Chapter 7:


Last Man Alive

The man drove the car at it's full speed. Bookmark here

Raiden sat on the front right seat and the man on his left. He still couldn't believe his eyes that he really found a survivor. He just sat there glaring at the man. He wanted to talk to him but couldn't speak. Bookmark here

He forgot to speak in these past 5 years.Bookmark here

The man finally took his eyes off the road and gave Raiden a cheerful look. He looked more older than Raiden but his smile was even more childish.Bookmark here

"I can't believe my eyes," the man finally spoke up. Bookmark here

Raiden could relate and wanted to say same but words didn't come out of his mouth. Bookmark here

"Hey! just speak up something, I'm dying to hear a voice"Bookmark here

Raiden shifted his gaze off the man and took a deep breath, he tried mumming some words then fixed his gaze again on the man.Bookmark here

He opened his mouth a little, shifting his tongue up and down he tried to make a sentence out of it.Bookmark here

Then finally words came out from his mouth, "Dude are you for real?"Bookmark here

The man bursted out in laughter. Seeing him laugh like that Raiden also lost control of himself and laughed like crazy. Bookmark here

"Never knew in these 5 years something would sound so funny," the man said.Bookmark here

"Hahaha sure didn't," Bookmark here

They both again looked at each other with a big smile and laughter. Bookmark here

"I legit thought that humanity has gone extinct but finally finding a survivor makes my heart feel relieved," Man said.Bookmark here

"Same dude, I thought I was the Last Man Alive on Earth but guess not." Raiden looked so happy that time, he forgot about all the world, the zombies and everything.Bookmark here

"I'm Raiden," he continued. "What's your name?"Bookmark here

"Joel" the man answered. Bookmark here

"Cool name."Bookmark here

"Yours too." Bookmark here

Their car kept taking turns every now and then. Left, right, straight, again left, once more left, they made their way around the big buildings and zombies were right behind their trails.Bookmark here

"So what are you doing here in hokkaido?" Raiden asked.Bookmark here

"What work do I have in this world other than exploring?"Bookmark here

"Haha that is certainly true."Bookmark here

"Well not just exploring but I also wanted to personally see that damned city from where it all began." Bookmark here

"So you are going to Tokyo?"Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

Raiden jabbed his thumb towards himself. "Well i can be your guide in this journey especially when i have nothing to do other than that." Bookmark here

"Thanks a lot, it will be a huge favor." Joel said, sarcastically.Bookmark here

"No problem man. I have lived alone in these past 5 years and every time I only wanted to meet a survivor. And finally now after these years i found a survivor, i won't lose sight of you so easily." Bookmark here

"Yeah yeah I won't let you die either." Bookmark here

"Haha you can become my bodyguard if you want "Bookmark here

"Hahaha"Bookmark here

Then they both kept laughing most of the time while roaming around the city as zombies chased them all the way.Bookmark here

Joel pointed towards the fuel tank. "It's time to stop I guess." Bookmark here

It was low, almost empty.Bookmark here

"They are right behind us, how do we lose them?" Raiden asked.Bookmark here

Joel boosted the car which made a large distance between the zombies and them. "I have a plan."Bookmark here

"Mind explaining?" Raiden asked as he searched for a seat belt but didn't find.Bookmark here

Joel took out a knife from underneath his seat. "Just wait and watch." He impaled his knife below the steering wheel where a space opened and different colors of wires hanged out from it. Bookmark here

Raiden couldn't see which wire he grabbed and cut with his knife but as soon as he did that a loud noise of beep came from the car. A never ending sound.Bookmark here

"You must have understood what we are going to do right?" Joel shouted in that loud beep noise.Bookmark here

"Yeah I pretty much have the idea," Raiden exclaimed.Bookmark here

They covered a lot distance from the zombies and drove with the full speed at the straight road. Bookmark here

A large building awaited them at the end of the road but the road continued by the left side of that large building. Bookmark here

They reached the building and Joel pushed the brakes and turned the car so it could face leftwards. "Hold tight," he screamed. The car slid through the road leaving the mark of dragged tires behind.Bookmark here

It came to a stop right outside the building. Bookmark here

Both of them made a jump for it and ran to the left where the road continued.Bookmark here

Raiden saw a glimpse of it what came coming from the left, a very big horde of zombies. That scene reminded him of the events which happened 5 years ago at the chamber. But he felt relieved at that moment as all zombies ran towards the car completely ignoring those two runners.Bookmark here

They covered a long way running and stopped when they exhausted themselves. Mainly Raiden was the exhausted one, Joel only stopped when he saw Raiden losing his breath. Bookmark here

Raiden hands on his knees, taking big amount of air in and out. Bookmark here

They both looked backwards. They couldn't see the car as zombies were all over it but could hear the sound of beep pretty clearly.Bookmark here

"Let's go," Joel whispered.Bookmark here

Raiden nodded and stood up, ready to go as far from the zombies.Bookmark here

They started their slow walk and went ahead. Bookmark here

Raiden starred at Joel still couldn't believe he found a survivor.Bookmark here

Now as they both walked on the ground Raiden could see Joel had a bigger height than him, he also had quite some muscles. Bookmark here

Short hairs, brown eyes, a clean shaved face, he was pretty good at maintaining his body as compared to Raiden.Bookmark here

It was noon and sun was above their heads. The scorching heat of the sun was unbearable. They walked for quite a while on the big and empty road. Bookmark here

It was then Raiden who spoke up. "There is a cafe up ahead we should rest there for a while"Bookmark here

"Yeah," Joel agreed. "I'm really thirsty."Bookmark here

"You should have told me that." Raiden pointed by his thumb towards his bag on his back. "I have water bottles in there."Bookmark here

That was when he noticed Joel also carried a bag on his back. He must had taken it from the car during the time when they both ran.Bookmark here

"Then you should have told me that sooner," Joel replied with a sigh. "Never mind that, let's just go to the cafe."Bookmark here

Raiden noded and they walked ahead towards the cafe.Bookmark here

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