Chapter 0:


Diary of a Lost Wish

My name is Meiko Ebihara, I'm a 16-year-old female student, and I've been cursed, I can't remember when it all started, but every day I need to make a wish to a little panda with horns. If I don't make any wish, then I will die.

The only way to stop that curse is to make the very first wish I made. But every day I forget what I wished.

I'm not sure if it's a demon, a god, or a work from my imagination, but it's always following me to wherever I go.

I called it the demon panda Pakya because it always ends a sentence with that word for some reason.

Every day I need to make a new wish and that wish must be different each time. The problem is that the next day the wish I made becomes a reality and everyone, including me, assumes it was always there.

For example, if I wish that all cats can talk, the next day, all people will assume that cats always talked and will not find anything strange about it.

In other words, I forget what I wished yesterday. But I can't wish everything, there are some rules, for example, I can't ask to kill or revive someone or immortality. I also can't make the same wish, as I said before, but I can't wish for a variation of a thing, for example, I can wish for a car, but if later I wish for another car from a specific brand, then I can't repeat that wish.

I can make a wish every moment of the day, and I remember the wish I made until the day ends, but when the sun rises I just forget it. One time I tried to stay awake all night, but I forgot the wish I made the past day.

For some reason, if I repeat a wish, Pakya will tell me that I can't repeat a wish. I feel like I can't think of a new wish every day, and it's like my death is coming closer and closer.

But today, I will make a wish that changes everything. I will ask for a notebook where I can write anything without getting erased, so I will write every wish I made, and I will write any past wish that I repeat and every clue, so I can find the first wish and stop the curse.

In my room, while I was thinking about my plan, Pakya suddenly talks, "Do you know what you will ask today, pakya~"

"I wish for a notebook that everything I write won't be erased and also that I will remember about it every day," I talk with determination.

"If that's your wish then it will become a reality, Pakya~"

Then the panda starts dancing, and some flashing lights start to shine in my room and the panda flight to the sky through the window.

The next day I can't remember what I wished. But when I see that notebook on my desk, I knew what it was. I called the notebook the "diary of a lost wish."