Chapter 9:


Last Man Alive

"Yes, a group called B-7 wiped out the humanity." Bookmark here

"What kind of ground?"Bookmark here

"A group of 7 zombies."Bookmark here

Joel looked surprised and annoyed at the same time. "Look it's no time to be joking around." He could tell by the face of Raiden that he wasn't joking but Joel didn't want to believe what he just heard.Bookmark here

"I know it's hard to believe but that is just it. Those 7 seven zombies killed everyone. I saw their massacre with my own eyes."Bookmark here

"But how is it possible? Just 7 zombies killing everyone it doesn't make sense."Bookmark here

"Those 7 weren't normal, they were super human… or super zombie, whatever. They were powerful like hell. With just a jump they could cross hundreds of miles. "Bookmark here

"Raiden. I can't understand whatever shit you are saying explain it in detail." Joel sounded frustrated. It was normal for anyone to get frustrated after hearing something so bizzare like that.Bookmark here

"Okay. I'm again starting from the very beginning so listen closely and no questions when I'm explaining. You will just get more confused by asking questions."Bookmark here

Joel nodded firmly.Bookmark here

"Okay, so as you know everything started 5 years ago when the virus was accidentally created in one of the research facility in Tokyo. And the infected people of the research facility were trapped inside the facility for 7 days, well they all turned into zombies except for one as i had told you before. After 7 days the fuel which operated the facility's system ran out and all the doors were unlocked, that is how the virus broke out in Tokyo and later the lab was named as 'Lab of The Dead'.Bookmark here

That day i was there too when those lab members ran on the streets biting anyone which got in their way. As i told you before that the virus took 3 days to show it's effect so the virus spread slowly.Bookmark here

It was slow at the beginning but later it picked up speed. And before we knew no one was allowed to leave Tokyo. They confined us and zombies inside by putting big and large walls all around Tokyo."Bookmark here

"Walls? What does that mean?" Joel asked.Bookmark here

"I told you no questioning while I'm giving the explanation so shut your hole down."Bookmark here

Joel had a lot of questions to ask but he held them inside.Bookmark here

"So they carried big blocks of stone around 50 feet long via giant helicopters and turned Tokyo into a cage. At first I thought they did that so the zombies couldn't escape but later I came to know that it was all a part of their plan. All they wanted was the large amount of bio weapon. They wanted to turn everyone in Tokyo into zombie so that they can use them in war."Bookmark here

"Unbelievable," Joel was shocked. "So the virus was not created just by an accident?"Bookmark here

"That is what I think….. Just think about it, they didn't have any time to prepare large blocks for the wall but when the time came it was already there as if it was planned beforehand and no one even came to rescue us, we had to survive that hell on our own."Bookmark here

Joel nodded in anger as he completely agreed with Raiden. Bookmark here

"Somehow we climbed the wall and made it to the other side but later the zombies found their way out too. And that was when the situation became totally out of Japanese government's hand. Bookmark here

I guess the situation was same in Russia too and the virus also reached other countries. It was also a work of government or it happened naturally i don't know about that but it spread real fast after that.Bookmark here

Well the world somehow survived the next 4 months. Actually the zombies became a lot easier to handle after some time as we started to know their weaknesses. The zombie had lost all of their senses except for hearing. Everyone took advantage of that. Guns, bombs or anything that produced sound were prohibited and sharp weapons like swords and machete were used. There were even some countries which didn't have any zombies like US, Canada, India and many more. There were so less deaths for the time being until the B-7 appeared."Bookmark here

Joel was dying to hear about the B-7 but Raiden took some time drinking water from his bottle.Bookmark here

"B-7 is the name of a group of 7 normal zombies which were used in an experiment."Bookmark here

"Experiment?"Bookmark here

"Yes. An experiment in order to create a vaccine. There was some kind of scientist who worked on those 7 zombies. But his experiment was a failure. Instead of vaccine he made monsters. Those monsters killed that scientist first, then distributed themselves in 7 different continents. Bookmark here

Those 7 were killing machines. They didn't care about food or anything, they just smashed everyone's head without any discrimination. Men, women and even children, they didn't hesitate even once and smashed their heads."Bookmark here

After hearing the word "smash" Joel dropped a heartbeat. A sudden pain arrived in his heart. A shiver thrill in his back. He grabbed his T Shirt at the point where his heart was. He trembled, mixed emotions of fear and anger took over him.Bookmark here

"Joel!" He snapped out of it when Raiden shouted at him. "What's wrong?"Bookmark here

Joel turned back to his normal state. "I didn't want to believe that at first so I just assumed that as a weird dream."Bookmark here

"Believe what?" Raiden asked.Bookmark here

"The death of my comrades." Joel looked at Raiden in his eyes. "It wasn't just me who survived the jungle but some of my comrades survived too. We won against the Russians and found our way out of the jungle. But, just as you said earlier, a zombie much more looking like a human landed in front of us from the sky. It was more like a long jump and he landed on his bare foot. And in an instant he smashed everyone's head. After killing everyone he just stared at my face and then again jumped off."Bookmark here

"You mean, you met face to face with one of those and he let you live." Raiden was shocked. "But why?"Bookmark here

"I have no clue. I don't know why it even happened and I just assumed it was a bad dream."Bookmark here

Raiden took out a big sigh. "So they killed everyone in the world except for you."Bookmark here

Joel shifted his eyebrows up. "They didn't kill you too right? Or are you some kind of ghost."Bookmark here

"I survived out of pure luck."Bookmark here

"Luck? How?"Bookmark here

"Well just before those B-7 attacked the whole world I climbed over the wall which surrounded the Tokyo and I just laid down on the flat surface of the wall at the upper most point which was around 50 feets above. I saw the destruction outside Tokyo with my own eyes. But for some reason they didn't climb the wall or even looked inside Tokyo to find any survivor.Bookmark here

They killed everyone in the world within just 2 months but somehow they didn't kill you."Bookmark here

Raiden looked tired as he thought about the reason. What the hell happened to this world, he thought. Bookmark here

I wonder that too, this was Sheila's voice.Bookmark here

Oh Sheila you are back.Bookmark here

Yup and congrats on finding one survivor now you won't feel lonely any moreBookmark here

Oh, thanks, though i didn't feel lonely before because i had you all this time with me.Bookmark here

Raiden continued to talk to Sheila inside his mind. He seemed more relaxed on his chair. More happy. He talked to Sheila about everything he discussed with Joel. But after some while his world shook. A loud voice, snap out of it, he heard in his mind.Bookmark here

He opened his eyes and found Joel leaned towards him and shaking him by his shoulders.Bookmark here

"Hello! You lost or something?" Joel called out Bookmark here

Raiden corrected his posture, "Ahh nothing I'm just a little tired. Anyway that was how i survived and after that I started my new life alone."Bookmark here

Joel let out a sigh. "When did this world become so bizzare?"Bookmark here

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