Chapter 3:

Chapter 2 A Familiar Familiar?

Maou-kun Wants to Serve Someone Nice

Mao woke up rather relieved from his futon, Mayu had hastily brought him a futon after he said he'd been only allowed to sleep on the floor or a sofa, it was the sixth morning in the human world where his back was rather relaxed rather than sore. The morning routine in the Shirasaki household was to jointly make breakfast, that was most mornings. Last night, Mayu had stayed up late studying for a test and Mao, unfortunately, was forced to also stay up to make sure she studied.

After forcing himself to get up, Mao had to make a plan. He, himself, was rather tired and groggy so he would probably mess up this morning’s breakfast. As a demon, he’s able to summon a familiar that could do basic work, or whatever Mao considers basic at the time. Mao’s familiar is special in the case that it’s able to manifest itself into objects or into a physical form.

[dɐɔɹ ๅๅoǝ ɯɹoɐpuɹ]

A mist of purple smoke appeared, similarly to how Mao first appeared from the pen. After the smoke disappeared, a penguin appeared with a top hat and cane in hand.
“Yo, what is it now? I was enjoying some squid.” A self-assured and cocky voice rang from the penguin’s beak.
“Could you please make some breakfast, I’m way too tired, and Mayu-san will yell at me when she wakes up.”
“Really?” It looked slightly disappointed, and then sighed.
“I remember back when you told me to move bodies and burn them, and now it’s to make breakfast.”
Mao had pretended to not hear that, and made a request.
“Oh, please make Miso Soup for Mayu-san, it’s her favorite, and you can have some smoked fish in the cabinets as a reward.”
The penguin hobbled over with the cane, and pulled up a stool so it could the stovetop.

Usually, familiars are basic creatures, however this penguin was a sentient familiar that is almost impossible to tame, and Mao had barely tamed. The problem and benefit with sentient familiars is simply sentience. Ordinary familiars are usually simple minded, and can do basic work. However, sentient familiars can handle complicated tasks, and are able to learn and speak. The only drawback is that sentient familiars have to agree to work with their masters, and rarely if ever get a master. The ordeals that Mao went through were rather simple for him, the penguin and him were already friends, and simply had to forge a contract through polite negotiation.
The penguin grabbed ingredients for Miso Soup, and grabbed some tofu.
“Does this Mayu-san like Tofu, and do you want some too?”
“Sure, I’ll take some, Mayu-san says I rarely ever eat.”
“Huh, this Mayu-san must really care about you?”
“I don’t know, but this is the most a human has given me.” Mao said with rather unease.
He had gotten up, and went to grab some drinks and set up the table. He set up the table for 3 people as his familiar was present, and was quite civilized compared to other familiars.
“I’m going to have to explain what you are when Mayu-san wakes up.” He said with a sigh.
“She bought me some peach tea, she said it’s her favorite, do you want some too?”
“Hmm, what is a peach?”
“It’s a fuzzy fruit, I think it’s good.”
“Perhaps, it might taste superb with my salted fish you promised.”
“Say, where is the salted fish?”
Mao pointed at a cabinet, and the penguin waddled over and hopped up to open it.
“It’s just a bag of dried up fish.” The penguin’s beak pierced the bag.
“Yeah, salted fish.”
A door creaked open, and a tired looking figure with glasses walked in.
“Mao-kun, help me to the table.”
She had almost flopped to the ground if Mao didn’t teleport to catch her.
“You seem to be quite the morning person.”

“Shut up.”
She didn't seem to notice the penguin pecking at fish at the table.
“Where’s my breakfast?”
Mao noticed she seemed rather grumpy.
“I had made your favorite, Miso Soup.” He flashed a shining smile.
She didn’t notice the smile, and just grabbed a random bowl.
“Wait, WAIT, that’s my fish!” An angry penguin had launched itself at the bowl, and slapped her hand off the fish.
The slap seems to have brought Mayu back to her senses.
She had instinctively gotten behind Mao.
“What is that thing!”
“It’s a penguin, it likes fish.”
“Well, um er uh.”
“That’s my familiar, I summoned it here.” Mao said plainly.

To Mao, familiars are a normal thing. After all, almost every demon has one, although his familiar was a rare case of being sentient, and leaving whenever he wants. However, for Mayu, talking penguins are obviously not the norm in Japan. In fact, Mayu was at a loss for words, she thought the penguin was cute, but she mainly focused on the penguin talking.
“He’s a talking penguin, it’s quite the haughty animal.” Mao had a small grin, and gestured towards his penguin munching some fish.
The penguin in turn hopped around, and then went back to his fish.
Mayu was still shocked, and had a blank look on her face.
Mao put his hands on her shoulders, and shook her around.
“Oi Mayu-san!”
“The miso soup is getting cold!”

Mayu had a small blush on her face, and soonly realized what was going on.
“Jeez, I’m fine, I’m fine!” A flustered Mayu blurted desperately.
“Then eat your miso then, It took the penguin a lot of effort to do so.”

After breakfast was finished, Mayu left the house to head to college, and the penguin disappeared back into the demon dimension. “That was mildly surprising, she didn’t ask me any further questions about it.” Mao sighed, and went back to enjoying Mayu’s light novels, and manga. It was mainly romantic novels, but there were some good action manga like Jujutsu Kaisan, and some good comedy light novels like A Sister’s All you Need. Mao however enjoyed it, romance was one of his personal favorites, it always warmed his heart. It was like a whole new world to him, rather than the cold one he usually lived in.