Chapter 4:

Chapter 3 Unexpected Visitors

Maou-kun Wants to Serve Someone Nice

Mao was rudely awakened by the sound of a doorbell ringing.
“Shirasaki-san! Shirasaki-san! It’s me, Satou!”
“And me, Kaoru!”
“Oi oi, shut up, stop banging the door!”
“Wait, what’s a dude doing in Shirasaki-san’s room?”
Oh no..


Mao didn’t know Mayu’s plan for dealing with visitors, the idea just simply never came up. The only thing he knew was that he already messed up.
Mao had run over to Mayu’s room, and banged on her door.

[Time Freeze]

Mayu had received a mental message, “Hey, um, what do I do with these strangers, they know your name.” This was a telepathy that Mao could employ as long as he had enough magic. If he had prepped it, it would softly enter Mayu’s head as a gentle thought, but if it was urgent, it would hit her hard. This usually caused Mao to rarely use it, as vocalizing messages was easier, and prepping took a few minutes to do.

The door instantly slammed open, and Mayu looked really messy. Her long black hair looked unkempt, and it looked obvious that she had a bedhead. She had her glasses on, and her sleepwear on also, it was slightly loose, but Mao didn’t notice that.
“Shirasaki-san! Is someone in there!?”
Mayu signaled Mao to hide in her room, and went to answer the door.
Mao simply teleported into the room, and a light novel disappeared from the bookshelf.
From the other side of the door, it could be heard slightly muffled.

Two figures stood in front of the door, a blonde grinning gyaru with a tired look, and a taller redhead dude with a plastic bag.
“Morning, what brings you guys here this early?”
“We’re here to study for the upcoming tests, and we brought food.”
Satou waved a plastic bag up.

Mayu cut him off sharply.
“Ah, I see, come on in I suppose.”
The two said their “Excuse me” and walked in.
They noted how cleaner the apartment looked, and how pristine it was. Well except for the book shelf being rather mismanaged with some light novel series poking out, and a bunch of books with bookmarks in them.
“Ah, so Shirasaki-?” Satou was again cut off.
“Alright, you guys can sit at the table, I’ll prepare some drinks.”

“We’re studying up on the upcoming Calculus test right?”
“Mhm, it’s going to be a massive paaainnnnn.” groaned Kaoru.
“Anyways, Shirasaki-san, what was that male voice from earlier?”
“Ooh, I think it’s her boyfriend.” Kaoru said with a sleazy grin, and bumped shoulders with Mayu.
Ignoring Kaoru, Mayu said “What voice?”
“When we were knocking on the door, someone yelled at us to shut up.”
Mayu thought for a second.
“Ah, It was probably the neighbors, the walls are thin, so the knocking must’ve leaked to the other rooms.”
They both looked as if they didn’t believe it, but they accepted the reasoning.
Mayu had set the tea plate, and began to make light conversation.
“Phew, I finished reading that light novel, time to get another one.”
Mao had risen off the nice smelling bed, and had creaked the door slightly open, then hesitated.
“Huh” the three studying all made the same sound when they heard the door creak. Although they all had different reasons. Mayu was slightly angry, Kaoru was afraid, and Satou was surprised.
“Who’s there!” A scared Kaoru standing behind Mayu cried out.

Mao froze time to give himself a moment to think.
“Perhaps I can just walk out?”
“Darn, the door’s closed. If I touch it, it’ll probably disintegrate.
Mao’s stopped time only allows him a handful of things he can do. It's a limitation placed unknowingly by Mayu, which only really allows him to think, walk around, and when he tries to touch something, it basically glitches around. So Mayu forbade him from doing such.
“Maybe I can call Mayu, onee-san?”
“They might think we’re siblings, although we hardly look alike.”
The only thing Mao and Mayu really shared in appearance was hair color, in which they were both black. Mao had purple eyes, and Mayu’s eyes were reddish brown. Mao was shorter than Mayu, and looked average, while Mayu had a nice frame with nicer legs.
“Might as well.”
[Let’s Heat up Time.]
“Yo, Mayu-oneesan, I really liked this novel-” Mao yawned, and straightened out his hair.
“Shirasaki-san, you have an otouto?” Satou said confusingly.

“Oh my god, he’s so cuutteee.” Yelled out the blubbering Blonde who instantly charged towards Mao.
Mayu reached out to hold Kaoru back.
“Oh you’re finally awake Mao.”
“Let me go, let me go, I want to put him in my arms!” Kaoru frantically tried to get out of Mayu’s iron grip to no avail.
“Mao-kun is it, I’m Satou Arata, you can call me big bro, or Arata.” Satou said that earnestly, and reached out to shake hands.

“Going straight for first names, huh.” Blurted Mayu.
“Alright, Arata-san it is then?”
Mao had gripped Satou’s hand with a tight grip, and shook hands.
“Ah, alri-ght Mao-k-uu-n.”
It had seemed that Mao’s grip was too strong for the man.
“Oi, Mao-kun, don’t crush his hand.”
“Sorry, Mayu-oneesan.”
It seems that whenever Mao said “oneesan.” it had slightly affected Mayu in a strange manner, but Mao couldn’t exactly discern what was going on. However, it did cause her to loosen her grip, and Kaoru pushed Satou onto the ground, and hug-tackled Mao.
They were both on the ground, and Mao was squirming about, he hadn’t anticipated this.
“Hmmmm, he smells so niccceeee, and he’s so handsome!”
“He’s so perfect Shirasaki-sannnnn!”
The bewildered and flustered Mao went limp, he had no idea what was happening.
“Big bro, help me out here!”
“Yes sir!”
Satou quickly and with little effort picked up Kaoru.
Mao slowly got up from the ground, and smelled of perfume.
While in Satou’s arms, Kaoru quickly introduced herself.
“Helloooo Mao-kun, I’m Kaoru Ayaka, you can call me Ayaka-chan!”
“Again, straight to first names.” Mayu dejectively said.
“Oh, um, ok, Ayaka...chan.”

“Come on, say it with more heart!” “Ayaka..chan.” Mao said coldly.
 After making more small talk, the trio began their studies while Mao sat around reading on the couch.
It was later in the day when Ayaka and Arata left, when Mao began to notice something, his mana was depleting itself. It was always depleting, however it was at such a slow rate that Mao didn’t notice. It was only low in reserves after using his time-related magic. However, the alarming matter was that it wasn’t replenishing. There are only two reasons why a demon couldn’t restore their magic power. First, it’s well known that novice demons often have poor mana control, and tend to show off to their new masters, which causes a super drain which the only cure for is returning home. Which wouldn’t make sense, Mao was an experienced demon despite his youthful and aloof nature. Secondly, was the lack of a contract. Although Mayu and Mao had a connection as she had summoned him, it wasn’t a strong connection. It didn’t allow him to replenish his mana, and it made him bound to Mayu’s apartment. With a proper contract, Mao could do all his duties, and replenish mana by leeching off Mayu. The only problem was that Mayu refused to set up a contract with Mayu out of pity, she didn’t want Mao to serve her.
There were 2 likely outcomes, Mao would slowly start to fizzle out of the human world, and return home. Or, he would have to somehow convince his gracious host to create a contract with him.