Chapter 3:

Summer holidays tragedy.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

It is the start of summer holiday and we had got so much homework. And I was just chilling in the A.C. when my parents were off to work in their offices.Bookmark here

Knock knockBookmark here

"Huh I wonder who it is??"Bookmark here

"Hey Itsuki did you finish your homework yet."Bookmark here

"Teacher summer holidays just started."Bookmark here

"What do mean it just started. It has been 2 days since it started. Did you atleast take a look on what homework you have and how much you have."Bookmark here

" Yeah teacher I know that but I plan on doing the home work on the last week or even better last day of summer holidays which is the best day. Till then I am just going to relax myself by watching some TV and lying down in the A.C."Bookmark here

"So teacher how is your vacation going"Bookmark here

"Ahh teacher why do you look so anger."Bookmark here

"Punch. Finish your himework and then do whatever you want to do."Bookmark here

"But it is summer holidays, you can't force me like this. Teacher if your going to force me to do my homework now then it will be spoiling my bBookmark here

Vacation time. So please try to understand. Hey teacher did you read this new manga it just got released tod-"Bookmark here

"Hey where do you think you are taking me teacher??"Bookmark here

"I am taking you to your room to make you finish your homework."Bookmark here

"Huh. Danger encountered. Nooo. I am not coming."Bookmark here

"Who asked your permission? I am going to bring you there no matter whatever is going to happen."Bookmark here

"No homework."Bookmark here

"Stop resisting and do your homework."Bookmark here

"Hey Itsuki how do you feel about tickling."Bookmark here

"No don't. Please don't. Haha"Bookmark here

"Now will you come and do your homework."Bookmark here

"Okay okay. I will do my homework right now so please let go of me teacher."Bookmark here

"Go to your room and keep the textbooks ready I will be there in a minute."Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

"It's summer holidays and getting forced to do homework what is going on here I hate this to the core. Summer is the time of me being lazy but Yua teacher is spoiling it."Bookmark here

"Who is spoiling what."Bookmark here

"Wa-wait don't punch me. I will explain."Bookmark here

"Too late for explanations."Bookmark here

"Ouch"Bookmark here

" Okay start doing the Pythagorean theoram."Bookmark here

"Understood"Bookmark here

Intense staring at the book.Bookmark here

"Oi what are you doing"Bookmark here

"Do it but teacher what is the Pythagorean theoram."Bookmark here

"Punch"Bookmark here

"Did you ever pay attention to the class or do you just day dream."Bookmark here

"Teacher you are being very rude I am going out."Bookmark here

"Hey wait. Did I punch you hard."Bookmark here

"Wait teacher let me drink water."Bookmark here

"It hurts alot"Bookmark here

"I am s-sorry"Bookmark here

"Hmm"Bookmark here

I quickly ran out of the room and locked my door.Bookmark here

" Teacher I have to enjoy my summer vacation."Bookmark here

"His mom really does know about him."Bookmark here

" I told her that I will take care of him. And I also got a little puzzled when she gave me these spare room keys. Now I understand."Bookmark here

"Itsuki"Bookmark here

"Wait how did you open the door."Bookmark here

"Come back here you little devil."Bookmark here

"No way, I am coming back, I am running away"Bookmark here

"Okay then run away."Bookmark here

I have been running for close to 3 minutes but she hasn't chased me till now. I wondered so I went back to see what was going on there.Bookmark here

"Itsuki."Bookmark here

"Why is the door still open, she could have closed it atleast."Bookmark here

"W-wait this could be a trap, she might be hiding behind the door."Bookmark here

So I backed up a little and threw a stone at door so that it will open. And I saw a devilish lady chanting my name.Bookmark here

"Wait aren't this my mangas. Stop tearing them apart. Oh-no, oh-no sorry teacher."Bookmark here

"Sorry isn't going to get you anywhere."Bookmark here

"I am going to spank you till my anger goes away."Bookmark here

"Teacher I am sorry it hurts."Bookmark here

"Teacher weren't you the one who told that you only need power to do something harmful and love is enough for everything else."Bookmark here

"Yes I do say that but my tolerance has a limit so you are going to keep getting beaten until my anger dissolves."Bookmark here

"Abhh"Bookmark here

After 10 minutes of beating she finally let me go but I was unable to sit properly.Bookmark here

"Teacher can I lie down and then do the work please I can barely sit because of your beating."Bookmark here

"Fine"Bookmark here

"Thanks teacher."Bookmark here

"I will be making lunch and by the time I come up here you should have finished your math homework okay?"Bookmark here

"Hey but I don't know what is a Pythagorean theoram?. So please teach me."Bookmark here

"That is why you should have paid attention to the class instead of daydreaming or using your phone."Bookmark here

"Sorry."Bookmark here

Teacher explained it to me so clearly that I was able to solve the questions just by looking at them and then in a few minutes I was able to fully finish the maths Homework.Bookmark here

"Man, that was a lot of work. I feel sleepy."Bookmark here

"I wonder if he has completed his homework, could he be slacking off, may be he could be slacking off, he is slacking off."Bookmark here

"Oi Itsuki, yep I was right he his slacking off.Bookmark here

Let me check his homework just incase."Bookmark here

"Huh, he has finished everything. He is also sound asleep."Bookmark here

"Let's not disturb him now."Bookmark here

"It has passed 2 hours since he slept may be I should go wake him up. It is lunch time now. Yeah may be I should go wake him up."Bookmark here

"Hey Itsuki, ohh you are awake."Bookmark here

"I just woke up. How am I on the bed? Did you do it teacher."Bookmark here

"Yes, anyways come to have lunch. After that you have to complete history and your biology projects."Bookmark here

"What?? I am going to sleep."Bookmark here

"Hey, not now may be after we finish watching the latest movie in the theater."Bookmark here

"Time is currently about 2:30 p.m. this show is on 3:15 p.m. I wonder if we can make it in time though."Bookmark here

"Don't worry. I will finish the lunch in minutes."Bookmark here

"Even though he is a 17 years old, he still acts like a 10 year old."Bookmark here

"Teacher did you make this is really amazing. Whomever is going to be your future husband he is probably the luckiest man. He will be eating delicious food everyday."Bookmark here

"Y-you think."Bookmark here

"Yeah you character and your cuteness is just immeasurable. Everything is great about you except that outrageous behavior of yours."Bookmark here

"Huh"Bookmark here

"Now I think I get it, why men don't want to marry you. Even though you are cute you are like a devil in an angel's disguise. So it all makes sense now."Bookmark here

"What did you say about me?. Punch."Bookmark here

"Sorry."Bookmark here

"Come it is time to go to the theatre."Bookmark here

"Okay"Bookmark here

We spent our time nicely together and it was pretty fun hanging out with Yua teacher she is one of the most fun people to hang out with.Bookmark here

"Hey Itsuki. Let's take a selfie."Bookmark here

"Say cheese."Bookmark here

"Cheese."Bookmark here

It was 6 p.m. when we arrived at my house.Bookmark here

Since we were both tired we had decided to go sleep.Bookmark here

I went to my room to go to sleep.Bookmark here

"Wait it is 10a.m. please go brush your teeth and bath and come to do your homework. Okay"Bookmark here

"Huh"Bookmark here

"Yep."Bookmark here

I took my bath and I was ready. I looked at the time. It was only 5 a.m.Bookmark here

"Teacher what is this didn't you say that it was 10 a.m. when I woke up and how come is it only 5 a.m. in this clock."Bookmark here

"Oops seems like I have made a mistake well you are awake anyways so go do your homework silently. Your parents were very exhausted when they came back."Bookmark here

"Oh okay. But you are really cruel teacher."Bookmark here

"Huh. Whatever."Bookmark here

"This women"Bookmark here

"Oi Itsuki do your homework here are your assignments."Bookmark here

"I am not doing it"Bookmark here

"Why not ?"Bookmark here

"Because you woke me up so early."Bookmark here

"You also sleepy very early that's why."Bookmark here

"Alright I can't take this anymore."Bookmark here

"I will tell you why I want you to finish your homeworks so soon.It is because we are going on a trip to Izu Peninsula this Sunday."Bookmark here

"Huh"Bookmark here

"Who are coming along."Bookmark here

"I asked our class but alot of people seemed to have plans already."Bookmark here

"So Akiyoshi,Akio, Miyoko,Miyu, Hirotoki and Misa are coming with us."Bookmark here

"Fine I am going to do my homework."Bookmark here

"Wow if I knew this would go so easily then I should have told you this earlier."Bookmark here

"Hmm"Bookmark here

It was 8 p.m. in the morning. Bookmark here

"Itsuki I have bought cookies for you since you are doing some hard work. Huh what you have been sleeping the when time."Bookmark here

"Wait I have only been thinking on how to do this project."Bookmark here

"Shut up you worthless creature. Punch"Bookmark here

"Ouch."Bookmark here

"Okay teacher I am sorry about that."Bookmark here

" I am not going to tolerate this any more."Bookmark here

" Huh teacher why are you taking that compass. Huh teacher. No what are you doing by spreading my fingers. What are you trying to do poke my fingers. I f you don't finish your homework the I will definitely poke them. Ahh ok ok don't get any close. I doing my homework."Bookmark here

"It took me only 30 minutes to finish all of my assignments but there were a bit messy but I don't mind at all."Bookmark here

"Finally you have completed your homework now we can all go Izu Peninsula."Bookmark here

"Wait did you ask permission from my mom yet."Bookmark here

"Yes of course I did. She said that she was fine with it if you finished your homework."Bookmark here

"Okay now all we have to do is wait."Bookmark here

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