Chapter 1:

Something About My Neighbour.

Tazed Life

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Few days back on 1st April 2020,

i started my Highschool Life as a 1st Year student which is not commonly called '1st year of highschool' but instead the '10th Class'..Yeah ,..... i don't live Tokyo Region of Japan nor i live in the Bejing region of China..
"I am a 10th Class Student in Central Delhi of India!!"
people around me in the bus turned towards me with the disgusted expressions on their faces.. a group of middle schoolers took a few steps back moving away from me whispering something to each-other..
"Damn! i spoke out Loud" i murmured to myself in embarrassment
Lets skip the part where i embarrassed myself in public, is the day our class got new student 'Cliché' Right? if it was a RomCom anime she would've entered a filled class and given her intro and consecutively she would've done something to bring attention to me..
but its not an Anime,....

atleast not a RomCom one...
so just when i entered the classroom i saw her sitting on my bench, yeah the 'New Student'..As expected of everyone they were staring at the new girl.. some were talking about her with their Friends.. they were all so drowned in the new girl gossips that no one noticed the fact that she was sitting on my Seat...yeah why would they ever think of a seat that belongs to a solitary person like me,
All my personal grudge against my class aside, it was clear that no one tried talking to her.. looking at her face everyone could notice her nervousness on the 1st day at school but thing i noticed was not just it but something i learnt in my past years of Loneliness .. it was body language its not something special .. everyone observes it.
but not everyone gives thought to it.. and here i observed that her left hand was inside the table's vacant space left for books and stationary .. and it was not loose or sweaty because of nervousness but it was fisted because of the 'glycol ethers and carbon disulfide' on her nail enamels ..

[ahh gomme gomme for you lowlife readers to understand protagonist is talking about Nail Polish]
'she must've been playing around with it yesterday in excitement of her 1st day in new highschool' i assumed but as i walked another metre i realised she is still sitting on the my seat.. so instead of breaking a silence and talking to her on whom whose class's focus was falling i attempted to take a detour from bench next to her and exit the classroom for the timebeing but the door opened and the class's focus including the new girl was switched from herself to the guy who entered.
I felt it as conflict to my current ongoing plan..'Why is that?'

"Heyy!! Bruhhh left club early?" asked the the friend of the guy who just entered"Yeah i heard today a new student was supposed to join our class."
'remember i said no one talked to her, it was because the guy who just entered was that one guy who was supposed to break silence.. everyone was unconsciously waiting for him start it& why was he conflict to my plan?'
"Hey is this the new girl we heard about ? and isn't she sitting on _____'s Desk ?!!"
If you think he is being rude to this new girl then you are wrong the way he said it in such a way that the new girl would've blushed if she wasn't tensed about her nail polish
While all this was happening i reached the door to exit from where that conflict guy entered from and after he completed his statement he grabbed my shoulder from behind 
'This is why... '[if u still don't get it]'He is the only guy who talks to me and whenever he does he does it mockingly.'
'What to do now :-| , this is one of those climax situations for me that happen every once in a while.. Ok ... i want to make it go smo0o0oth without any extra statement.''Lets see what we know currently about the situation...'"1) New girl without introduction sitting on my seat.2) Centre of Attraction guy at the door behind me, assuming he is about to mock me.3) Me who is about to leave classroom grabbed by Mr. Conflict.4) Everyone in class is looking at us because of Mr. Conflict who mentioned our names
Attention to us was in ratio 4:5:1Even though i had very less presence and Mr. Conflict was also blocking the view of majority of class to me acting as BlindSpot to them but students near the door were still able to see me clearly, infact half of them were directly looking at me.." 
so,Plan - A: Leave class ignoring my name being called.
All this happened in a mere second but it time to act or not to..
"Yeah, Shyori wanted to sit near the window so i allowed her to sit on my Window seat..Any problem?"(I may also sound rude but my weak voice wasn't able to pull that off)
"Ahh, ....... ok." said Mr. Conflict.
'Ok Mission Success'While leaving the class i looked at Shyori who was facing me and her very little smile said Thanks,I without changing my expressions left my Classroom.
Now... how do i know her name?
No i don't.. i am not even sure if her name starts with 'S' or not..
So Why?
why did she smile? is that what u r getting at?well because she was in trouble herself and i somehow saved her.Still don't get it? even though i Narrated few seconds in 
762 words 3,997 characters

Not your fault.. i am the protagonist here :-)Its because it was her first day in highschool and she arrived early missing the chance to get introduced to class by teacher before facing students ..she also to wait approximately 20-30 minutes in class before school starts one asked her name .. but were talking about her.. some must be laughing too for various reasons, anxiety from all this was also summed up with fact that she came to school with a manicure on her left hand...with all this a Mr. Conflict poped up throwing allegation in a not-so-formal manner
So i realized it that she needed help more than me to save her 1st day of high-school life..including these factors in my calculations i just blurted some random name 'Shyori' after noticing a 'S' Character keychain on her bag.
She herself who understood the situation more clearly than me played along with my plan and showed no reaction on being called with a wrong name..and upon leaving showed a smile of Thanks to me for helping her in this helpless situation.
again... while i am narrating all this i am walking on the hallway heading to the water cooler..after i drank some water .."Tringgg Tringgg!!! ------- Tringgg Tringgg!!!"
'Zero Period ended.. means School started lets head to class now'
rest of the First period ended well.. when i returned to the class my seat was empty she was standing on the podium besides teacher who was about to start her introduction.. i entered with a group of other late students without attracting much attention to myself..
Then Teacher Started speaking "As you know me already.. my name is Ramesh Sharma & i teach Social Studies.. U can call me RS Sir"
even though he was facing us that introduction of his was for the new girl whose admission was late by a week,after a little pause bringing attention to the newcomer besides her.. he continued
"This is the New Student i already told you was joining Today..Now Hiyori Introduce yourself"
she gave her introduction nothing worth mentioning about it was all normal except the fact that her Newly Randomly Assigned Seat was Next to Me .....

"So her name was Shiina Hiyori" i thought to myself

[will she talk to me? will she ignore? will she punch me? will she spit on my face?
for those answer lets wait for the next chapter with no tentative Date.. Sorry but i kept no cliffhanger because i don't think i'll be able to continue it before September.. i wrote this much because someone told me he was waiting for it xD.. he will probably in the comments section..]


As the man nervously approached the woman, his mind racing with all the worst-case scenarios, she suddenly turned to him and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, I've been waiting for you! I knew you were the one I wanted to spit my gum into your hand!"

The man's eyes widened in shock and disgust as she proceeded to blow a large pink bubble and then promptly deposited it into his palm. He stood there, unsure of what to do, as she walked away with a giggle, leaving him with a sticky mess and a hilarious story to tell his friends.