Chapter 3:

Andrew, the crown prince!

Who will the Villainess choose?

My eyes shone like stars when I saw Andrew entering the room.Bookmark here

His blue eyes were colder than ice, his dark hair was darker than midnight as if it were made up of night itself. His almond eyes, pointed nose, chiseled jawline and pointed chin, everything about him was perfect. He was made to win the heart of every living woman as a sex god. His sex appeal was oozing just by walking.Bookmark here

I continued to look at him as if it was the first time. He looks far better in reality than on the screen. I could not stop the heart forming in my eyes and my heartbeat that was running a marathon. I could hear the music in the air and butterflies flying around. Bookmark here

His eyes met mine and I gave him a bashful smile but his eyes stayed blank!
Well that was expected since he did not have any intimate relationship with Akira. But I was not Akira! I was Jessica.. Her Jess!Bookmark here

It was fine! He would realize it when we would talk and then he would head over heels me and pamper me up to no limits.Bookmark here

With that thought my spirits improved when he walked towards me in slow and calculated footsteps. Bookmark here

“Your highness” I wished him standing properly and holding my dress.Bookmark here

He nodded and sat down on the chair. His face was blank and his eyes were cold as he continued to look at me. For a moment, I lacked words! Luckily Akira often stayed silent when they met, so he did not feel awkward and started the conversation.Bookmark here

“How have you been, lady Akira?” he asked in a professional tone.Bookmark here

“I am well, your highness. How have you been? It had been a long time since we had a meal together. So, I thought I should come and see you.” The words were too formal but I could not change them in a minute. I have to take it easy!Bookmark here

“I see.” that's it..! The man spoke two words and then shut his mouth like it had been glued. I continued to look at him, fluttering my eyes but he did not even look at me, as if he could not see me at all.Bookmark here

With that same blank face, he continued to drink his tea. Bookmark here

I did not like the way he was looking at me or talking to me but I endured it. I did not expect the people to change in a minute.Bookmark here

Since he did not say another word, i tried to strike the conversation again, Bookmark here

“I was thinking of attending the picnic trip which is organized by the academy.” though i was not sure if the picnic was already done or not, that was the only thing i remembered from the story so far.Bookmark here

Finally he moved but his eyes were colder than before. As if he wanted me to swallow whole, his gaze stayed at my face without even blinking.Bookmark here

My hands turned sweaty under his gaze. He was looking at me as if I had declared that I would kill someone rather than going on a picnic with him.Bookmark here

“I see” in the end he said only that much and then continued to drink his tea.Bookmark here

“Um, Andrew.. I mean, your highness, I forgot when we are going to attend the picnic?” I tried to mix the formal and non formal words together to gain his attention but all I received was a death glare.Bookmark here

“Well, you would get official notification from the academy. But are you sure you want to go? Or are you joining since you want to keep an eye on me?'' For a moment I was dumbfounded by his cold and suspicious reply. Bookmark here

Even the maids flinched at his cruel voice and blunt words.Bookmark here

“Why would I do that?” I asked after a few seconds, when I finally got my senses back, he was looking serene again, but I could feel the drop in temperature. Bookmark here

Of course, it was not the weather but him. His mana was ice, like his frozen eyes the place was turning freezing cold.Bookmark here

“Last time when you have left your work and followed me to the tea party of archduke. Did you not try to make sure that i would not talk to his sister or other noble ladies present there. You were even persistent that we both should maintain our dignity by not dancing with other partners.'' Each word was full of poison and soon I felt all the hair of my body stood up. I wanted to rub my hands to warm myself a bit but as if the inner Akira was not ready to do that.Bookmark here

It was against her pride to show weakness in front of everyone. So, instead of my chattering teeth, I stood there straight and confidently.Bookmark here

“As a financier it is only right that we dance together. I didn't understand what is wrong in spending some time together when we both stay busy often.`` I asked, though I wanted him to stay away from Akira, but the words he used to blame her. I did not find anything wrong with it.Bookmark here

“Ha! You are talking as if you like me! It was just an arranged marriage to strengthen both of our families.” he said rudely again. Bookmark here

But I did not agree with him. I received the memory of Akira this morning. Though i hated to accept that she was a rather pitiful girl. Her sick father used her to handle all the work but in the end he made heir to a relative’s son, just because Akira was a girl. She has done so much hard work but it was all a waste.Bookmark here

And Andrew, she tried her best to make him happy. Make him satisfied. The least time she would get after working and attending academy, she tried her best to adjust it to his schedule. Though not often, she tried to give him time and understand his reasons.Bookmark here

But the man was never satisfied with her. I did not blame him, since she never showed her emotions, pain or vulnerability. Like now, she stood in front of him tall and proud. Like a badass queen. As a result she was tagged as cold and heartless. But it is fine, I will change that. I would show him that I had emotions too. And then everything would be fine.Bookmark here

He would stop thinking about other noble ladies then and then fall in love with Akira, who is me now. With that I felt assured. I was sure that it was just a matter of misunderstanding and lack of time between a couple that could be handled well. Bookmark here

“Whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage my lord, there is no doubt that I will soon be your wife. So, why should we think about these insignificant matters. We should spend time strengthening our relationship instead.” no matter how much he tried to douse my enthusiasm or did not show an iota of concern i kept on my high spirits.Bookmark here

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