Chapter 2:

Kindnes--Part 2

I Found A Homeless Girl

I was in shock I had so many questions for her like who are you, where are your parents, why are you out here, and why is she in the rain? One thing I did know was that she needed new clothes and somewhere dry to stay. So after pondering what to say I finally said, "Hi my names Nagata Koichi what are you doing out here all alone?"............ "Hmmmm she's giving no response, she must be frightened by the storm." "You can have this umbrella if you want and here's a dorayaki if your hungry." As I crouched down to give the food and umbrella to her all of the sudden LIGHTNING STRUCK at least 25 feet from in front of me, it was so bright in lite up the back of the ally revealing all of the trash and graffiti on the walls and the broken glass on the old road! After seeing this I turned around to look at the girl, but to my surprise she was crouching under me hiding trembling with fear. "Are you ok!?" She looked at me slowing and stared at me with her bright purple eyes and nodded slowly. I looked at her with a smile on my face and patted her hair and said, "why don't you come stay with me and my sister till we figure out what happened to you?" She looked at me with hesitant eyes and thought about it for a minute, but with the lighting stroke again she jumped out of fear and clang to me nodded to go with me. "I'm glad you decided to come with me now, let's get back so we can dry off, ok?" I started to get up and walk forward but she's still had a firm grip on my shirt and she walked behind me the whole way back home.

By the time I got home the wind and rain was so harsh the sea waves were crashing back and forth and were whipping all of the fish up and down and throwing trash on the beachfront. Once I walked in the door I called for my sister, "Hona I'm home." "Hmmm she must be asleep." After walking through the door I went to put the food and umbrella away then came back to the girl I brought to my house, she was still standing by the front door. She still was not talking so I decided to tell her she could use the bath.``Hey, I'm going to take a bath upstairs. You can use our other shower if you want and here are some of my sister's clothes you can use, and you can sleep in our guess bedroom here." "I will be back to check on you in a bit once I'm done with my shower". I started to walk away going up the stairs and went to my room to get a shower and a change of clothing. "I wonder why she was back in that alley. I guess I can just ask her tomorrow.........