Chapter 0:

Something about me.

Tazed Life

“There was a boy in his late 16, on the verge of graduating from high-school,
Preparing to enter a college…..,
then spending 4 more years studying engineering….,
maintaining a good CGPA…..,
getting a good placement
& probably making some temporary friends throughout…..
just-like any-other average kid growing to adulthood and living in this harsh society.”




atleast this is how it was supposed to be, but…..

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Well, it all started last Spring ~ April ~ Shigatsu xD

nahh its too Cliché

Before Starting the Story let me you an old hanashi (tale) from my classroom..

Our Teacher was teaching Periodic Classification in Class..

[i wanted to write sensei so badly :-p]

Topic was the nomenclature of elements after 100… so she asked me the name of the element 119…i was Dozing off.. Tsundre besides me called out to me ..

i unaware of the situation stood up looking at the students holding their giggles at me .. i rubbed my eyes — took a yawn — said “eka-francium” continued to observe the class and students who remained shocked wondering how i knew it?!

Then i noticed what she was teaching on the blackboard.. then said “ohh”


I don’t even remember now what happened afterwards.. i dozed off again probably..

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Tazed Life