Chapter 5:

Diane's arrival

The broken bond

''Where did he go, " Arna confusingly looked around as Lexdon appeared beside her. It baffled Lexdon that someone came to pass the barrier and trespassed his forest. No one can pass the barrier without his permission. While thinking of any possible outcome of how a mere stranger got pass his barrier, "He was quite the looker don't you think, "Arna told shocking Lexdon. His little girl is growing up Lexdon thought to himself but he almost forgets the important part of why he was looking for her. Bookmark here

"You need to get home, Nano seems wounded from the raiding mission, "he said calmly. "Then why didn't you tell me sooner, "she told him while running towards home. Worried that her dear father is hurt by some noble, scared that she would be alone once again. She ran as fast as her feet could carry her. Bookmark here

Suddenly the earth began to rumble causing her to lose her pace. She fell to the ground and heard someone chuckling. "Wow Arna, you didn't even sense that an attack is coming your way," making her sigh. "Stop messing around Diane," she told while throwing an ice dagger towards the tree branches. Bookmark here

"Aww but I miss my baby sis, I just wanna have some fun," Diane jumped down to face Arna. Diane was the firstborn or rather the eldest among Nano kids. She was a gifted element user since the moment of her bonding ritual. She was the one who invented a short-range fighting style for element users. Bookmark here

Element users are well verse when the attack is long range but in short-range they are at disadvantage. Diane saw this as a problem. So she invented a fighting style by creating weapons using the element. She was good at using every element while Arna was good at the water element.Bookmark here

"Dad's hurt Diane, I need to see him," Arna with an irritated tone. "Luna is patching him up, Don't worry, You know Luna is good with injury and stuff,".Bookmark here

"Yeah you're right, "Arna told her while freezing her feet. Bookmark here

"Come on Arna, Fight us fair and square, " Diane spirit Nel pouted. "Hello Nel and no I need to get to dad,"  she left her sister with her frozen feet. Bookmark here

Arna went inside her home as soon she arrived. She saw her dad in good shape while preparing for dinner. Behind her were Lexdon and Diane laughing with tears in their eyes. "You should seen your face," Lexdon cracked up. "Do you really think that dad, the head mage of the Council getting hurt by some weak noble," Diane added while laughing. Bookmark here

Little did they know that they were gonna witness Arna's wrath before nightfall. Bookmark here

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