Chapter 63:

Chapter 63- Hmmm The First Day of Relaxation?

Sorrow Dayz

Still in shock and confused that she kissed him Tasyoukee couldn’t say a word. Megumi slapped him across his face and it snapped him out of it. "Why did you kiss me?" Tasyoukee asked. "I had to do something to snap you out of it" laughingly she said.

 "Wait so what were you saying about Yuuta?" He asked. "I asked do you really think he is gone?" She said. "I think his body may be gone, but his spirit is still here with us" as he grabbed Megumi and hugged her. "You want to go hang out with the others?" She asked. "Why not let’s go grab them and come back to my place we can play a game" he said. So Tasyoukee left a note on the counter saying that he would be back with friends, they started walking towards Kenta’s house.

 Talking about things that they were both trying to accomplish by the time they graduate from the school. They got to Kenta’s home and knocked on the door "still kind of creepy looking" Tasyoukee said. "Shush!" Megumi said. They can hear Kenta coming to the door, "hey what are you guys doing here?" He asked. "We wanted to invite you to come over to my house to join us in a playing a game if you want?" Tasyoukee asked. "Sure thing." He replied. He stepped out and closed the door behind him. "OK we have to go by and get Enjo" Megumi said. They started walking towards his home near the courtyard. 

They made it over there and knocked on his door then his father answered the door, and his mother came behind him. "Yes how may we help you?" They asked. "We’re here to see if Enjo would like to join us in playing games at my house" Tasyoukee said. "Oh, sure thing hold on Tasyoukee" his father said. "So how have you been?" His mother asked. 

"I’ve been well Mrs. Hayate" he replied. "Oh you must be of the beautiful Megumi he calls you, Tasyoukee "of course, and you must be Yuuta?" She asked. A tear started slowly running down Megumi's face "are you alright dear?" She asked. "Yes mam I had something in my eye for a second" she replied. "Oh poor thing I hope you got whatever it was out" she said. "I did." Megumi replied. 

"Also no mam I’m Kenta" he said. "Oh a new friend, that’s always nice we can welcome more friends" she said as Enjo walked up to the door "yea you guys I’m down to play some games lets go" he said. "Enjo when you come back be safe you hear." "Yes mam" he replied. "Could he spend the night, since we have a school day off Mrs. Hayate?" Tasyoukee asked. 

"Sure, why not he deserves to have some fun" she said. Enjo ran and hugged his mom "thanks" he told her. Then he bowed to his father, "thank you." So, they started walking from his home back over to Tasyoukee’s house. 

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