Chapter 7:

Cruel Irony

The Past in The Present

Does she feel the same way I do?Bookmark here

Pulling back to face Louise, he was met with a warm smile that could sooth his soul, her wavering eyes that shone brightly with a glossy reflection of himself appearing in them that washed away all his worries, and her gently reddened cheeks that would sometimes cause his control to waver.Bookmark here

Is this…real?Bookmark here

Unable to comprehend the completely foreign situation that he was in, he sat there still. Bookmark here

“Geez, I really didn’t expect you to…say that all of sudden. I’m like really happy that you feel the same way I do…I’m just, so so happy!” Unable to bear the silence anymore she lets out her honest feelings gleefully, with a bashful expression that caused his heart to ache even more.Bookmark here

“All this time…” Tears peacefully gliding down his cheeks, he shakily muttered something under his breath, just barely loud enough for her to hear his words. “…I always thought…it was okay.” His lips quivered frantically, and his nose became stuffy. “That I would…someday get used to it.” His gaze went down as he recalled memories that he would feel guilt over. “It hurt…more and more…each time it happened...” Fully aware that she wouldn’t have the needed context to understand what he was saying, he adamantly continued cry out his sorrows. “…but, hearing you lie to me right now, hurts even more than the entire world rejecting me.” Looking up again to face her with an intense gaze, he continues with tears still flowing down his face. “I told you, didn’t I? I want to hear your honest feelings, I love you, for how considerate you are for others while also hiding the fact with your playful personality, you’re always excited to help someone out if they need help and if they felt guilty you would even try to make it seem like you did it for your own benefit by pretending to have arrogant attitude, and when you’re embarrassed you try to play it off cooly so no one notices you blushing. The last thing I want is for you to lie to me like tha-“ Before he could finish what he was saying, he felt something warm.Bookmark here

His heart was racing, and his mind failed to process the soft touch that had pressed against his bodyBookmark here

Why? Why is she…kissing me?Bookmark here

Her eyes were closed shut and her constant breathing tickled him slightly. A blissful experience that he shouldn’t have been allowed to feel, was forced upon him. After a moment, she pulled back and her eyes opened to show a tint of rage that he couldn’t ignore.Bookmark here

“Are you some special kind of idiot!?” Completely infuriated, with tears welling up in her eyes, she cried out to him confused with his ridiculous behavior.Bookmark here

Grabbing his collar, she pulls him closer to her and slaps his face with all the power she could muster.Bookmark here

“What the hell do you think I am? Some kind of Goddess that needs to be worshipped from afar? You’re so stupid!” Slamming her forehead into his, she sent him falling down onto her bed and she proceeded to mount him.Bookmark here

“God! I’m so pissed at you right now!” Her eyes, now burning with rage, were locked on him.Bookmark here

However, after silence ensued, her tears began drop endlessly onto his now loose shirt. To she was simply a little sad would be a misunderstanding in every definition of the word. Sobbing loudly, she buried her face into his chest.Bookmark here

“Is it really okay…” Finally speaking up, he asked her with his voice trembling. “…for me to get what I want this time?” Upon hearing his question, she looked up at him and got up, allowing him to sit up as well. Bookmark here

Wait, this position is kind of…Bookmark here

With her sitting in his lap directly in front of him, his mind blanked until he felt something pulling on his face.Bookmark here

“This…has kinda gotten out of hand, huh.” Also realizing the position they were in, Louise embarrassingly commented on their current predicament.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m…sorry for upsetting you like that, and thank you.” With a heartfelt apology, he embraced her once again.Bookmark here

“I humbly accept your apology, and I’m glad you understand my feelings properly now. Thank you for hearing me out Mena.” Bookmark here

In that moment, everything stopped for him.Bookmark here

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