Chapter 60:

Chapter 60- Who Was It?..!

Sorrow Dayz

Taking his eyes off of Wareeya she quickly began chanting once more. Tears were flooding down her face "ISTUM, LOC, OS, AKALUM, OSTUU, ESTA, SEESTA, GISEI!!!" Wareeya exclaimed in vain. Enchanted writing began showing and started covering her entire body. On her left cheek it said purity, as well just like Tasyoukee. 

Sitting there dangled in the air Wareeya couldn’t do anything but watch Yuuta as he started walking in the air towards her. She closed her eyes and thought about something dear to her. She reopened them and her head still held down, tears falling. Yuuta finally made it over to her, he grabbed her by her hair and snatched her up to make her look at him then all of a sudden. 

She placed her hand on his chest, and then the writing from her body started transferring to his. Yuuta tried to stop her but once an enchanted spell has been placed on you it’s nearly impossible to stop it. Hushur thought to himself for a second then he quickly knew what it was. He looked at Wareeya after looking down, and she gave him this dead sacrificial gaze as if she won.

 Yuuta was about to grab her, but she started falling to the ground and her life was slowly fading away. Hushur felt his connection with Yuuta was leaving and he too started falling from the sky. He fell near the group, and she fell near the witches ironically. The witches noticed what was happening. 

Some of them calling from the ground still injured "Wareeya." Suseenya and Abstalean ran to her checking on her and they noticed the spell. "Dammit why would you do that, you know that cost!" They exclaimed. She tried telling them but they couldn’t hear her, she was speaking so softly and low, so they told her to write it on or something. She tried drawing the first letter and she couldn’t even finish the letter, by then Wareeya had passed. 

The tears started flooding down all of the witches’ faces. Cyree still unable to talk she couldn’t tell the sisters anything, she tried spelling out his name, but whatever Yuuta did to her was not allowing her to spell or say his name. Meanwhile Yuuta fell near the group Megumi was the first that began running towards him. "Yuuta are you ok!?" She exclaimed. 

"Yuuta" Mr. Howkuu exclaimed. They picked him up and ran out of the house outside trying to find an exit. Running frantically "WHERE DO WE GO YOU GUYS!?" Enjo asked. "HOW IN THE HELL DO WE GET OUT OF HERE!" Mr. Howkuu yelled. Moreover the two sisters came out while the others were inside they were furious. 

Abstalean, and Suseenya began yelling "ISSAL ISSAL ISSAL!!!" Using that pulling spell on Yuuta, the group started pulling trying to hold him tight. Nevertheless, it had no success they yanked him from their hands speeding through the dirt he was in their reach now. They wrapped his arms around their shoulders as they were turning around and going inside the house.

 "What do we do, we can’t activate our art?" Kenta asked. "We have to do something we can’t just let them take him!" Megumi exclaimed. "I agree!" Tasyoukee said. "We have no choice right now we have to find a way out and then figure out how to get him back" Mr. Howkuu replied. 

Then when the two witches slid the door open it happened, Yuuta was back in their grasp, the group quickly grabbed him. Then Abstalean yelled "look" and Suseenya turned around. It was nothing but a black flash of cloth that’s all you could see. The group turned around and they were in front of the Village of Sorrow "we’re home!" Enjo yelled. 

What in the—Mr. Howkuu was thinking to himself. "What happened?" Suseenya asked. "It was her!" Abstalean said with a frown on her face. 

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