Chapter 22:

Special Class

Confession Games

Arisugawa then explained how we would accept requests going forward. The plan was to select up to three requests at a time, but on average only two requests since there was no reason to stretch ourselves thin. We would generally accomplish requests in pairs when possible, preferably male and female pairs to emphasize the fact that this was a co-ed club. More than a few fantasies came to mind as I heard this part, but those dreams could be further explained at a later time.Bookmark here

The types of requests we received at the moment could be split into three categories, ones from clubs/societies, ones from the staff and ones from individual students, and since most of the requests from individuals tended to be about getting advice, Arisugawa suggested that we open a consultation service.Bookmark here

Zakushi nodded at Arisugawa's idea and added, "That doesn't sound like a bad idea assuming we can actually give good advice, but it should wait until we've gotten used to our workload."Bookmark here

Everyone agreed with Zakushi and so Arisugawa moved on.Bookmark here

"We'll start with simple requests that can be finished in a day, like serving as assistants for the athletic clubs and helpers for the teachers, but I'll be on the lookout for another major project like our first one."Bookmark here

"Sounds good," Zakushi replied.Bookmark here

The meeting continued for a little longer but that was basically everything that was discussed as it related to club. I thought we would end things there since there weren't any requests taken for today either, but then Arisugawa asked Zakushi a question that I was interested in hearing the answer of.Bookmark here

"Zakushi, can you tell us what will happen in the special class tomorrow?"Bookmark here

I considered asking this question, but since I didn't think it would be too important I didn't bring it up, but that didn't mean I could let this opportunity simply go by. Even Amakawa put her phone down and looked at Zakushi in anticipation.Bookmark here

Zakushi, unaffected by our eagerness, answered with his usual calm tone.Bookmark here

"Well, you don't need to worry too much about it as first years. The special class is just an event for us to get to learn more about those in different grades. However, I guess your experience can change drastically based on which teacher your group gets assigned. Most of the teachers won't really give work but there are a few who will."Bookmark here

At this moment, I couldn't help thinking of my math teacher, Mr. Takashi. It would suck to have to do classwork on a Saturday, but it didn't bother me that much since I had something even more bothersome planned.Bookmark here

After she digested this piece of information, Arisugawa asked another question.Bookmark here

"I see, is there anything we should look out for?"Bookmark here

"Hmm," Zakushi put his finger his chin to ponder before continuing, "Just keep your guards up. You can flaunt your strengths if you want, but be extra sure to conceal your weaknesses."Bookmark here

Zakushi sounded oddly serious but I didn't think much of it. No matter how annoying the special class would be, I doubted that it could be worse than my current issues.Bookmark here

Once club was finally over, I wanted to talk to Kirisaki but Zakushi had already booked an appointment. We left club together and he talked to me as we walked, while I took mental notes.Bookmark here

"Like I told you, I've arranged for someone to be your foil. His goal will be to make you voluntarily resign from the club. He won't use violence but that's only if you don't throw the first punch. However, he's got a talent for provoking people so you need to careful. Even if you win, a fight could easily be used to his advantage. And he's on the judo team so don't expect him to be a weakling either."Bookmark here

As Zakushi went on giving details about the person I would confront tomorrow, I had a strange feeling that this wouldn't go as I imagined, but I ignored that feeling as I thought it was inevitable for things not to go as planned.Bookmark here

When Zakushi was finished with his explanation, the first thing I did was thank him.Bookmark here

"Thank you for all the help, senior. I owe you one."Bookmark here

He replied, "Of course you do, but don't mind it too much. I'm just helping you to make sure the club stays up. Besides you seem like a good kid, I wouldn't want you to be crushed this early."Bookmark here

"Hmm?"Bookmark here

I cocked my head in confusion at Zakushi's words, but his next action blew away my questions like a subtle breeze.Bookmark here

"Never mind. Good luck," said Zakushi with a faint smile before walking off.Bookmark here

While his back faded away, I clutched my chest in fright as I remembered the soft expression he showed for a brief moment.Bookmark here

'Did my heart just skip a beat?'Bookmark here

I couldn't believe it, but I recalled a sudden tightening in my chest when he flashed that smile at me. Zakushi wasn't that good-looking, but when I saw that rare expression of his, I was speechless. Bookmark here

'No, no, no, I already have too many problems, I don't need to be worrying about my sexuality too! Just think about Arisugawa, just keep thinking about her. Maid, bunny girl, princess, knight... 'Bookmark here

Like emergency medicine I relied on my fantasies of Arisugawa to stabilize my condition as I headed home. I may or may not have sensed a familiar gaze on my back on the way home, still, I ignored it as I couldn't be interrupted during this important treatment.Bookmark here

Later on, during dinner with Ms. Aria, she brought up the first major achievement of the Life Assist Club.Bookmark here

"Oh, I heard that the club finished its first job, well done."Bookmark here

"Thanks, but I didn't really do much."Bookmark here

I tried to be humble, but why did I think that would matter to her anyway?Bookmark here

"I would think so. The request was about the female dorm, wasn't it? I wouldn't want to have to call the police on my own student."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Faced by her suspicious gaze, I planned on shutting my mouth and keeping my eyes on the food, but she wasn't finished with me yet.Bookmark here

She asked so casually that I had to doubt my hearing, "By the way, when did you start playing for both teams?" Bookmark here

"What?! Where did you hear that?!"Bookmark here

"Well I heard from a few of my students that you have a boyfriend who confessed his love for you in public."Bookmark here

"How did they even twist it like that?!"Bookmark here

Frightened by how strange the story had gotten, I hurriedly explained the truth to Ms. Aria, who nodded in understanding.Bookmark here

"I see, so you haven't accepted his feelings yet?"Bookmark here

"You didn't understand anything?! You're joking with me, right? Please tell me you're kidding me!"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I won't judge. Our school is fine with all types of love, you can feel safe here," Ms. Aria said with a gentle tone.Bookmark here

"Don't be acting like a saint! I don't swing that way, why can't you believe me?"Bookmark here

"Because it's funnier this way."Bookmark here

"So you were kidding me!"Bookmark here

I don't know why I took her seriously at times but she always knew how to push my buttons. Soon after, I picked up our plates and went to wash them while Ms. Aria went to take a bath, but she stopped before leaving the room. I thought she would just tease me like usual, but instead she warned, "Be careful tomorrow, that wacky headmaster has something planned."Bookmark here

She then left before I could give a response, leaving me with a feeling of unease.Bookmark here

'Looks like tomorrow won't be easy day.'Bookmark here

Once more, I realised that this Saturday would be rife with trouble.Bookmark here

After heading back to my apartment, I took out my phone and looked at Kirisaki's name on the messaging app I normally used. I considering apologizing to her through text or through a call, but with excuses like it wouldn't be sincere enough I couldn't build up the courage to go through with it. With the lie that I would apologize after finishing what I had to do, I laid down my phone and got ready for bed.Bookmark here

I woke up extra early on Saturday, not because I wanted to though. I wouldn't say that I was excited, but it was true that I couldn't wait to get this day over with. After getting myself ready, I checked at Ms. Aria's apartment, but she was already gone as she said she would be. Since this Saturday would be similar to a regular school day she had to leave early. Sometimes I would still be able to cook breakfast for her on school days, but most of the times she had to rely on cereal or toast.Bookmark here

Since I confirmed that she had left, I went straight to school. I picked up on more than a few pairs of eyes on me, but that was a normal thing these days so it didn't bother me as much. I was much more nervous about what would happen at school. The special class, the manuevers of the headmaster, Zakushi's plan, my apology to Kirisaki, there were just too many worries in my mind, but I had no choice but to confront them.Bookmark here

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