Chapter 1:

A normal day in my not so normal life

Diary of a Lost Wish

It's been a week since I wished for my notebook or how I called the "diary of a lost wish" and so far I haven't found any relevant clue except some repeated wishes, and I discovered some random things.

For example, I live in a big and pink manor, outside there's a fountain with panda statues. But no one else in this town has a house like this, so I figured that my house was a wish, and the fountain outside was also a wish, and as I thought, I was right.

It's funny to think that my house is flashy, but my appearance is boring compared to that. I have short brown hair, and I use a little hair clip with a bunny figure.

Today is a common day, just like every morning I take my diary from my desk, and because of the magic of my wish, I already know what it is, even if it was a past wish. I Double check every word I wrote so I can remember the wish I made last day and past days.

Yesterday for some reason, I wished to get my best friend, Kanako Amamiya, a movie theater inside one of her rooms.

After leaving my room, I go to the kitchen, and my father is yelling on his phone. He is investigating something for his work, I think. He works for a new rich company that moved to my little town recently.

“Hey Meiko, your breakfast is on the table,” my dad interrupts his call.

“Thanks, Dad,” I say that while I take my breakfast and go out to school.

By the way, I only live with my father. My mother died some years ago.

I live in a rural town so it's always quiet and calm and there are trees and flowers everywhere.

On my way to school, I see Ms. Yukari, my history teacher. She has curly long pink hair, and she lives nearby. She is watering her beautiful garden and beautiful flowers.

“Hi Meiko, you did your homework?” She asks me while holding her hair with her left hand and a watering can on her right hand.

“Oh, hi! but... we didn't have any homework,” I told her while I was a little worried.

“haha, that was just a joke, but always pay attention in class.” Ms. Yukari suddenly looks worried “oh! by the way, I'm not sure if it's me or if my garden is growing fast, I'm sure the grass was a little shorter some hours ago."

"I don't know, I didn't notice any growth in the garden."

"Maybe it was just my imagination, anyway try not to be late even if it's still a little early try not to distract too much on the way to school."

“Thanks, hey, did you know that today at this hour there is a teacher's reunion?” I told her a little lie so I can revenge for that joke.

“Ah, a reunion? it's true! I need to get going, I'm going late.”

Ms. Yukari starts running after I said that. I didn't think she would believe my lie, but she did.

Before I go I appreciated her beautiful garden and flowers, then I notice that she has the best garden in the town. So out of curiosity, I told a wish to Pakya “I wish that Ms. Yukari have a beautiful garden with lots of flowers.”

Pakya made a sound that was like when someone answers bad in a contest, “No! you already made that wish, pakya~”

I think I made a wish related to Ms. Yukari's garden. Maybe it's just my imagination, but the garden grew a little in some minutes, and something looks like is moving inside the garden.

Anyway, I continue my way home, and I find Kanako, she is a beautiful girl with straight black long hair, she always use a red scarf even if it's hot. Also, she wants to be an actress.

We start to talk about random things, after a while, she told me about a movie she watched, “And then it turns out it was all a dream.”

I don't know which movie it was, but she is really happy talking about it, and I tried to follow the conversation, by the way, she always spoils the ending. That's a little annoying, but she is someone nice who I know since we were 4 years old.

“Oh, I see Kanako, it's awesome that you could watch any movie at your movie theater.”

“Yeah, I need to invite you to watch that movie soon!”

I already knew the ending because she told me, but I like to spend time with my friend.

“And the performance of the lead role was so magnificent that my heart almost stopped because of how real it felt,” she was still talking about the movie, her face looked like it was full of magic.

“That's interesting, it looks like that person put all his heart into that performance,” I respond without knowing the actor.

“Yeah, he looked like it was the moment he was waiting in all his life, showing to everyone what's he made of and giving us his heart in that performance. I hope one day I can make people feel like that, that they can feel my emotions, my heart, and my all from their seats,” Kanako told that with the bottom of her heart.

“I hope... No, I know you will be a really good actress, the best one in the world.”

I think I know why I wished for a movie theater inside her house.

We arrive at our school, our school looks like a castle. Our uniform is beautiful, it looks like an idol costume with a yellow skirt, a purple blouse, and a blue ribbon, the boy's uniform is a black suit.

It's obvious, but I wished for the uniforms and the school to look like a castle, or at least, that's what my diary says.

We arrive at our classroom, and classes were starting. Today is a boring day at school as always. After a few hours, classes ended for today.

Kanako is in the movie club, so she goes there, I'm not in any club so I'm going directly to my home.

On my way home, I see Richard, he is an officer but he is also an ape, for some reason, he is the only ape who can talk in the world. Richard was helping a kid to cross the street, he was greeting everyone, including me.

As I continue my way home, I pass Ms. Yukari's house, and I see that her garden is now huge, it's like a mini jungle. Suddenly I hear something from that mini jungle, “hel... he... elp...”

I'm not so sure, but I think is Ms. Yukari, maybe she got lost in her garden.

To make her know I'm there I shout “I'm going to rescue you, don't worry.”

I try to enter the garden, but the grass is hard as a rock, also I don't have anything to go through the garden, or well, jungle.

I remember seeing Richard some minutes ago, so I think I will ask him for some help, maybe he can save Ms. Yukari.

Luckily I found Richard quickly, and I ask him for help, "hi, Richard, can you help me?”

“greetings, how can I help you?” Richard answer with a smile on his face.

"Well... I think my teacher is trapped in her garden, the garden is like a jungle.”

Richard just agreed and followed me to Ms. Yukari's garden.

”I haven't seen a garden so big and I'm not someone who sees weird things frequently,” Richard says that I think he never noticed he is a talking ape.

“Yeah and I'm not sure how we can get through it, we need to help Ms. Yukari”

Richard with his strong hands removed the grass so I can enter the forest, but because of his size, he can't enter.

I move through the jungle, and one of the beautiful flowers transforms into something like a carnivorous plant, I escape before it could grab my hand.

Then something like a big snake start to move, it is made of grass, so I run before it catches me.

After some minutes, I finally find Ms. Yukari.

“Ms. Yukari! Are you alright?” I tell her with a relieved voice.

“Meiko! I thought no one would help me, I've been here for a couple of hours," Ms. Yukari looks tired while talking.

“I think everything is gonna be alright, plus I asked Richard for some help.”

We are going back, but we can't find the exit. Some minutes pass, and out of nowhere, the snake takes Ms. Yukari's leg, “Ahhh, help me!”

I don't know what to do now, so I took a rock to kill that thing, I throw one rock, but the snake dodge it, then I see a rock a little bigger, I throw that rock, and it hit that snake, now the snake let Ms. Yukari go.

We finally get to the entrance, and Richard is helping us to get out of the garden, but the carnivorous plant from before now has legs. I escape first thanks to Richard, but Ms. Yukari didn't escape so the carnivorous plant jumps and tries to attack her, but Richard protects Ms. Yukari with his left arm but he received a bite of the plant because of that. Richard, with all his strength, punches the plant and sends it to the sky.

“Are you both fine?” Richard ask us.

“yeah, I think we are fine,” I respond while helping Ms. Yukari to get out of that jungle.

I don't know if Richard got mad because of the plant, but he just starts to cut all the garden with his own hands.

“Meiko thank you, and by the way... there wasn't any 'teacher's reunion” Ms. Yukari tells me that.

“Ah, sorry it was just a little joke because you told me about a false homework,” I respond. For some reason, she was mad because of the joke and not about the forest in her garden.

We were talking for some time until it got dark and before I go I ask her something “did you use something in your garden to make your flowers grow or something?”

“ah, I used the same fertilizer as always.”

After some minutes, I say farewell to her and Richard.

I arrive home, and I'm thinking that maybe I wished in some way that her garden grow, “Pakya, I wish that Ms. Yukari have a good fertilizer.”

“No! you already made that wish, Pakya~” Pakya responds.

As I thought, it was all caused by a wish of mine. So today I will wish that Ms. Yukari have a personal robot gardener so her garden won't grow like that again.

And yep, maybe another wish or saying to her that she never use that fertilizer again would work, but I can't think of any other wish to make today. Then I write my recent wish in my diary, and after doing some homework and watching tv, I finally go to sleep.

That night I don't know why, but I started to dream about Ms. Yukari, she didn't have a big garden, it was kind of ugly with dead flowers. But it wasn't because she didn't water her flowers, it looks like her hands were shaking, so she couldn't water them.

“Why I can't enjoy my beautiful flowers? why this is happening to me!” Ms. Yukari was crying, and her hands were shaking, she is looking in real sorrow.

I didn't know what exactly happened in that dream, but I never saw Ms. Yukari like that, it was so depressing.

The next day when I wake up, maybe just for instinct, I write the dream in my diary, but after a couple of hours, I forget everything related to that dream, it was so strange.

Maybe that dream was before my wish of her having a beautiful garden. I think in some way that dream had clues, even if they were small clues.

I don't know why I had that dream, but maybe it will help me to discover my first wish.

I notice something really weird with that dream... why was Ms. Yukari sick? Only old people get sick before they die, but no one who is younger than 60 gets sick.

Just to be sure I made a wish, “Hey Pakya, would you make every disease disappear?”

“No! You already made that wish, Pakya~” Pakya respond.

Then I discover that I wished to make everyone healthy, maybe because of the rules I only could save young and not so young people because at the end of the day everybody dies, but with my wish, at least some diseases don't exist anymore.

Maybe I did that wish to help Ms. Yukari or other people, but as I thought, this wasn't my first wish.