Chapter 7:

Jabbering before gaming

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

Just to be sure, after they were done with the cleaning, Koshiro searched for the anime ‘Old Game?’ on his phone.Bookmark here

"Crap.” he cursed after seeing his idea wasn’t original at all. “I’ll really have to think about something else then.”Bookmark here

Koshiro put his phone in his pocket and went to the stairs, his house was not anything fancy, a pretty normal two-story building with just enough room for four or five people to live without wanting to kill each other. After he got up the stairs he looked to his left, from there he could see a closed door leading to his parents’ room, but he actually turned right, passing through some doors, and finally arriving at his bedroom.Bookmark here

“AAAAAAH!” just as he entered the room, a sudden pain ran through his face, something was tearing it apart.Bookmark here

“Oh, I’m sorry.” it was the black cat Scar, who trilled and jumped off of Koshiro’s face, “I thought it might be a weird cat molester or something.”Bookmark here

“WHY WOULD A CAT MOLESTER BE HERE?” Koshiro was screaming with the cat.Bookmark here

“I don’t know! But It’s better safe than sorry, you know? You’re the one that shouldn’t wake others like that.”Bookmark here

“Aargh.” Koshiro put his hand on his face to see if anything was bleeding, “Anyway, I’m sorry for waking you up again...” he then looked at Scar’s bright eyes: “...but Sumiye is here, so ask her to feed you.”Bookmark here

“Sumiye-chan!” Scar meowed happily and then darted out of the room, skipping.Bookmark here

“I came here earlier to change, and she didn’t move a muscle, but now she starts jumping on my face?” Koshiro sighed.Bookmark here

The boy laid on his bed, “What should I do now?” he analyzed his room: it had enough room to have a bookshelf (with inspirations for his writing), a desk (with a laptop to write and a bunch of jumble on it), a decently sized TV attached to the wall (with a gaming console plugged), an office chair (which he sometimes used to play with by spinning with it and almost breaking everything in the room), a closet (a place where he hid the embarrassing stuff), and a door (that definitely lead somewhere or to something important! But we won't talk about it now).Bookmark here

BE BE… BE BE two notifications on his phone were probably answering his question.Bookmark here

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Koshiro said to himself as he looked at the messages:Bookmark here

Nobu: You’re definitely home now so, will you play with us?Bookmark here

Nyoko-chan: Good Evening Koshiro-kun! * - *Bookmark here

He then turned on the TV while typing:Bookmark here

Koshiro (replying to Nobu and Nyoko-chan): Just wait for me on GameStage. I’m on my way. Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“It’s been a while Koshiro!” Nobu was the first to say when he joined their voice chat.Bookmark here

“It’s been a while? We literally played two days ago.”Bookmark here

“But it's the first time after the sory started! That’s a while for me, Koshiro.”Bookmark here

“Okay then.Bookmark here

“Good evening Koshiro-kun!” Nyoko greeted him next.Bookmark here

“Good evening Nyoko-chan! How are you doing today?” Koshiro replied.Bookmark here

“Nyoko-chan is great! How about Koshiro-kun?”Bookmark here

“I’m fine as well, although this first day was a bit tiring.”Bookmark here

“It’s okay, Nyoko-chan will hear everything about it!”Bookmark here

“That’s nice, but we should start the game.” Nobu chimed in, “Where’s Hirata?”Bookmark here

“Hirata?” Nyoko and Koshiro asked at the same time.Bookmark here

“Yep, he’s coming tonight, right? Maybe even Yasutake.”Bookmark here

“But isn’t this game only for groups of three?” Koshiro questioned while he started Predator Legends.Bookmark here

“Don’t waste your time! Call your friends! A limited-time event will allow groups of four to play!!” the game announced right after Koshiro finished his sentence.Bookmark here

“Look. it seems that this won’t be a problem.” Nobu said.Bookmark here

“Okay, but what about Yasutake?” Koshiro asked.Bookmark here

“BE BE” Koshiro’s phone got a new message:Bookmark here

Hirata: Erity told me she couldn’t play today! But I’m on my way!Bookmark here

“Nobu.”Bookmark here

“Yes?”Bookmark here

“What are the odds of that?”Bookmark here

“Hmm.” Nobu thought for a bit, “I’d say they’re pretty high.”Bookmark here

“And why is that?”Bookmark here

“Well, if you didn’t realize that this story lacks coherence, you should definitely do it now!”Bookmark here

“Hmm, you're probably right...” “I’m pretty sure there’s already a bunch of mistakes in the logic of it.”Bookmark here

“Hey guys!” Hirata had just joined the chat. “How are you doing tonight? Furukawa-san? Furukawa-chan? Koike-san?”Bookmark here

“Nyoko-chan is great!” Nyoko uttered cheerfully.Bookmark here

“I’m good, and you Hirata?” Nobu replied.Bookmark here

“I’m fine.” Koshiro answered.Bookmark here

“I’m good as well.” Hirata said, “Just a bit disappointed Erity couldn’t come.”Bookmark here

“Yasutake? Is she alright?”Bookmark here

“I don’t think she’s sick or anything, but she didn’t give me many details on why she isn’t coming. Hehe.” Hirata laughed awkwardly.Bookmark here

“If you’re saying then I guess there’s nothing to worry about.” Nobu stated, “Let’s start.”Bookmark here

“If you haven’t started yet.” a voice appeared from Koshiro’s left side “Let me say ‘Hi’ to Furukawa.” it was Sumiye, standing at the threshold of the door with Scar dozing in her arms.Bookmark here

“Oh, Sumiye-chan!” Nobu said after hearing her voice, “Let me say hi, Koshiro.”Bookmark here

“Nyoko-chan wants to say hi to Sumiyechi too!”Bookmark here

Sumiye grabbed the headphone from Koshiro’s head “Excuse me.” with one hand while holding Scar with the other. “Hey, Nobu.”Bookmark here

“Good evening Sumiye-chan, when are you playing with us again??” Nobu seemed more excited than ever.Bookmark here

“Nyoko-chan is here too Sumiyechi! How are you doing?!”Bookmark here

Sumiye-chan…?” Hirata’s voice sounded confused, “Suto-Sensei?”Bookmark here

“Oh, so you are here too Nyoko-chan! I’m fine, what about you?” she then turned to Koshiro and whispered: “Who is this weirdo calling me 'Suto-Sensei'?”Bookmark here

“It’s Hirata-san, from my class.” Koshiro whispered back.Bookmark here

“The one with a shy shadow?”Bookmark here

“You mean Yasutake-san?”Bookmark here

“Yes! I was sure she had a name! Hmm...” she said, and then returned her attention to the headphone.Bookmark here

“Yeah, everyone has one, Sumi-nee.” Koshiro remarked, but the woman didn't hear him.Bookmark here

“Nyoko-chan is great! Better now that Sumiyechi talked to her!”Bookmark here

Sumiyechi?” Hirata’s baffled voice wasn’t heard by the others.Bookmark here

“That’s great then! Answering your question Nobu-kun, I’ll pass for today, I don’t know when I’ll be able to play with you again, but I think it’ll be when Daichi comes back. Then we can all play together, alright?”Bookmark here

“Alright, Sumiye-chan!”Bookmark here

“By the way, are you sleeping with Koshiro tonight, Sumiyechi?” Nyoko asked with all the goodwill in the world.Bookmark here

Koshiro smacked his head.Bookmark here

“WHAT??!” Hirata made himself be heard by the others “S-Sleeping w-with Koshiro??!”Bookmark here

“Hahahaha.” Sumiye laughed, “Hey Nyoko-chan.” she called, still smiling. “Don’t word it in a way that can be misinterpreted!”Bookmark here

“Oh! Sorry! Nyoko-chan says sorry!”Bookmark here

“Okay, okay!” Sumiye cracked another smile, “Since his parents aren’t here… I don’t think I’ll sleep with him tonight...” she looked at Koshiro, “...but I’ll sleep in the Koike’s household for today, and probably the next couple of days as well.”Bookmark here

“Why am I only knowing of this now? And why do you have to phrase it weirdly?” Koshiro tried to ask, but Sumiye didn’t give him attention. Bookmark here

“Not... sleep... tonight...?” Hirata’s voice dwindled as a thud was heard, it was probably his body falling off of his chair after he fainted.Bookmark here

“Okay then! Good night to you! Play nice and fair!”Bookmark here

“Thanks, Sumiye-chan! I’m looking forward to playing with you and Daichi again! We’re desperately in need of a good third player you know?? Anyway, good night!”Bookmark here

“Hey, what do you mean by 'good third player'??!” Koshiro shouted to the headphone.Bookmark here

“Oh, yeah, we have Hirata now! I meant fourth player.”Bookmark here

“Hey!” Koshiro protested, but Nobu ignored him.Bookmark here

“Have a good night Sumiyechi! Nyoko-chan is counting on you to take care of Koshiro-kun!”Bookmark here

“Of course! Take care you two, and Hirata…”Bookmark here

“Y-Yes…?” he was still recovering from the fall.Bookmark here

“I’m counting on you two, be a good friend to them!”Bookmark here

“Y-Yes ma’am…”Bookmark here

Sumiye took off the headphone and grinned at Koshiro, who had his right eyebrow twitching.Bookmark here

“Well then, enjoy your game.” she said, and then looked at Scar, in her arms, “We girls will get some rest now.”Bookmark here

Koshiro observed the cat sleeping peacefully in the woman’s arms. Her doze didn’t prevent her from murmuring: “Koshiro... useless... give me... food.”Bookmark here

Koshiro heaved a deep sigh, “Good night.”Bookmark here

“Hey, I’ll do the favor of driving you to school tomorrow, can’t you just give me a proper good night?”Bookmark here

“Aargh.”Bookmark here

“C’mon! don’t be mad just because I played with Hirata-san!”Bookmark here

Koshiro sighed again, “Good night... Sumi-nee.”Bookmark here

“Owwww, thanks! That’s so cute!” she said, then looked at Scar again: “As cute as you, right Scar?”Bookmark here

Scar… cute… Sumiye-chan…” Scar meowed.Bookmark here

“Good night Koshiro. Sleep well.” Sumiye headed to the door and then started whispering to Scar with a cute and soft voice: “I’m just kidding! You’re the cutest!”Bookmark here

Koshiro followed them with his eyes and then put on his headphones: “Okay, can we finally start playing?”Bookmark here

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