Chapter 64:

Chapter 64- Pushed To The Edge!

Sorrow Dayz

. They were almost there, then they saw the same bullies who use to pick on Yuuta attacking another kid. Pushing, grabbing, and punching him the four were about to intervene, but they saw that the bullies were leaving. Then the boy got up from the trash and told them "I AM SO SICK OF THIS I HATE YOU I HATE YOU ALL!" He yelled. 

"NO!" They all said under their breath softly trying not to be seen. One of the five triggering affects Megumi said. "Don’t worry nothing has happened it seems to be fine" Enjo said. The group took a couple more steps then, they noticed the bullies started coming back and began to beat on him some more. "Hey!" Kenta said. "What you don’t run with us anymore Kenta you traitor." One of the bullies said. The boy laid back being beaten, he had this sick disturbed deeply saddened look on his face crying and his heart full of hate. 

The tears fell all down his clothing the bullies keep beating him and one bully said "you’re a nobody keep crying." The boy clinched his fists and then blood began to leak from his hands as they were clinched. From his neck up began to turn red, then he started to choke as if he had swallowed something by accident. The bullies still continued to beat him anyway, the group quickly ran over, but the boy stood up and he started coughing then the bullies started backing up "what are you doing you freak?" One of them yelled.

 This mini tornado storm started appearing around his body covering protecting him he kept coughing then he started yakking and began ruminating about what was happening. He started to regurgitate something, blood was running down from the side of his lips. The bullies were freaked out, they turned around and started to run, but the tornado drug them back in. The coughing, hacking he was doing began to sound worse and worse. Then a shoestring fell out of his mouth, everyone stood there looking wondering what in the world is going on.

 Then all of a sudden, the boy started vomiting right away, but that wasn’t the shocker what came out of his mouth was. It was an exact replica of him, but much taller, and a little muscular it seemed. Then the boy himself faded away like smoke in the wind. Blood dripping from this much bigger replica’s mouth and his anger fueled by hate was very strong. He dove in like a spear grabbing one of the bullies and took off like a demon out of Jigoku flying away.

 Flying over everything the other bullies ran away, while the group ran after the boy. Yelling "hey stop put him down" the boy turned his head, looked at the group and kept flying he flew out side of the gates they ran out and followed him. Mr. Howkuu was coming back in the village after a short run then he noticed what was happening and joined the group and had them feel him in. 

The boy continued flying he didn’t choose any pathway so the group were going off to somewhere new. "Where is he heading" as they were running fast as they could he started picking up his speed. Mr. Howkuu began to notice where the boy was heading. "He’s heading to Yurusemasen River we have to hurry" Mr. Howkuu said. So they picked up the pace "if he reaches that river and flies over we’ll never be able to save them both" he stated. 

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