Chapter 61:

Chapter 61- Final Goodbyes

Sorrow Dayz

"Now quickly we have to get Tasyoukee and Yuuta to the sanitorium" he said. Of course, the group started rushing there, and they took him inside. They waited outside all morning as the sun just started rising, the group fell asleep. 

Then as they woke they ran in and asked the Ishi was everything OK. He told them that one of their friends did not make it "NO!" Tasyoukee yelled as he walked up to the group. "NO!" As the group fell to their knees glad that Tasyoukee was OK, they were deeply saddened by the death of Yuuta. So when will his burial be placed? Mr. Howkuu asked.

 "We have already taken care of that, someone in his honor already had it marked in case something were to ever occur like this." "You can all go in and say your goodbyes." So they entered and saw Yuuta laid there motionless and the same way he looked when he first died the Ishi told them. "It’s like I’m seeing this happen all over", he told them. 

Megumi grabbed his arm "DON’T YOU LEAVE ME YET Yu-Yu!" She yelled. She started shaking his bed "WAKE UP WAKE WAKE UP PLEASE!!" She begged and she fell to her knees. "No it will be OK" As Tasyoukee grabbed her and hugged her. "He risked his life to save all of us, how am I supposed to get over that?" She asked. "When he needed us the most we were useless" she said. "Don’t talk like that Megumi he was trying to protect us, which he did not want anyone to intervene" Mr. Howkuu said. 

"Excuse us we need to prepare his body" The Ishi said. "Prepare his body prepare for what?" Megumi asked. "It’s time to bury him" he replied. "No not now!" She exclaimed. The group dragged her out, as they did they began and finished in minutes. They began rolling him out on a stretcher his entire body wrapped up and covered without anything special, this time they just decided to place him in the ground. 

The group followed behind and everyone else did as well students, elders coming outside this morning to see what was happening they followed as well. Everyone noticed it was a burial anytime you see someone wrapped up they began to assume that is was one of Mr. Howkuu’s students. Also that Yuuta was nowhere around so they assumed it was him and they were right. They made it to his burial "any last words?" The Ishi asked. 

Everyone so heartbroken tears flooding down faces, and bodies shaking no one had any last words. So the undertaker’s started digging the grave for the special burial. The normal grave diggers were relieved of their duties for this one. As they placed Yuuta in the grave Megumi fell to the ground "Yuuta please C’mon get up please" she pleaded. 

They began covering him with dirt then rain started falling from the sky and clouds started forming the sky began getting dark. After that everyone started walking back, "class Is canceled for today and tomorrow everyone will understand" Mr. Howkuu said. 

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