Chapter 8:

Cafe talk

Last Man Alive

The cafe was right at the middle of all the buildings. They both reached their destination. The place was quite just like the rest of the city. They entered through the door without making too much sound. Bookmark here

The room was not too small and not too big. A perfect place to relax. Lots of tables and chairs were placed there. The room was completely shut and there wasn't a single window present.Bookmark here

They both sat on the chairs. A big table laid between them on which both of them put their bags.Bookmark here

Raiden took out a water bottle from his bag and handled it over to Joel. Then another one for himself. Bookmark here

They both took a big sip out of the bottles almost getting it half emptied.Bookmark here

"That felt a lot better," Joel chuckled.Bookmark here

"Sure it did."Bookmark here

Joel put his bag down trying to get a good view of Raiden's face. "So can we freely talk about things here?"Bookmark here

"Sure we can." Raiden did the same, he put his bag down. "There are no zombies in this area. I killed them all."Bookmark here

"That's good then because i have a lot of things to ask about." Bookmark here

"Well you can ask me whatever you want." Raiden folded his hands.Bookmark here

"Okay then, how the hell this damned thing started?" Joel asked as he shifted a little ahead.Bookmark here

"Huh? You don't know that? It was the first thing to be announced all over the world. What were you doing living in the jungles?"Bookmark here

"That sure is the case i was in a jungle when the virus broke out."Bookmark here

Raiden was a little surprised.Bookmark here

"I was the military commander during the Second Russo - Japanese War."Bookmark here

"So you are a Russian?" Raiden asked.Bookmark here

"No." Joel responded. "I may not look like it but I'm half Japanese. Five years ago when the virus broke out, we the Japanese army fought against the Russian on their land. We had infiltrated their country and were successful in securing one of their cities. The war dragged out long and we had to make our way across the jungle to reach their main capital. It wasn't easy and before we knew we were lost. Those Russians took this opportunity to attack us and our deadly battle started in jungle.Bookmark here

We spent lots of days inside the jungle. Fighting the Russians and surviving was difficult. We killed their soldiers, they killed ours. It was a long battle so we had to camp inside the jungle but one day those zombies appeared out of nowhere. The battlefield was swarming with zombies and Russians."Bookmark here

"So then both Japan and Russia fought together against the zombies right?" Raiden interrupted in the middle.Bookmark here

"Nope. Even in the crisis we were given the orders to fight against the Russians. Both Japan and Russia saw the crisis as an opportunity to take over other's nation as due to zombies their military power were getting incredibly low. So we fought each other and zombies too. I spent four months in the jungle after the virus broke out, fighting the dead and Russians and when i finally came out I was the only survivor. Everyone else died. The Russians, my comrades and everyone in the Russia was dead."Bookmark here

"That must have been so tough," Raiden comforted.Bookmark here

Joel took a big sigh, "Nevermind all that, tell me whatever happened in Tokyo that day."Bookmark here

"Okay. So it all started in a research facility in Tokyo. A scientist who was working on a formula to bring back the dead to life accidentally created the virus. The facility had a automatic system which completely seals the facility if any harmful virus is leaked out of the lab to prevent it from reaching the environment. The people in the facility were trapped inside for 7 days until they all turned into the zombie but there was only one survivor, that guy survived 7 days of hell and gave the world the intel about what happened inside the facility."Bookmark here

"So what happened inside?" Joel asked desperately.Bookmark here

"Ahh he told us everything about the formula they were trying to make and how he survived 7 days inside. Instead of panicking like others he just hid in one place and didn't move a little for the next seven days. But that's not the interesting part, the interesting part is how the virus evolved"Bookmark here

"The virus evolved? What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Yes it evolved. At the very beginning when the virus broke out in the laboratory, it took 3 days for someone to turn into a zombie but when the virus came in contact to the environment and new hosts it evolved. As the virus spread more it's time of action became shorter. And at last before everyone died it's time of action was a mere of 5 minutes. See it evolved that much. I bet it would have evolved much more if humanity was alive."Bookmark here

"3 days huh that must be the reason it transported to different countries without being noticed."Bookmark here

"That sure is one of the reasons but there was something else because if which the virus traveled outside Japan."Bookmark here

"And what was it?"Bookmark here

"The Japanese government tried to use the zombies as biological weapons."Bookmark here

Joel slammed the palm of his hand against the table. "Ridiculous," he shouted.Bookmark here

"Calm down buddy I know it's unbelievable but it is the truth how the virus spread all over the world."Bookmark here

"How do you know this?" Joel asked. "If that is the truth then it must be a top secret info that they wouldn't reveal in public"Bookmark here

"Yes it was top secret. I never knew about it until the very end, when i found a cop who told me everything."Bookmark here

"A cop?"Bookmark here

"Yes. There aren't many people in this world like her. Even if all the Japan was destroyed and no hopes were left she tried to save as many as possible, she didn't lose hope. I'm sitting in front of you because of her. If she wasn't there I'm sure I would have lost all hopes and probably died."Bookmark here

Joel's palm which slammed on the table turned into a fist. His face turned red full of anger and veins showed up from the side of his forehead. "So the japanese threw those zombies on the battlefield on purpose. They didn't even care out our soldiers. How dare they did something like that."Bookmark here

"No point in getting all worked up now," Raiden said. "They all already died 5 years ago, not just them but no one is alive in this world except the two of us."Bookmark here

All the pressure in Joel's fist and forehead went away. He couldn't believe what he heard just now so he asked to confirm it. "Everyone else is dead?"Bookmark here

"Yeah dude you heard me right everyone else died."Bookmark here

"So you mean these zombies killed every human on the earth?"Bookmark here

"Nah these zombies are weak they aren't capable of doing something like that. Just think, these zombies who weren't even able to kill the two of us in this past 5 years how could they have killed the whole humanity?"Bookmark here

"Then who?" Joel's sweat dropped down from his forehead.Bookmark here

"It was a group called B-7 who wiped out the humanity."Bookmark here

"A group called B-7?"Bookmark here

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