Chapter 1:

Start of a New Life

Villain of Technology

My name is Anthony Date, an 18 years old boy who is the smartest person in the world. I am knowledgeable about everything specially in technology. I don't have parents anymore, living alone most of the time. When I was 8 years old, I was given a a nickname Villain of Technology  by a high tier villain who until now, I still don't know who. I just accept being called the Villain of Technology so that my real identity will kept secret. I love building, exploring, discovering new things that it's the only thing I did for the past 10 years with my newest invention Margo the most powerful AI there is and my first friend, with the ability to bypass everything and she also have her emotions. Right now I feel like I've done everything that I don't know what to do next.Bookmark here

"Anth you seems down", Margo said.Bookmark here

"Well I have nothing to do, you take over everything I supposed to do, like monitoring the world, discovering something and I'm doing the same thing over and over again that I want to do something new.", Anthony responded.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for doing everything, I just see you overdoing your works that you forget about your health.", Margo fells bad.Bookmark here

"Don't sorry, it's not your fault.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

[...]Bookmark here

"Anth, I have an idea. You said that you wanted to do something new, right?",  Margo said.Bookmark here

"Well yeah, but I've already done everything so---", Anthony lose hope.Bookmark here

"No, you haven't.", Margo is determined.Bookmark here

"Huh!?", Anthony is confused.Bookmark here

"You haven't experience a normal life, after your parents died, you shut yourself from the world.", Margo said.Bookmark here

"First of all, I'm a villain, Second, I can't socialize with other people.", Anthony responded.Bookmark here

"You can't socialize because you haven't done it before, what about trying to do it, and also I can keep your identity secret.", Margo said.Bookmark here

[After thinking about it]Bookmark here

"Ok, I'll try", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"I'm gonna enroll you in a university and I will take care of your profile.", Margo said.Bookmark here

"Me doing this doesn't mean that your free to do whatever you want, I'm still the boss, you should still report to me everything that is happening.", Anthony responded.Bookmark here

"I understand, Anth.", Margo said.Bookmark here

A couple days have passed and Margo enrolled me in a University with my fake profile but I told her to use my real name. I bought a school clothes that is very uncomfortable to me. Margo said that I need to live in a normal house to experience a normal life and also to hide my identity so Margo rent me an apartment. With the earpiece that is implanted inside my ears, I can communicate with Margo, with my multi-billion tech glasses, I can pretty much do things normal and with the new element that I discovered that can power my tech forever is very useful so that a won't run out of battery. I moved in the house and now prepared to start my new life.Bookmark here

[First Day of School]Bookmark here

I am nervously walking in the school with my heads down so that I can avoid having contact with other students but a guy approach me.Bookmark here

"My name in Neil Takao, you must be new here but I not so I'm willing to give you a tour." Neil said.Bookmark here

"Anthony Date, nice to meet you, but I already know the layout of the whole school so thanks for your concern.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

I continue to walk to my classroom, leaving Neil with a cold response. As my way to the room I bump into a girl holding a coffee and stain my uniform.Bookmark here

"I'm so sorry, I should've pay more attention to my surroundings and I stain your shirt."Bookmark here

"Don't apologize, It's my fault.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"But your shirt."Bookmark here

"Don't worry." [He grab his jacket inside his back and wears it]  "Thanks for your concern." [walks away]Bookmark here

When I get to the classroom I see Neil and the girl I bump in the same class as me. I Introduced myself to everyone and participate in class.Bookmark here

[Break Time]Bookmark here

I am sitting alone in the canteen, about to eat my food when the girl that I bump approach me.Bookmark here

"Hera Kamiyama, nice to meet you.", Hera is polite.Bookmark here

"What an interesting name, Hera the goddess of women and Kamiyama means god.", Anthony said,Bookmark here

[Hera is embarrassed and also amazed on why Anthony knew that]Bookmark here

"Anthony Date, nice to meet you too, why are you here.", Anthony responded.Bookmark here

"I want to apologize for what I did earlier and also can I join you.", Hera is sincere.Bookmark here

[Anthony nods and Hera sits next to him ]Bookmark here

Having a conversation with Hera makes my confidence go up and I'm happy that I am socializing with other people. Then Neil approach me.Bookmark here

"You already making a friend Anthony, I want to join too.",  Neil said.Bookmark here

"Ok", Anthony is cold.Bookmark here

Neil is a friend of Hera so it is much easier for us to communicate with each other. Someone approach me again.Bookmark here

"Lizzy Fukuhara, Class President, your gonna have to come with me Mr. Date.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

[Anthony sense that something's wrong]
"Ok... Margo prepare yourself" [Quietly]Bookmark here

I am so nervous that I'm shaking while going to the office.Bookmark here

"We notice in your document that there are some fake information.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"Like what!?", Anthony is confused.Bookmark here

"Your parents information are unbelievable, the school that you went in doesn't exist, which means your grades from that school is fake either.", Lizzy explained.Bookmark here

"Anth, I can take care of school but I can't take care of your parents information.", Margo said.Bookmark here

"Miss Fukuhara, my parents died when I was 8, I don't know what to put in the parents information because I live alone after that and for the school can you please look again.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"For the parents info, that's a reasonable defense but for the school, let me check again.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

[Fukuhara check the school and she's shock to see that the school exist, thanks to Margo for saving Anthony]Bookmark here

"Well, I suppose the school exist, I don't know why we can't find it early on, I'm sorry for taking your time Mr. Date and I'm also sorry for your lost.", Lizzy apologized.Bookmark here

"That's no problem, Miss Fukuhara, and also you can call me Anthony, excuse me.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Lizzy, just call me Lizzy.", Lizzy responded.Bookmark here

[Anth nods and leave]Bookmark here

What a relief! The second half of the class started and I feel more confident that I didn't look down and be shy thanks to my new friends Hera, Neil and maybe Lizzy. I go home with a smile on my face.Bookmark here

"I can see the joy in your face, Anth.", Margo is happy.Bookmark here

"Well, having a normal life wasn't bad at all.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"I'm glad that your having fun.", Margo is glad.Bookmark here

"Thanks to you for encouraging me to have a normal life--- You know I can build you a robot body right but you refuse.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"I rather be in your technology instead of being stuck in a robot because if the robot breaks, I also breaks but if I'm in your technology, no matter what bad things happened, I can always come back to you, Anth.", Margo responded.Bookmark here

"For you it's fine but for me not, starring at the wall talking to someone I can't see, I want to thank you for everything you did to me, I want to hug you tightly and take care of you, you know.", Anthony is happy.Bookmark here

[Anthony's glasses screen turns red and Margo said to herself as a response to Anthony]Bookmark here

"Baka!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Extra Information:Bookmark here

Margo - An AI of Anthony that is the most powerful AI in the world. It can do everything.Bookmark here

Implanted Earpiece - An earpiece that is implanted in the auditory canal in the ears. Used for communication with Margo.Bookmark here

Multi-Billion Tech Glasses - The most powerful glasses in the world. It is like a mini computer. It can scan a structure, X-Ray a body, be a computer, hack, bypass, everything.Bookmark here

New Element - An element discovered by Anthony that have a lot of electrical energy that it can power something for a billion years. Anthony didn't share it to everyone because the element can be use as a weapon.Bookmark here

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