Chapter 15:

The End Of The Rescue Mission

Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

The rain still did not let up in Shibuya.Bookmark here

Yui was accompanied to the train station by two of Ryuuji's henchmen.Bookmark here

“Uhm, don't you two have an umbrella?” Yui asked annoyed.Bookmark here

“Huh? No, why should we?” one of them answered also with an annoyed tone.Bookmark here

“Why?! Because we're already soaked from the rain and we haven't even arrived halfway to the station!” she yelled at them.Bookmark here

The train station was still a long walk away and in contrast to the two guys, who wore coats, Yui only wore her school uniform which was currently soaked. For her, it was a huge problem. First of all, she did not want to catch a cold and secondly, she wore a wet white shirt which was overall probelmatic for many girls and women.Bookmark here

The only positive aspect about the rain was that it washed the dirt and the small blood trails on her slightly away.Bookmark here

“Just bear with it.” the other guy said plainly.Bookmark here

“Bear with it? Is that a way to treat a young maiden? Now get an umbrella or else I won't move!” she wore a scary and threatening expression on her face while she crossed her arms to prevent them from seeing through her shirt.Bookmark here

“A-alright. Wait here with him!” one of the two stormed to a store to buy an umbrella.Bookmark here

“Fine. Now move your ass!” Yui was extremely annoyed.Bookmark here

Now, Yui stood in the rain with the other person.Bookmark here

“F-finally we're alone... Uhm, I always wanted to talk with you alone. It's a bit embarrassing here so could we go there?” Yui switched her expression to a purer one as she patted his shoulder and pointed at an alley.Bookmark here

“I-is that so? Sure!” he was flattered as he scratched his head.Bookmark here

Then, Yui led him deep into the alley.Bookmark here

“So what did you wa-”Bookmark here

Pow.Bookmark here

As she turned around to him, she used the rotation to kick him with all her might into the greatest weakness of all male beings.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

"Ughh..."Bookmark here

As a result, the guy fell on his knees and cried silently in agony.Bookmark here

Using this chance, Yui ran away.Bookmark here

“Too easy!” she grinned.Bookmark here

It went all according to her plan to escape the two. She used the fact that they had no umbrella to make one of them buy one. After that, she lurked the remaining one into the alley to destroy his manhood.Bookmark here

With both of them unable to monitor her actions, she was finally able to escape.Bookmark here

While she was running, she searched for her phone.Bookmark here

“What?! Battery's dead?!”Bookmark here

“Tch. What now?” she did not stop to run as she thought about a solution.Bookmark here

She ran and ran without an idea what to do.Bookmark here

“!”Bookmark here

Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm.Bookmark here

“E-Emma?!”Bookmark here

While Yui had an encounter with Emma, an interrogation began in the old factory.Bookmark here

Still crouching down and grabbing him by the collar, Kazuma sought for information from Ryuuji.Bookmark here

“First question. Who came up with the plan to kidnap Yui?”Bookmark here

“I-I don't know... Kanzaki-san only told us to look after a girl in our headquarters while he's away. And when we arrived, she was already in this state...”Bookmark here

“Where is he now?”Bookmark here

“Sorry, I don't know...”Bookmark here

“When will he return?”Bookmark here

“I don't know.” Ryuuji was sweating even more and more.Bookmark here

“Do you even know anything?” Kazuma began to lose his patience as his grip tightened and his eyes became grimmer.Bookmark here

“I-I-I'm sorry! I'm not a part of the main force so I know hardly anything about him...”Bookmark here

“Main force?” Kazuma tilted his head.Bookmark here

“Y-yes! They're the true members of 'The Owls of Tokyo'! They mainly consist of the founders of the gang.” Ryuuji explained.Bookmark here

“And what are you?”Bookmark here

“We're just striving to get accepted by them. Kanzaki-san said that he would accept all of us if we manage to look after that girl for one night.”Bookmark here

“I see...”Bookmark here

Kazuma finally released Ryuuji and stood up.Bookmark here

After a heavy sigh, his expression also turned back to a more relaxed one.Bookmark here

He realized that questioning him further would be pointless due to Ryuuji not even being a real member of the gang.Bookmark here

“Fujiwara-san!”Bookmark here

“Boss ya alright?!”Bookmark here

“Check if the others are fine!”Bookmark here

After seeing that Kazuma was finished, the other group members quickly checked on their leader and the members who were still laying on the ground.Bookmark here

Kazuma only stood there and put his fingers on his chin gesturing that he was in deep thoughts.Bookmark here

“Main force, huh? Time sure have changed...” he murmured.Bookmark here

Despite the value of the information being not what he expected, Kazuma was still satisfied. He thought that it was still better than nothing at all.Bookmark here

He smiled slightly.Bookmark here

“!”Bookmark here

However, that smile vanished quickly as he was shocked when he heard multiple sirens.Bookmark here

“It's the police! Get out of here!” Kazuma warned the others.Bookmark here

Kazuma bore no ill will against them anymore. He believed the words of Ryuuji and therefore saw no reason to be hostile anymore. After all, it was Kanzaki Shinya who pulled the strings this time.Bookmark here

“Damn it, they're already here! Leave those who are still unconscious here and run!” Kazuma ordered as he heard many car doors being opened.Bookmark here

Everyone ran as fast as they could. Kazuma, who also tried to run away slowed down after he heard a familiar voice.Bookmark here

“...zuma! Kazuma!” a voice which was far away called his name.Bookmark here

He knew exactly whose voice it was and thus, he decided to stay.Bookmark here

Then, many police officers stormed the factory.Bookmark here

Kazuma raised his arms up and turned around to face them.Bookmark here

“Get him!” a police officer ordered.Bookmark here

Receiving the signal, multiple police officers carefully approached Kazuma. Some of them were sweating from nervousness because of the scene they saw at first after arriving. A student covered in blood and injuries who was still standing whereas 11 other people were laying unconsciously on the ground.Bookmark here

Suddenly two girls appeared in Kazuma's field of vision. His jaw dropped seeing those two.Bookmark here

“Emma? And Yui?!” he said baffled.Bookmark here

Emma tapped the police officer, who gave the order, on the shoulder. Yui, however, sprinted to Kazuma.Bookmark here

“Officer, he was the one I talked about. He came to save that girl.” Emma explained briefly.Bookmark here

“O-oh, I see... I'm sorry.” the police officer apologized.Bookmark here

“Don't touch the boy!” he turned to his colleagues and withdrew his previous order.Bookmark here

At his words, they stopped in their tracks.Bookmark here

“Kazuma!”Bookmark here

Yui jumped at Kazuma and hugged him as tears flowed from her eyes.Bookmark here

“Uff!”Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

Losing the balance, Kazuma fell to the ground with Yui who was still hugging him.Bookmark here

“Kazuma! Kazuma!”Bookmark here

Yui did not stop calling his name nor did she stop to cry.Bookmark here

In response, Kazuma also hugged her and patted her head to comfort her.Bookmark here

“It's fine, Yui. I'm still alive and kicking!” he tried to cheer her up.Bookmark here

But she did not pay attention to his words and continued to cry and hugged him even stronger.Bookmark here

“Ouch! Lessen your grip! Lessen your grip! I will seriously die!” he tried to get her arms of him but it was futile.Bookmark here

The police only stood there and witnessed the situation in front of them in confusion and relief.Bookmark here

After a while, Yui finally calmed down a little and let go of Kazuma giving him the chance to stand up.Bookmark here

“Sniff, sniff... Kazuma...” she had still watery eyes and a runny nose.Bookmark here

“Yes, it's alright. I'm here. Now let's go home, shall we?” he still comforted her by patting her head.Bookmark here

She nodded her head.Bookmark here

“Hey, do you need an ambulance?” a police officer approached them.Bookmark here

Kazuma looked to Emma, who was conversing with the police. He had many questions for her but they could wait for another time.Bookmark here

Then, Kazuma looked at his own body and at Yui, whose injuries were minimal.Bookmark here

“I guess we will visit the hospital but could you drive her home first? We should let her parents know.” Kazuma asked as he pointed at Yui.Bookmark here

“Sure. Come with me.”Bookmark here

The police officer took them in his car. And after some time passed, they arrived in front of Yui's house.Bookmark here

“Can I talk to her for a moment?” Kazuma asked the officer.Bookmark here

He nodded.Bookmark here

“Thanks.”Bookmark here

Then, Kazuma and Yui stepped out of the car. They stood side by side in front of Yui's front door.Bookmark here

Since they were in the car, they did not spoke a word to each other. It was just silent.Bookmark here

Yui took her key out and reached for the door to unlock it, however, in that instant her keys dropped as Kazuma unexpectedly hugged her tightly.Bookmark here

“I'm so glad... really...”Bookmark here

Tears started to fall from his eyes. He could not suppress his feelings anymore. All the painful feelings he had to endure before seeing her face were finally expressed in form of tears. His worries were gone and he could only feel relieved having her in his arms.Bookmark here

Yui, who finally calmed down after crying for so long, could not hold back any longer and cried again as she hugged him back.Bookmark here

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