Chapter 2:

I got switched to first bench.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

Alot of days went by and the school just seemed to go pretty smoothly for me. I was just walking by the corridor and I saw teacher Yua seeming someone around the corner so I decided to just go and surprise her.Bookmark here

"Hello teacher."Bookmark here

"Huhhh, Itsuki w-when d-did you come here?"Bookmark here

"Huh I just came now."Bookmark here

"Huh you didn't see anything right."Bookmark here

"Ahh no. Wait what were you doing anyway."Bookmark here

"Ahh nothing."Bookmark here

She tried to catch hold of me but I just slipped through her and saw no one there.Bookmark here

"Ahh please don't tell anyone about his okay!!"Bookmark here

"Tell any one about what ??. I don't see anyone there."Bookmark here

"Really. It's a relief."Bookmark here

"What is a relief?"Bookmark here

"You don't have to know."Bookmark here

"Phew. Thank God he didn't see that I was watching Haruki Murakami."Bookmark here

Haruki Murakami is the school's Physical education teacher. It is his second year working here in Hiroshi highschool.Bookmark here

"Yua teacher I am actually curious what were Bookmark here

you doing?"Bookmark here

"Nothing much."Bookmark here

"Huh"Bookmark here

"Go on class is about to start in a few minutes."Bookmark here

"Hmmph"Bookmark here

"Please tell me, teacher."Bookmark here

"Huh fine." She dragged me to the spot where she was looking.Bookmark here

"Here, look down. What are they doing there?"Bookmark here

"Ohh so you were seeing them."Bookmark here

"Yes, totally."Bookmark here

"Okay I will be going to my class now."Bookmark here

"Phew, that was a close call. If he knew what I was doing he would probably say it to his friends and then it would have spread to the whole school."Bookmark here

I was in my class and I looked at the time table and I saw that our first period is history.Bookmark here

"Crap."Bookmark here

"Oh let me guess. It is history right."Bookmark here

"Yeah. And I hate it totally."Bookmark here

"Hmm I understand."Bookmark here

"Okay it is decided I will not listen to history class."Bookmark here

"So you are going to skip it. By going roaming outside the class. You do know there will be alot of staff members roaming around and you will get caught."Bookmark here

"Hey hey, I am not that courageous. You don't have to think that much. I am just going to grab my phone and read some manga in it. I plan on doing that by vertically placing my book and keeping my phone on the bench. This is how I am going to do it."Bookmark here

"What if you get caught?"Bookmark here

"What if I get caught you ask?. It is nothing to worry about. I know that I won't get caught."Bookmark here

"Okay"Bookmark here

"You still have doubts right."Bookmark here

"Okay let me explain it to you whenever teacher come this way I will hide my phone in my desk and cover it up with my legs raised."Bookmark here

"Sounds pretty good to me."Bookmark here

"Right Miyu."Bookmark here

"Yeah I hate history class too."Bookmark here

"See Akiyoshi no one likes history."Bookmark here

"Seems like teacher has finally come to class."Bookmark here

"Okay first I will open my text book. And then I will put my phone here. Now is the fun part reading manga."Bookmark here

I was reading manga and did not pay a minute to history class. Class ended sooner than I thought it would.Bookmark here

"Ahh time flies by when you enjoy it."Bookmark here

"You seemed to have enjoyed history period a lot."Bookmark here

"Yeah"Bookmark here

"Hey what period is it now?"Bookmark here

"It is physical education." Miyu said.Bookmark here

"W-wait it is physical education. I hate it Haruki teacher will probably ask us to play volleyball or football again."Bookmark here

"Come on give those a try. You can play volleyball and football if you try it hard enough."Bookmark here

"I hate volleyball and football. And not only that, I hate everything about sports."Bookmark here

"What are you going to do then go to the sick room by telling a lie." Miyu asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah"Bookmark here

"Itsuki maybe you should give volleyball another try again."Bookmark here

"Huhhh, Miyoko I have tried playing it but whenever I play it I would miss the easiest shots and everytime I tried to serve the ball I would drop the ball and it will fall on to the grind which makes us to lose a point and the team will get really annoyed with me and they were once close to beating me up too, if I hadn't run away from them as quickly as possible. That is why I don't want to come to Physical education."Bookmark here

"Huh okay"Bookmark here

We went to the volleyball court and we lined up and Haruki teacher asked the boys and girls to do something different today.Bookmark here

"Okay, today we will not be playing games today."Bookmark here

"What?" The whole class screamed.Bookmark here

"Yeah, no please let us play volleyball or football."Bookmark here

"Nope sorry today all will be doing exercises. You will have to do a 100 meter Sprint in the ground outside and then you have to perform a shuttle run together in the volleyball Court."Bookmark here

"Well that is atleast better than playing volleyball or football." I thought.Bookmark here

"Well, we started with the 100 meter Sprint. Boys and girls were separated and then divided into groups of five. And we had Sprint once we heard Haruki teacher's whistle"Bookmark here

I was in the group with Akiyoshi, Akio Sato and Hirotoki Ito. Our group was one short.Bookmark here

And we had started to run as quickly as possible. We heard the whistle and we started to run as fast as possible, I and Akio Sato reached at the same time while Akiyoshi and Hirotoki Ito reached it at the same time. Boys had finished it.Bookmark here

Girls had to go through the same process. Miyoko, Miyu, Misa Ichikawa and two others I didn't really know their names. I have never really spoken to them. Bookmark here

The whistle was sounded and the girls went very fast. Miyu came in first, Misa Ichikawa and Miyoko in second and two others in third and forth places.Bookmark here

Now we had to do the shuttle run. After 10 minutes of intense shuttle training we were all so exhausted that we all lied down on the ground right after we had finished it.Bookmark here

"Guess it is finally time to head back to class then." I said.Bookmark here

We had went to the restroom. To wash our faces.Bookmark here

Right after I had washed my face. I heard a voice calling me.Bookmark here

" Hey, Itsuki can you do me a favor. My good friend Akio seems to like Miyoko so could you help him with that?"Bookmark here

"Huh why are you asking me that."Bookmark here

"It is just that you and Miyoko seem to be close friends. So I thought you could help him."Bookmark here

"We are not close friends. We are just friends."Bookmark here

"Huh can you please help me Itsuki." Asked Akio.Bookmark here

Akio is a very silent guy he is a very silent guy and Hirotoki on the other hand is a smart guy just like Akiyoshi. Hirotoki is also dating Misa Ichikawa. Hirotoki and Misa are boyfriend and girlfriend.Bookmark here

"Huh, Akio I don't know how to help you."Bookmark here

"Huh, okay I seem to understand why you yourself are in love with Miyoko."Bookmark here

"Huh what are even saying now."Bookmark here

"That isn't true." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Nope. I am pretty sure that you are in love with her. But there is nothing to worry about. I won't tell this to her."Bookmark here

"Huh"Bookmark here

"So let's be friends Itsuki."Bookmark here

"O-okay"Bookmark here

"And you too Akiyoshi."Bookmark here

"Sure we can be friends from now on."Bookmark here

After this we headed straight to the class and then there was indeed a big surprise for meBookmark here

I is maths period and Yua teacher was waiting for us and then we all asked permission for our teacher and went and took our seats. And Yua teacher had this announcement to make.Bookmark here

"I am going to change places for all of you guys."Bookmark here

The front rows were pretty excited about this while the back row were not at all excited about this.Bookmark here

"Ok Akiyoshi time to hide, I am going to pretend as If I am checking for my book in my bag."Bookmark here

"Same here. Itsuki."Bookmark here

"Same here too."Bookmark here

"Same here too."Bookmark here

"W-wait if we all do the same thing we all going to get caught for sure." I moment I finished saying that teacher called me.Bookmark here

"Itsuki pack your bag and come to first bench. Then Akio please go to Itsuki's place and that's it."Bookmark here

"Wait didn't you say that you are going to change the seating arrangement for everyone teacher." The first bench student asked.Bookmark here

"Yes I don't feel like changing the places now. So let's just stop here and proceed with the class."Bookmark here

"Huh" I said to myself.Bookmark here

"Oh and Itsuki please come to the staff after school and meet me there. I have some work for you."Bookmark here

"O-okay Yua teacher."Bookmark here

School had finally ended and I was about to leave to he but I remembered that my teacher asked to come to her office after school had finished. So I said good bye to the others and went to the staff room.Bookmark here

"Ahh Yua teacher I have come as you told me to now what should do I do."Bookmark here

"Itsuki what were you doing during the history class."Bookmark here

"W-what about history class."Bookmark here

"You do know what I am talking about."Bookmark here

"No I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about teacher."Bookmark here

"So is that so. I suppose you weren't reading manga from you phone which was hid using a textbook infront of you."Bookmark here

"Crap she know that. I guess it is best to surrender at times like this."Bookmark here

"I am extremely sorry for that teacher and I won't let that happen again."Bookmark here

"It's not like I called you for your apology. I just wanted to let you know that you are going to stay in the first bench from now."Bookmark here

"Huh"Bookmark here

"And I also made as if it wasn't a punishment for you, so that others won't know about it and I even called you personally as if I had some work with but the class won't know the reality about it. So you don't have to worry about people talking about you."Bookmark here

"Huh." I couldn't possibly argue with that. And I do feel guilty. I couldn't open my mouth after she said something like that.Bookmark here

"I won't even tell your parents about this. And won't even take your phone."Bookmark here

"Ahh I don't know what to say."Bookmark here

"You don't have to say anything. You just have to sit in the first bench and listen to your teachers."Bookmark here

"I am sorry."Bookmark here

"Hey, it's over now you don't have to give an apology."Bookmark here

Yua teacher started to tickle me so hard that I that I burst into tears.Bookmark here

"I can't breathe please stop."Bookmark here

"Now all back to normal."Bookmark here

"Thanks mam."Bookmark here

"Huh. Hey Itsuki are you free for sometime."Bookmark here

"Huh. Hm okay."Bookmark here

I called Take grandpa and told him that I might come a little late today. When I said that he immediately agreed. I have never asked for holidays before.Bookmark here

"Come with me."Bookmark here

She took me to her car and then we went to a restaurant and treated me to a very expensive dish.Bookmark here

"Teacher, why are you treating me to something this tasty all of a sudden."Bookmark here

"If teachers were friendly then it would make a very good bonding between a teacher and a student. When that happens it makes it easier for the teacher to help the student change his bad character easily than behaving very rude and harsh. You need power only when you need to do something harmful, love is enough for everything else."Bookmark here

"Woah. I have never seen you talk like that before."Bookmark here

"Hmm,did you like your food."Bookmark here

"Yeah, it was really a treat."Bookmark here

"Okay let's go home."Bookmark here

"Yeah, but Sensei how did you find out that I had read manga during history class and also how I did it."Bookmark here

"Well, that's simple I can into the class to check for my math textbook and checked each and everyone's benchs. And then I found your bench had a phone in it. And came right after you guys left and when I touched the phone it was a little hot so I guessed that it would have been in recent use. And then I went to check what the previous period was and then I found that it was history, our history teacher is a little old so she only stands infront of the desk and reads the text out loud and finally I just guessed that you would have kept your textbook vertically and then kept your phone behind so that you can read it easily."Bookmark here

"Okay it seems that you are very smart."Bookmark here

"Maybe."Bookmark here

"So did you find your textbook anyways."Bookmark here

"Nope, well actually I did find my textbook but it was all torn and pages were ripped from it."Bookmark here

"So I had to buy a new textbook.So let's go to home."Bookmark here

"Actually, teacher, I have to work so can you drop me where I work."Bookmark here

"Where do you work? Shoku restaurant."Bookmark here

"Huh, isn't that Miyoko's restaurant??"Bookmark here

"Yeah, it is Miyoko's restaurant."Bookmark here

"So it seems like you are interested in Miyoko afterall."Bookmark here

"What are you even talking about !?. I am not interested in her. I just work there and there is nothing else in between us."Bookmark here

"Ok-okay I get it, don't yell at me."Bookmark here

"Huh, here it is. Thanks Yua teacher."Bookmark here

"Bye-bye."Bookmark here

"Bye-bye."Bookmark here

"I really wonder now how doesn't she not have a boyfriend yet. She has a really good heart. And she is also very cute."Bookmark here

"Okay time to go in."Bookmark here

"Hey Take grandpa."Bookmark here

"Hey Itsuki can you please go give the order for our supplies. I don't want to send Miyoko alone."Bookmark here

"The still didn't get the line fixed, did they."Bookmark here

"They did not."Bookmark here

"I will go, but I don't know the route to go."Bookmark here

"Ok since you are a man I can trust you."Bookmark here

"I will send Miyoko with you."Bookmark here

"O-okay."Bookmark here

We were on our way to give our order for our supplies.Bookmark here

"Hey, Itsuki, why did Yua teacher call you to the staff."Bookmark here

"She asked me to help me with her arranging the books and stuff. And she also treated me to some really delicious food."Bookmark here

"I see."Bookmark here

"Oh here it is let me go in and give the order till then please wait."Bookmark here

"A couple of minutes later she came back."Bookmark here

And then we were on our way to the restaurant when Miyoko stopped near a vending machine to buy one coffee. After seeing that it made me want to buy one so I decided to buy one too. We were walking and I saw three very familiar faces but I didn't know who they were. We were walking and then Miyoko tripped and then the coffee can fell on one of the men and they immediately got angry and we about to pour some coffee on her. But I went and stopped them.Bookmark here

"I was an accident so can you please forgive her this once."Bookmark here

"So why don't you take the punishment instead of her."Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

They poured coffee on my hair and then dirtied my shirt as well.Bookmark here

"I am really sorry Itsuki. Because of me you had to go through that."Bookmark here

"Yeah it is ok."Bookmark here

"There is a washbasin in that park. Let's go there and clean your shirt."Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

I washed my hair with water and then my face.Bookmark here

I wiped it off with my hand kerchief.Bookmark here

"Sorry Itsuki." She said that while wiping the stains in my shirt. She was really close. I could literally smell the scent of her. Her hands were touching my shoulders.Bookmark here

After she finished cleaning that day. And after a long day at work I went home and took a nap.Bookmark here

The next day at school I was going to school and I passed by class 3-B and then saw the same faces as the ones he saw yesterday.Bookmark here

I then went to my class quickly and then sat down.Bookmark here

"Did they notice me anyway. Wait why am I running after seeing them anyway. They did take their revenge yesterday itself."Bookmark here

I then heard the sound of a can opening and before I could see that, they we about to pour coffee on me.But Miyoko from behind just kicked their hand which made the coffee can to spray on the class of 3-B students present there.Bookmark here

"What do you think you are doing?"Bookmark here

"Hey, wait. What do you think you are doing? Coming to our class and picking on our friends. You better be ready for this." Said Akiyoshi and Hirotoki.Bookmark here

"This class is full of airheads."Bookmark here

After hearing this the whole class started to throw random things on the students of class 3-B. Which forced them to leave the class.Bookmark here

"Thanks Miyoko and everyone."Bookmark here

"Hey Itsuki, what happened between the two of you guys.?"Bookmark here

"I will explain it."Bookmark here

It has been a month after that incident happened and then finally Yua teacher took the word of changing our seats. I asked this out of nowhere.Bookmark here

"Okay teacher where should I sit now."Bookmark here

"In the first bench."Bookmark here

"Wait, untill I finish changing the others seats."Bookmark here

"Okay teacher."Bookmark here

After a few changes to everyone's seats.Bookmark here

I once again asked.Bookmark here

"Teacher what about me."Bookmark here

"As I told first bench is your seat."Bookmark here

"Why do everyone except me get to change their seats. This is unfair."Bookmark here

"Please change my seat please."Bookmark here

"Or I will have to leave your class."Bookmark here

"Then I will have to tell your mom about it."Bookmark here

"Don't need to tell my mom about because I won't do it."Bookmark here

"Okay then I will do my homework before I go home."Bookmark here

"Good."Bookmark here

"Then will you change my seat to somewhere else other than the first bench."Bookmark here

"No, I never said I will"Bookmark here

"What have I done to deserve this?."Bookmark here

"You don't know what is the reason you are here. Because you in his-"Bookmark here

"Ahh got it teacher."Bookmark here

"Good, don't ask anymore questions about changing places okay."Bookmark here

"I would rather be sent to hell than stay in the first bench."Bookmark here

"Oh GOD show some mercy, please."Bookmark here

"I want to go to the last bench or in the very least second bench please."Bookmark here

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