “Don’t tell me you’re here to yak about this.”Bookmark here

“Not exactly.” Sumiye smiled.Bookmark here

“What is it then?”Bookmark here

“About that girl, Takayama, you can see it too, right?” her expression was a bit more serious.Bookmark here

“That she’s a devil? Yep.”Bookmark here

“That’s great!”Bookmark here

“How can a devil be great? Don't tell me you kept watching that TV series.”Bookmark here

"Of course not! I've to wait for Daichi to do so! You're the one without chains."Bookmark here

"Without chains?? The series in itself chains me with that stupid third season..."Bookmark here

"Hey, Koshiro. Are you bad-mouthing one of my favorite TV shows?" Sumiye looked at the boy with her eyebrows twitching.Bookmark here

"I'd never do that, Sumi-nee!"Bookmark here

"Huh." the woman returned her attention to the street, "Anyway, talking about the devil, I hope you continue getting along with her and her friend."Bookmark here

"Are you talking about the heroine?" Koshiro tilted his head.Bookmark here

"No! I'm not talking about the show anymore, I'm referring to Takayama and Shimizu."Bookmark here

“Erg." the boy rolled his eyes. "I don’t think you can call that ‘to get along’ with someone.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I guessed you’d say that.” Sumiye stopped for a moment, “But at least try.”Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“Pleaseeeeeeee?”Bookmark here

“Ugh.” Koshiro sighed, “I’ll do my best.”Bookmark here

“Thank you Koshiro-kun, you’re such a nice person!” she grinned at him.Bookmark here

“Hmm, am I though?”Bookmark here

“Of course! But leaving that aside, did you come up with any good ideas today?”Bookmark here

“Hmm… maybe.”Bookmark here

“Oh! Tell me about it!”Bookmark here

"Hmm..." Koshiro reflected on his answer. “If you really want to know I’ll tell you during dinner, okay? We’re almost home.” he indicated his house, only a few meters away.Bookmark here

“Okay, I’m looking forward to it! I hope you finally come up with something decent because the last one...” Sumiye grimaced.Bookmark here

“Ouch, don’t you think that last part was a bit unnecessary?”Bookmark here

“Hihi, I’m sorry for that.” she gave this suspicious apology and then walked ahead of Koshiro, picking her keys for his house.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“Thanks for the food!” Koshiro and Sumiye uttered. They were now sitting in front of each other while enjoying the food she had made.Bookmark here

“So, what’s your idea?”Bookmark here

“Straight to the point, huh?” Bookmark here

“I just want to be the first to witness this historic moment. Your first great and original idea!”Bookmark here

“Haha.”Bookmark here

“Hey! Don’t laugh! I really want to hear about it.”Bookmark here

"Hmm... okay then.” Koshiro stopped, cleaned his throat, and heaved a deep sigh. “First things first, I got this idea because of a Senpai I met today. She pretended to be the bea…”Bookmark here

“Kuma-chan.”Bookmark here

“She pretended to be Kuma-chan at lunch, and I thought it was kinda cute, so my mind started working on something…”Bookmark here

“Oh no, so what I heard is real?” Sumiye interrupted again, “You were hitting on Kuma-chan and a child-looking girl? What a taste you have.”Bookmark here

“Aargh. Weren’t you the one that wanted to hear my idea??”Bookmark here

“Okay, I’ll be quiet until you’re done.”Bookmark here

“Thank you.” Koshiro sipped some tea. “So, my mind started working and I thought ‘What about a girl pretending to be a bear?”Bookmark here

“Ku…” Sumiye stopped herself after she received Koshiro’s intense glare: “Don’t you dare to interrupt me again”Bookmark here

“So, maybe we have this isekai story where a little blond-haired girl can use bear costumes to hide in the midst of other bears! Maybe she can even turn into other animals! Other forms of life even! The possibilities are limitless!”Bookmark here

After finishing Koshiro nodded to Sumiye, indicating that she could talk:Bookmark here

“Hey, Koshiro.”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“By any means did you thought of it as a story for a game?”Bookmark here

“Hmm, now that you mention it, a game would be the best media to tell this story, so… yeah.”Bookmark here

“Wow!” she gazed at him with admiration, “That’s a good idea.”Bookmark here

“Right???”Bookmark here

“But…”Bookmark here

“But…?”Bookmark here

“I feel bad for you when after 5 chapters that’s the best you’ve got."Bookmark here

"Huh? Why?"Bookmark here

"Because it's a plagiarized idea.”Bookmark here

“What?!”Bookmark here

“It’s exactly what you heard.” she crossed her arms. “Five chapters are equal to one rip-off.”Bookmark here

“Shit. You sure?”Bookmark here

“Yep, it’s from that anime ‘Old Game?’. A pretty cute one by the way.”Bookmark here

“Aargh.” Koshiro let some air out of his nose, with disappointment, “I’ll think about something else then.”Bookmark here

“Good luck, you’re gonna need it.”Bookmark here

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