Chapter 0:

Hungry Face

If The World Ends, I'll Rebuild It

The jungle was silent. Bookmark here

Harold held his spear close. He and his friend were walking in the jungle towards their camp with the food they had so gladly managed to catch. Silence wasn't rare in the new world, but that didn't make it less eerie for those who inhabited it. When there was noise, you knew where the monsters were coming from; when there was silence, they could come from anywhere. Bookmark here

Harold and his friend were walking with a long stick that went on top of their shoulders. In the middle of it, there was a bundle tied with many knots, as if that was going to suppress the smell of fresh meat and blood. Both of them knew it didn't do much to avoid getting the attention of any monster. Bookmark here

Harold stopped walking and turned towards the man that accompanied him. Bookmark here

"You'd think years of living like this would make the silence feel as deadly as it really is," Harold said. Bookmark here

The man behind him raised an eyebrow and looked at Harold's body. Scars ran along his arms and upper body. If he hadn't been there when Harold got all of those, he would have believed someone had put Harold through a meat grinder of sorts. Yet, he had been there every time Harold got a scar and every time he had been the one unharmed. Bookmark here

"I'd say that's just you wanting to die, Harold." said the man turning his eyes back to Harold's face. "I've been scared shitless ever since we got out of the bunker."Bookmark here

"You lost more than me in there, Stephen. It's only natural that you cling to your life since it's the last thing you have left."Bookmark here

Stephen sighed, then both of them resumed walking without making a sound. Bookmark here

"Even if we don't know whether or not Emma and James are alive, you still shouldn't try to get yourself killed," said Harold. Bookmark here

"Harold, even if I die, Emma will have her big brother there for her. If putting my life on the line can save someone's life, I'll keep doing it," said Stephen. Bookmark here

"I'll never convince you, huh-" Bookmark here

The leaves rustled.Bookmark here

Harold and Stephen stopped in their tracks. Bookmark here

The leaves rustled again. Bookmark here

"Stephen." Harold slowly put down his end of the stick and started raising his spear. Bookmark here

"Don't you fucking dare." Stephen looked at Harold sternly. Bookmark here

"When you hear it, it's already too late, isn't that how it goes?" said Harold Bookmark here

"It never says you need to act as bait to let the others escape." Bookmark here

"You can die with me if you want, but I think we shouldn't leave Max and Jess alone, should we?" Bookmark here

There was a brief moment of silence before Stephen nodded. Bookmark here

"Harold, If you see my family, tell them I love them." Bookmark here

"Only if you do the same."Bookmark here

The leaves rustled one final time. Bookmark here

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