Chapter 0:

Something about me.

Tazed Life

“There was a boy in his late 16, on the verge of graduating from high-school,
Preparing to enter a college…..,
then spending 4 more years studying engineering….,
maintaining a good CGPA…..,
getting a good placement
& probably making some temporary friends throughout…..
just-like any-other average kid growing to adulthood and living in this harsh society.”Bookmark here

….Bookmark here

….Bookmark here

….Bookmark here

atleast this is how it was supposed to be, but…..Bookmark here

← Insert a Slice of Life Opening Music →Bookmark here

Well, it all started last Spring ~ April ~ Shigatsu xDBookmark here

nahh its too ClichéBookmark here

Before Starting the Story let me you an old hanashi (tale) from my classroom..Bookmark here

Our Teacher was teaching Periodic Classification in Class..Bookmark here

[i wanted to write sensei so badly :-p]Bookmark here

Topic was the nomenclature of elements after 100… so she asked me the name of the element 119…i was Dozing off.. Tsundre besides me called out to me ..Bookmark here

i unaware of the situation stood up looking at the students holding their giggles at me .. i rubbed my eyes — took a yawn — said “eka-francium” continued to observe the class and students who remained shocked wondering how i knew it?!Bookmark here

Then i noticed what she was teaching on the blackboard.. then said “ohh”Bookmark here

……………Bookmark here

I don’t even remember now what happened afterwards.. i dozed off again probably..Bookmark here

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Golden Boy
Takahashi  Eien
The Loner
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Tazed Life

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