Chapter 14:

21 Versus 1

Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

The atmosphere was tense.Bookmark here

The old factory was now used as a place for the 21 versus 1 brawl.Bookmark here

The members of 'The Owls of Tokyo' surrounded Kazuma completely.Bookmark here

“...four? No, I guess I will start with six.” Kazuma mumbled.Bookmark here

“Get him!” Ryuuji ordered his people.Bookmark here

“Yes, sir!” they yelled.Bookmark here

Thus, the 21 delinquents started to storm at Kazuma.Bookmark here

Kazuma took a deep breath after he finished thinking about his first move.Bookmark here

He began to sprint to the guy in front of him. The person had no kind of weapon and therefore only raised his fist in preparation for a punch.Bookmark here

“Haaa!” the guy shouted as he tried to punch Kazuma.Bookmark here

However, Kazuma elegantly dodged the punch aimed at his face effortlessly and used the momentum to throw the guy over his shoulder.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

The other members were baffled for a moment.Bookmark here

Kazuma took a few steps back so he could escape the circle. Now he was not surrounded anymore and did not have to worry about a surprise attack from behind.Bookmark here

With nothing to worry about anymore, Kazuma moved to the second phase of his plan. Showing his dominance.Bookmark here

“Damn, that bastard took me by surprise!” the guy who was thrown to the ground finally got up with an angry look in his face.Bookmark here

“Let's get serious now.” Kazuma said to himself as he ran to the group.Bookmark here

“Is he crazy!?” a member commented in confusion.Bookmark here

“Don't let your guard down! Attack him!” Ryuuji, who was in the back of the group now, ordered.Bookmark here

In that moment, Kazuma was already in front of the same guy he threw over his shoulders.Bookmark here

“?!”Bookmark here

Crack.Bookmark here

Kazuma landed a heavy punch on his nose causing it to break.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

The guy fell again and did not move anymore due to his unconsciousness.Bookmark here

“One down.” Kazuma counted.Bookmark here

Not wasting time, he moved to the person next to him who let his guard down.Bookmark here

“H-huh?” the person did not expect Kazuma being already in front of him and only raised his arms so he could defend a punch.Bookmark here

But this time Kazuma's punch was aimed at the stomach.Bookmark here

Bam.Bookmark here

The guy puked as he fell on his knees.Bookmark here

“Two.”Bookmark here

Kazuma continued to mow down their numbers. But with the enemies also finally beginning to strike back, it took Kazuma longer to reach the number that he set as a goal.Bookmark here

Kazuma punched and got punched. He received more hits than he dealt on his own. Kicks, punches, iron pipes, bats, iron knuckles; Kazuma felt everything as he continued to fight back.Bookmark here

As time went on, the number of hits he took got smaller and smaller until they eventually stopped.Bookmark here

“9.”Bookmark here

Kazuma spat blood on the ground and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.Bookmark here

“W-what is he...” the members were shocked by the scene in front of their eyes.Bookmark here

It was a sight to behold. A line of nine bodies was formed behind Kazuma whose white shirt was now covered in dirt and blood. Was all the blood his or theirs? He did not know and did not care. But he achieved the goal of the second phase of his plan. After he took down nine people, the other 12's will to fight sank tremendously.Bookmark here

“Who's next...” he turned around to face them.Bookmark here

Kazuma was by no means an invincible human. He had his limits and he knew them. Therefore, he began to wobble when he moved his body and his eyes looked more exhausted than usual. He was about to collapse.Bookmark here

“How about another deal? You will provide me with information and I will let you all go.”Bookmark here

Kazuma had to bluff. There was no way that he could beat them all up in his current state. But he wanted information.Bookmark here

“W-what should we do, Fujiwara-san?” the members turned to Ryuuji who was the leader of this operation.Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

Everyone believed Kazuma's bluff. Yet Ryuuji was the only one who was thinking about it. Will he call the bluff? Kazuma started to sweat nervously.Bookmark here

“Under one condition. You have to beat three of the remaining people. The others won't interfere.” Ryuuji stated.Bookmark here

“Fine.”Bookmark here

Kazuma agreed to the condition because there was no other way.Bookmark here

Ryuuji was suspicious about Kazuma's current state. Was he really able to beat the others up or was it just a bluff? He was not sure so he had to test Kazuma by putting the condition on the table.Bookmark here

Kazuma knew that Ryuuji wanted to test him to clear his doubts. If Kazuma had shown any signs of hesitation or if he had declined the condition, the bluff would have been surely called.Bookmark here

“Alright. It'll be me and those two.” Ryuuji pointed with his thumb to the back where two people with the same stature as him were standing.Bookmark here

“Tch.” Kazuma clicked his tongue silently.Bookmark here

If they were some average fighters, Kazuma could have seen a chance to somehow win the fight but reality betrayed him. Almost completely exhausted, it would be a close match against someone like Ryuuji but now there were two others who seemed like they were as experienced as Ryuuji.Bookmark here

He needed a strategy. However, he could not think properly.Bookmark here

“Let's start this!” Ryuuji said while he took up his fighting stance.Bookmark here

The other two were also prepared as one of them took an iron pipe and the other iron knuckles.Bookmark here

Kazuma stepped forward.Bookmark here

“You will regret this.” he mocked them.Bookmark here

Kazuma decided to knock out the guy with the iron knuckles first.Bookmark here

Even though the guy knew that Kazuma aimed at him, he stayed calm and even put his hands in his pockets.Bookmark here

Bonk.Bookmark here

Before Kazuma's punch connected, he was hit on the head with an iron pipe.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

Consequently, Kazuma fell to the ground. Blood started to flow out of his head as the ground around his head's area started to be covered in red.Bookmark here

“...N....o...”Bookmark here

He closed his eyes.Bookmark here

Was this really end? After years of waiting and searching for a clue, he finally almost got one.Bookmark here

As he slowly lost his consciousness, many scenes flashed in his head.Bookmark here

A young boy eating alone in the dark. Many brawls. Police sirens. Family disputes. Many brawls again. An owl. Blood. A happy family on a dining table? An accident. A car in flames. A boy crying.Bookmark here

“Not..... yet...”Bookmark here

Kazuma slowly tried to get up.Bookmark here

The scenes he saw in his head reminded him of the cause of his revenge. He would not allow himself to collapse now. Even if he was beaten to death, he would still get up. When would he ever get an opportunity like this?Bookmark here

Kazuma had to stand up. Now or never.Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

The guy with the iron pipe crouched down and pulled on Kazuma's hair. Without any resistance, Kazuma only knelt in front of him.Bookmark here

“Stay down if you don't want to die.”Bookmark here

Ptui.Bookmark here

Kazuma spat on the face of the guy pulling his hair as he wore a provocative grin.Bookmark here

“You bastard!”Bookmark here

Completely ticked off, he raised the iron pipe to strike Kazuma down again.Bookmark here

Bam.Bookmark here

Kazuma, who adjusted his position while the iron pipe guy raised his arms for a swing, punched him in his chin as he jumped from his crouching position.Bookmark here

Thud. Clatter.Bookmark here

The guy and the iron pipe fell to the ground.Bookmark here

“!?”Bookmark here

Ryuuji and the other person of the mach were token by surprise.Bookmark here

Not knowing how long he could stay conscious, picked up the iron pipe and pointed with it at the two.Bookmark here

Then, the guy with the iron knuckles launched a punch at Kazuma.Bookmark here

“Take this, you little m-”Bookmark here

Bonk.Bookmark here

Kazuma struck his knee with the pipe.Bookmark here

“Aaahhh!” he cried in pain as he held his knee.Bookmark here

Bonk.Bookmark here

This time, Kazuma mercilessly launched a strike aimed at his head knocking him out.Bookmark here

“Want to give up?” Kazuma pointed with the pipe at Ryuuji.Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

This fight was created so Ryuuji could see if Kazuma had bluffed or not. After the other two were taken down, he was still not sure.Bookmark here

Ryuuji saw in front of him a guy whose clothes and face was covered in dirt and blood. His eyes were lifeless and yet he wore a agitated grin. Did he really bluff?Bookmark here

Kazuma took down 11 out of 21 people. His fighting style and his actions were unpredictable. He was hit with a great amount of force in the head with an iron pipe and was still not knocked out.Bookmark here

He could only question Kazuma's humanity because the only thing he saw was a demon.Bookmark here

He gulped in fear.Bookmark here

“I-I give up...” Ryuuji raised his arms in the air showing that he lost his will to fight.Bookmark here

Clatter.Bookmark here

The other bystanders dropped their weapons and mimicked their leader as they also lost their will to fight.Bookmark here

Kazuma, who still held the pipe in his hand, approached Ryuuji.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

Ryuuji fell on his butt in fear.Bookmark here

He did not know what will happen to him. Why did Kazuma still have the pipe? Was he about to strike him down?Bookmark here

The nearer he was, the more Ryuuji sweated from nervousness.Bookmark here

Kazuma crouched down and grabbed Ryuuji by his collar. He looked at him as if he was about to kill him if he said one wrong word.Bookmark here

“Now tell me everything you know about that bastard Kanzaki Shinya.”Bookmark here

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