Chapter 0:

Setting of the story

Magnum Opus

The story takes place on Earth in which the currently ruler of the city where the story unfolds is the most intelligent person that has ever existed, he found a way to be immortal hundreds of years ago. During that time, he became president, engage in wars, and kept opposite factions away from his city. Although he did not achieve this by himself, he got rid of everyone he considered a danger. At some point he decided to hide/destroy all human history and limited technology to manipulate the people from the city. Eventually, he became uninterested on everything and forgot the reason he dedicated his life to be immortal. This cause that a man with connections and decent power from the city, decided to ask the ruler to grant him immortality, the ruler did so. After seeing what the man did, the ruler decided to leave the city in charge of the man while he will maintain opposite factions away, the only condition was that he would never eradicate the people from the city and that from time to time he would gather men to fight the opposite factions.

Four hundred years passed since he was granted immortality, now that man calls himself Emperor and has deep devotion to his ruler, so much he would never betray him even if he had the chance. The emperor created a system where wealthy people will always have control over every one, these people are called “The confirmed”. They use their power to satisfy their wildest fantasies without remorse or punishment. They don´t care about anything but themselves, the rest of the people who are not confirmed don´t know about this but live their lives believing they can be successful and escape their cruel reality. The city looks like any other city from the 20th century and its technological advances, everything seems normal but chaotic, there are no morals, ethics, nor rules to help people even though these things are taught at school, everybody knows that the strongest, the meanest, the cleverest, the wealthiest will enjoy this life, the rest will suffer and live accordingly, struggling forever…. Until something, a series of events, of characters do something to shake this system.

This is that story, the story of a series of events, of people that will change its world.

Taylor Victoria
Joe Gold