Chapter 1:

Kindness--Part 1

I Found A Homeless Girl

"Hi, my names is Nagata Koichi and I just moved from my parents mansion to our beach house with my little sister Hano Koichi.

"Our parents Kase and Muria Koichi are movie star actors, so they are not home a lot and are always flying out of the country for movies they are filming."

"So one day our parents suggested that we stay at our beach house and transfer schools so we could get a good grades and education."

"By the time we moved everything in, it was night time and me and Hano were hungry and tired so I decided to go get some bento."

"Hey Hano i'm going out to pick up some food for dinner, ill see you in a bit."

"Okay be safe onii-san."

As I opened the door I noticed that it was raining and I did not own an umbrella so I had to run threw the rain to get to the nearest grocery market.

By the time I got to the grocery market, I was soaked from the neck up every step I took was utterly annoying with every step sounding like a squeaking mouse in the walls.

As I walled in the store the clerk of the store looked at me and said, "some storm out there huh. I pushed back my wet black drenched hair from covering my eyes and turned to look at him and said," Ya tell me about it and this was my favorite shirt to.

"Now first things first I need to get an umbrella so I don't get rained on."

"This black one will do just fine now lets see what type of bento they have."

Awww that doesn't have any bento left I guess I will just have to buy microwaved ramen instead. As I walked back up to the clerk I asked, "Is it pretty common for the bento to be out of stock at this time?"

Actually, no it's not someone came in here and bought all the bento up to give to a food bank and we don't get our next shipment in till tomorrow."

Oh, I see well I guess I will have to get here sooner next time."

Ok, your total is 1,500 yen."

Alright, by the way, do soap?"

"Yes, I do want me to add it to your bill?"

"Yes please."

Okay here's your soap, you have a nice day."?

You too."

Once I stepped out of the store a started to open up my umbrella and walked back home.

"It was still raining so I could not see the stars because of all the clouds."

It sure is coming down hard I hope Hano is ok with all the loud thunder.

As I continued to walk home I walked by an ally and headed something that sounded like crying, I looked down the ally but did not see anything, I hesitated to walk threw the ally but somehow made up the courage to do so.

As I walked back the crying got louder and louder and I found was something was a pale girl sitting behind a trash can soaked in rain water and covered in dirt...........