Chapter 2:

Chapter 1 A Trip to the Convenience Store can fix any Demon!

Maou-kun Wants to Serve Someone Nice

I woke up to an annoying as usual alarm. I had some classes to get to, so I went to put my contacts on, but something fell in the living room.
Grabbing my glasses, I went to check on the sound, and saw a strange shape on the couch.
It was a young guy covered up in a blanket. He had black hair, and looked like a stereotypical manga protagonist that was supposed to symbolize “Average.”

“Oh, you’re finally awake.”
“HEUGH!? What are you doing in my room!? Are you a pervert?!”

The manga protagonist rose up from the couch, and looked fairly pale.
Then he immediately collapsed.
A few seconds later, a purple flame manifested out of thin air leaving a blueish smoke. It had a faint smell of sweets, the kind I enjoy in fact. The fire then snuffed itself out, and turned into a piece of paper. The paper was minorly haughty, and had neat handwriting on it.

“The pen you found in your locker yesterday was a tool used to summon service demons, specifically me, when you opened it, I was released. Unfortunately, when you closed it and tossed it out into the trash in the rain, I got a cold as I was in the process of manifesting, which got me stuck in the pen for a short period of time.”

Many thoughts ran through my head, what was a service demon? How was he stuck in the pen? Can demons even have colds? Wait, why are demons in Reiwa Era Japan? Is Manga Protagonist-kun a demon in the first place? What was that cool nice smelling but still strange fire? All of these questions I had to put a stop to, as I need to deal with the sick demon somehow.

"Hewghwhaaa?, am I supposed to be scared or shocked?"
I said to myself, unsure of this situation, and heavily confused.
"What to do, what to do..."
There was no response from the demon who had apparently slipped back to sleep. 
A light bulb lit up in my head, what if I were to nurse the demon back to health, I could get some answers maybe? Now I just had to figure out what exactly do I do for a sick demon.

Do I make rice porridge?
Perhaps some cold medicine?
Maybe some apple slices? I heard fruit is good for sick people.

How about a sports drink? I know electrolytes is good for the sick right?

I don't really have cold medicine on hand, or porridge. Nor anything on the list of things for sick people. Well, I guess I have to go the store.

"Alright, don't snoop around or touch anything alright!" I yelled out while getting ready to leave.
The demon who was on the couch either was completely asleep, or simply paid no attention. Either way, he didn't move or have any response.

 After a small walk, the lights of the convenience store was in sight. I quickly went inside, and grabbed generic cold medicine, and some of my personal favorite brand rice porridge. 

I wonder if  demons even eat?

 After waking up from accidental slumber, the demon was still tired. 
"Kuku, It's not everyday I get sick, wait whaaaaaaaat!" 
Something was off, the usual protections of being a demon usually prevented most ailments, and this was the common cold, stuff like the common cold was practically nothing to him. But, he was feeling ill, it was cold even under the blanket, headaches galore, and was sapped of energy except for a few stores of magic power. 

There were sounds near the door, it sounded like some keys fell down. 
Is someone breaking in? It sounds as if the door is being pounded.
His ears deceived him, the headache had made it hard to concentrate on small sounds.
The door swung open, and a figure with long black hair appeared, plastic bag in hand.
Do I feign sleep, or do I get up to confront this person?
The ill demon rose up shakily from the couch.

"Listen here, you don't know who you're messing wit-"
The once towering (Fact: he's not that tall, Mayu-san stands teller than him) figure had fallen on it's butt.
Is this really my limit?

The demon could only keep himself up for a few seconds before finally falling onto his back.
His eyes shut themselves for a few seconds, and when his eyes were finally pried open, a pretty face was peering on him from above with an expression of concern and minor confusion.

"Heyy, you aren't really dead are you? I bought rice porridge and some cold medicine for you."
Wait isn't that the lady from earlier?
Shortly later, he got pulled up by the shoulders to a sitting position.
"Listen here, I brought you some rice porridge and cold medicine for your cold, I'll get you some fruit, and make the porridge."
Confused, the dazed demon simply nodded, and slid himself closer to the couch to lean his back on it.

After a brief period of time, Mayu arrived back with a plate of apple slices, and a bowl of rice porridge, and set them on a nearby coffee table. 
"Here, it's what you eat when you're sick usually, I couldn't find any sports drinks, so sorry about that." She spoke with a gentle smile.
She seems nicer than my previous contract holders.
The demon had reached for an apple slice, and was about to bite it.

"While you eat, you're going to explain what exactly you are, and why are you here."
Her face had an inquisitive look to it, and her eyes looks as if they could shoot space ripper lasers.
"Well, as the paper said before, I'm a service demon, my existence is to find people to make contracts with and serve them." He said this whilst also munching on an apple slice.
Mayu had opened her lips for a second, looking as she was about to say something, but then closed them.
"So, um, would you wanna make a contract? I promise I'm relatively harmless." A smirk shined on his face.
Her eyes lost it's harsh nature, and suddenly became gentle and soft.
"No thanks, I'm fine without anyone serving me, I appreciate the offer however."
Wait what? I'm confused, did she say no? 
Well, I have to look professional, but I kinda wanna stay here. And she even seems nice too. Ummmm..
The demon previously held up in thought, struck a confident smile and spoke.
"Well, um, I'm still stuck here for some time, contract or not."
"As once I'm summoned to a place, I can't leave for some time."
"Oh then could you please leave?" a plain and aloof look resided on her face.
"Wait, wait, wait, I've never been out in the world, I may get lost!" 
"An-and, I look young! I don't want this world's police after me!"
"Couldn't you just conjure yourself a map, or disguise yourself to look older?"
She's half right, I can disguise myself..

" Uh, well you see, um, I'm really low on magic power right now, and also I'd really rather stay here."

He had put out his last effort, effectively pleading to stay.
A sly look grew on her face, "Oh, you just want to stay here, don't you? How do you know for sure I'm not a bad person?"
"I don't have the ability to know that! I just want a place to stay!"
These words threw off the demon, and made him flustered.
"A-and, besides, you went out and bought me stuff for a sick human, clearly that must mean something!"
In a hushed voice, "I could also use some of the stuff also please." He seemed rather meek at this point.
Mayu pushed the plastic bag over, and showed him the cold medicine and porridge.
He had reached over for the rice porridge pack, but had his hand slapped away.
"I got it, you're too sick to make anything without hurting yourself or falling down."
"Oh, ok." 
It had seem that Mayu had hastily accepted the timid demon.
Munching on his apples, the demon watched on as Mayu made the porridge. 

Mayu later returned, bowl in hand and set it on the table.
"Once you finish eating the porridge, take the cold medicine on the table."
Setting the apple slices aside, the demon reached for the bowl, later grabbing a spoon, and put it to his mouth.
"Make sure you blow o-."
The warning was too late, he had already put the porridge in his mouth, and looked fine. 
"Don't worry about it, it's not that hot."
Mayu had sat back down, and flashed a smile to the demon.
From an outsider's point of view, it looked as if a older girl was treating a young boy in her apartment.
"So, um, uh." 
What's her name, what's her name... I've got it.
"Sayu-san, this rice porridge is pretty good, thanks." A very very confident grin was on his face.
Mayu looked slightly annoyed.
"It's Mayu, how did you get Sayu?"
She then later blurted out a bunch of reasons on how he messed up.
"Did you read my mind?" 
"Did you use some form of demon magic?"
"Ahh, I got it was apart of the pen summony thingy!"
This continued on for a few minutes until she ran out of increasingly absurd ideas.
"U-um, I just guessed." He said shyly.
Mayu's eyes seemingly had become lifeless, and her expression dullened.
She seemed disappointed.
A few minutes passed while the two silently sat until she had recomposed herself.
"So, do you have a name or something?" she said  rather plainly.
"Name? I've never really had one, uh, you can call me as you like."
"Most people just addressed me as demon, or something else."

“So you’ve never had a name before?” A mildly concerned look grew on her face.
Huh, the thought never came to me before. This is somewhat interesting.
Would you like a name?”
“I don’t mind having one.” He said this modestly while hiding his minor excitement.

“Well, you look like a Mao, but it’s a girl’s name, and it sounds too similar to a demon.”
(Maou = demon lord)
“Umm, hmm.”
She had grabbed a pen and paper, and began the creation of a list of names to give him.

Mayu mumbled many names during her writing, and looked very chaotic to say the least.
“Kuku, you look like you’re creating a list of names for your kid.” A slight grin was on his face.
“Heyyy, I’m not the age to worry about having children yet.” She looked somewhat angry.
“I don’t know, some high school couples are already watching their kids walk nowadays.”
Mayu then mumbled to herself, and then threw the notebook at the grinning demon.
The demon fumbled around and caught the notebook, skimming through it.
“Ryotaro, Haru, Aoi, Yuuji, Junya, Mao, jeez that’s a lot, and you wrote Mao again.”

“I really like the name Mao.” Her face was slightly hidden away.
“Fine, then I’m choosing Tsubasa.”
Mayu had looked disappointed.
Oh man, um I should try and joke my way out of this.
“Sike, Tsubasa is a synonym for Mao in the demon world, I meant to choose Mao.”
“Jeez, don’t mess with me like that.” She tried to not look pleased, but it bled through easily.

“So I guess I’m Mao now, what should I address you as, just Mayu?”
“Mayu-san.” The san was highly emphasized by her.“
Am I just Mao?” The demon looked mildly confused.