Chapter 7:

Angry Arna

The broken bond

"You narrow-sighted idiot, "Arna exclaimed with rage which drew everyone's attention at the gathering. "Everyone in this kingdom is equal and needs saving from those high-born jerks. Do you think that by saving weapon users only the country will be at peace? Don't you think the element users wouldn't want revenge went we take back this country? Seriously being the head of the resistance is that you want good for everyone. Not to make your own agenda come to life. If you said or do anything that may harm the people of Zenaad and the resistance, I will take you down as the leader and replace you with someone more competent. I will make sure you won't see another day with your body parts intact,".Arna huffed as she walked out of the room causing Lexdon a headache. The entrance door slammed indicating that she had left home to calm down. 

Diane and Alex smirked knowing that Arna had put Emito in his place. Luna also smiled when Emito put his head down in shame. Others who gathered around looked satisfied with Emito's humiliation. "Emito we agreed to join forces because you cared about the people. But it seems like you have displeasure against element users. It looks like we were wrong," Omar stated. "We do not want an ally who discriminates against people based on their gift. Change your thinking or consequences will be dire, "Nano warns. 

They resume their meeting without Arna. Arna went to the training ground to throw some fireballs to increase her accuracy. "Your fire element works well when you're angry," commented Luciana. Arna kept quiet while throwing fireballs suddenly an arrow passed through her and hit her target dummy. 

"Arna you shouldn't walk put like that," a voice called out to her. She turns her head towards the direction of the voice. It was none other than her little brother Miguel. "Your aim is getting good," she praised her brother. Miguel flushed with the sudden compliment but quickly return to reality. 

Miguel wanted to inform what the resistance but she silences him by saying "Careful Miguel even the trees may have ears,". Suddenly a blood-curling shriek was heard through the forest which made shocked and confused. It also made them scared and worried as no one can enter the forest without Lexdon's permission also everyone from the resistance also left. Miguel was the one who leads them out of the forest. So who was it? Without giving it much thought both of them ran towards the screeching hoping it wasn't their foe .