Chapter 6:

Hot news in Zenaad

The broken bond

Diane's arrival made the dinner table merrier. Arna sat there observing everyone with a smile and laughter which made her heart fill with warmth. It is not easy to see every one mind at ease with Diane working undercover at a betrothal. They are always aware that her life can always be in danger if the noble who visits the betrothal discovers her identity.  Bookmark here

"Alright everyone, we need to talk after the meal. The resistant leaders will arrive here in an hour," Nano informed said in a serious tone. Everyone knew it won't be good. After dinner, they all sat around the table along with resistance leaders to discuss the matter at hand. Bookmark here

"Diane, what news do you bring us. "Bookmark here

"The rumor is that the crown prince will be replaced by the end of monsoon," she said. "Why though, it seems fishy. Why suddenly the rumors are spreading. Moreover, the crown prince seems more capable than the king or the second prince," Miguel asked curiously.Bookmark here

 "Miguel, the crown prince is capable than both of them but he discriminates his own people, He turns a blind eye to tax raises. He seems to be hostile towards Nihon which may lead to battle.   Although Zenaad is blessed with spirits and natural resources our country is still poor. Crime rates are increasing and people are starving. If he was a good leader he would have done something right? "Omar told him. Bookmark here

"Omar is right, It is also a known fact told that the crown prince is not bonded with a spirit. The people of Zenaad are superstitious. They believe that a person who is not bonded may be easy to be controlled by the gloom. That may be another reason. The crown prince may lose his throne to his brother. "Alex informed. Bookmark here

"The second prince is turning 15 so for more reasons, the crown prince can become a regular prince," Luna added. "Bookmark here

The crown prince has also found a way to control element user, By using a tamed gloom, "Nano informed everyone. Everyone's face turns dreadful "A tame gloom's power is unimaginable and if they tried to control it," Yerad the resistant leader from the south told panickly. "A user needs to use their gift freely no matter how powerful they may be. If they tried to keep the element users in control the user may die from too much mana stored in them. "Lexdon said. Bookmark here

"We need to act quickly before the brat does something irrational," Bermi the resistance leader of the north argues. " Why element users are dangerous, We are gathered here together to free the citizen from the noble not to free element users. If you're still pressed about element users then I will take my leave," Eimto Resistance leader of the west argues back. Rosalina the resistance leader of the east remained silents. Bookmark here

The tension on the table increased as someone slammed the table. Bookmark here

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