Chapter 2:


Villain of Technology

A couple of days have passed and I'm getting used to living this life. I'm gaining popularity because I'm smart. Everyone can't believe my smartness that they think I am a human computer. I become helpful to other students who needed help. Me and Hera become much closer to each other. We talked to each other during breaks. We eat lunch together along side with Neil. But not everyone likes me. When I'm in the basketball court, someone approach me and I know that he hates me.Bookmark here

"You must be Date" [Angrily]Bookmark here

"My name is Leo Kobayashi"Bookmark here

"Anthony Date, nice to meet you", Anthony being polite.Bookmark here

*Leo angrily launch a punch to Anthony, With a quick reflex Anthony dodge his punch.Bookmark here

"What's wrong with you!", Anthony is confused.Bookmark here

*Leo keeps on attacking Anthony but Anthony keeps dodging his attacks until Leo loses balance and fall.Bookmark here

"STOP ALREADY! You're just gonna hurt your self.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

[Everyone was amazed by Anthony]Bookmark here

"I don't know why you attack me but I'm not gonna ask why, you can attack me whenever you want but your just wasting your energy so just stop. What about peace, lets be friends instead.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony offer his hand to help him get up and Leo quietly accept it and never said a word.Bookmark here

After the incident, Lizzy summoned me and Leo to talk about the scene that happened in the court. Hera and Neil are worried so they join us to the office.Bookmark here

"So, What's the whole story behind what happened in the court?", Lizzy asked.Bookmark here

*Anthony and Leo are both nervous to answer. Anthony's about to say something but---Bookmark here

"It was my fault, I launches a punch to Date. I got carried away. I'm sorry, Date, I'm sorry." Leo apologized.Bookmark here

"That's it?", Lizzy is confused.Bookmark here

Leo just nodded and Lizzy stop giving us questions and we leave the office. Leo didn't give a proper reason why he attack me so I look at his profile and now I understand. Leo is a childhood friend of Hera. They go at the same school so that's why. Leo is a joyful person in the past but when he grow mature, he started to become shy and makes his relationship with Hera far from each other. That's why he's angry at me, because he like Hera and he's jealous of us being together. He seems such a nice guy that I know that he can control himself.Bookmark here

A week has passed and my life is still fine. I still friends with Hera and Neil. Leo on other hand was not angry anymore. I help him if he needed help and even though he's shy, I know that he forgive me already. At the start of the class, our teacher introduce a late transferee named Alice Hajime. Bookmark here

When me, Hera and Neil are eating lunch together, Alice approaches us.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you all, Alice Hajime, can I eat lunch with you", Alice being polite.Bookmark here

We gladly accept her and we introduce ourselves to her. Based on her profile, she is majored in martial arts like karate, judo, aikido, and kendo. What a strong girl. Everyday, Alice join us and become part of our friendship group.Bookmark here

[A Month Later]Bookmark here

"Anth, You seems to be having a so much fun.", Margo said.Bookmark here

"Yes I am. I love school.", Anthony responded.Bookmark here

"Yeah, but school is temporary, what are you going to do next after this?", Margo is worried.Bookmark here

"What am I gonna do? Probably get back to my old self, I guess.", Anthony is unsure.Bookmark here

"I understand, you don't want to go back to your old self, you still have a lot of time to think on what to do next, don't hurry.", Margo said.Bookmark here

"Don't hurry? You ask me after a month of living my life, you are the one who is in hurry, Margo.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

*After that conversation, Anthony begins to think on what to do next.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Another day in school, Lizzy ask me to fixed the office computer because it is broken and I accept it. In the office, Lizzy introduce me to the vice president, Eugene Keiji and the secretary, Samantha Tomoko. Eugene Keiji is a smart guy who is in love with Lizzy and become a vice president to be with Lizzy. Samantha Tomoko is a friendly girl and she's been everyone's friend in the whole university and she's also wise. After knowing their profile, I started fixing the computer and they are amazed by my skills. I become friends with them and we have a little conversation.Bookmark here

"Lizzy, just a question, after you graduated, what are you gonna do next?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"It's already set in stone, I'm gonna join AVA.", Lizzy answered.Bookmark here

"I'll join too, wherever Lizzy go, I go.", Eugene responded.Bookmark here

"I'm going too", Sam responded too.Bookmark here

"What's AVA.", Anthony is confused.Bookmark here

"AVA stand for Anti-Villain Agency, in this world there's a lot of villain that needed to be capture for the peace of the world. You don't have to be graduated to join AVA, when AVA starts there recruitment for potential agents, we will join.", Lizzy answered.Bookmark here

"Anti-Villain Agency, Huh, I finished fixing the computer, I'll go now, excuse me.", Anthony is nervous.Bookmark here

[When he gets home]Bookmark here

"Anti-Villain Agency, what is that? I never heard of it before. If people find out that I am a villain, I will die. Hmmm... Why Lizzy wants to join AVA anyways." Anthony said.Bookmark here

*He check Lizzy's profile and past.Bookmark here

"Uh, Lizzy's mother has been killed by a serial killer, a low tier villain, now I understand.", Anthony continued.Bookmark here

I need to research about this AVA thing and also I have to be careful for now on.Bookmark here

"Margo, how's the prototype ATTOTECH?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"It's fully functional, Anth.", Margo responded.Bookmark here

"Then I'll wear it from now on.", Anthony is serious.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Extra Information:Bookmark here

ATTOTECH - atto means billion-billionth, smaller than nano. It is a technology that is a bracelet. It contains billion of carbon fibers to make Anthonys weapons.Bookmark here

Sensor Brain Implant - a sensor that is implanted in Anthonys brain that detects Anthonys thoughts to make his weapons using ATTOTECH.Bookmark here

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