Chapter 8:

Touching Reunion

The Past in The Present

“Oh yeah…I forgot…” His voice, which reached no one under the dark sky, was filled with regret.Bookmark here

Kicking the ground, he was soon assaulted by a mass of dirt from the wind blowing it into his face, leaving him lying on the ground, in front of the school building which was now empty at night.Bookmark here

What now?Bookmark here

While unable to think of what to do next, his phone began to ring.Bookmark here

No…it’s not possible…Bookmark here

He immediately recognized the ringtone, that he set to ring for only one contact. Memories flooded his mind along with the tears that overwhelmed him. Grabbing his phone and read the contact, immediately answering the call.Bookmark here

“Thank goodness, you finally answered. I’ve been trying to call you for a while now, dinners ready so hurry on home, okay?”Bookmark here

“Is that you?” His ragged voice anxiously came out of his mouth, as he swiftly back up.Bookmark here

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”Bookmark here

Chuckling he wiped the sea of tears that been rupturing from his eyes with his sleeve and wore a bitter smile.Bookmark here

“No, it’s nothing, I’m outside the house so come let me in okay.”Bookmark here

“Can’t you just come in like usua-, I’ll be right there dear.”Bookmark here

“Thanks.”Bookmark here

He noticed himself tapping his feet on the ground as he heard the steps growing louder. Soon the front door opened, letting out the bright light from inside. A figure that he remembered all too well stood in front of him at the entrance.Bookmark here

“Welcome back home Mena.” With a lovely voice, she opened her arms and welcomed him.”Bookmark here

Nothing else mattered right now, not even the matter with Louise, because right here, in front of him…Bookmark here

“Yeah…I-I’m Back Mom!”Bookmark here

Hugging her with all his strength, he cried out to her.Bookmark here

I don’t care why or how this happened, but right now…I won’t make the same mistake twice.Bookmark here

Completely forgetting that he had been down in the dumps until just a few minutes ago, he smiles brightly and laughs to himself.Bookmark here

“I’ve missed you, so much.” Reminiscing, he embraced her even more. “I’m never letting you leave me again, okay? I have so much to tell you, so I can promise that it won’t be boring.”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I’m never bored when I’m with you after all.” Sweetly replying to him, she rubbed his back gently.Bookmark here

“You’re really here, right?” he asked her, with genuine sincerity.Bookmark here

“I’m right here Mena, I’m not going anywhere.” Reassuring him softly, she continued to caress his back.Bookmark here

“Leaving me all alone like that…is too unfair. I patiently waited too; you know?” Feeling genuine bliss, he rambled on about his frustrations with her. Until…Bookmark here

THUDBookmark here

Falling to the ground, exhausted, Mena made a loud thud as his body reached the groundBookmark here

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Bookmark here

He feels a tug on his sleeve and turns to the side.Bookmark here

I’m glad I could see you again. It seems you still haven’t recovered fully yet.Bookmark here

His field of view was completely devoid of any light. Bookmark here

Huh? Who is that?Bookmark here

If you beg me, then I could give you a hint.Bookmark here

With no sense of direction coming from the strange voice, he refrained from checking his surroundings any further.Bookmark here

“You’re from before, aren’t you?”Bookmark here

I’m glad you’ve managed to remember more. You really are good, to be able to figure that out all on your own even though you’ve forgotten everything else.Bookmark here

“So, why are you here?”Bookmark here

Well, aren’t you going to do your thing again?Bookmark here

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”Bookmark here

Aren’t you going run back again without getting any more than last time?Bookmark here

“Again, I don’t get what you mean. Do I really have a knack for running away?”Bookmark here

You have the answers you need, yet you stubbornly refuse to accept them. Continuing to let your greed for the perfect ending will cost you your life.Bookmark here

Cold air presses against his face and he looks around questioning its presence.Bookmark here

Well, it looks like I’m out of time again. I do hope you do well, and for being able to remember me after all of this I’ll even give you a helping hand this time. Goodbye, for now.Bookmark here

Staring at the roof above him with a blank expression he turns to the side to see his room, only brightened by the moon’s faint glow.Bookmark here

What a dream to have, first that fire, and now ‘him’. Was that really a dream or was he purposefully messing with me, because if it was the latter then he is so getting it later.Bookmark here

He stretched his arms out to his sides on his bed, letting out a sigh of relief.Bookmark here

I’m not running back anymore. Even if I barely have any time left.Bookmark here

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