Chapter 0:

The transfer

High school sovereign

"See ya later Ned!" 

The clamours of boys and girls rushing out of the school fill the corridor, accompanied by the continuous ringing of the school bell. 

Yet another day. I am tired and bored. I wish summer was here, school is boring, we go through the same lessons every day of stuff I already know. I guess I'll head to library now. 

I work at the library for my part time job which is good since I love reading books and quiet places. Books provide me with a new sources of information to keep me occupied, that being said however, its been 2 years since I've been working at this library and I've exhausted all the books. 

"Excuse me, can I take this book out", asks a polite young boy.

"Sure", I respond, and I grab hold of the book to place it under the scanner. But something is strange, I've never seen the book before, it is triangular shaped compared to the normal rectangular sizes. I scan the book.

[Would you like to leave this world?]

I instinctively press yes, the boy smiles. Suddenly, my surroundings are enveloped with light. My body feels as if it is floating and I am thrust into a white chamber with what seems to be a bear humanoid sitting on the throne.

"What is this place?'
[Welcome to the dimensional warper.]

The polar bear's lips move but no sound comes out instead game-like messages are displayed in front of me. 

"Why am I here? Am I dead?"
[Thank you for your consent, finding a slot...Please take this time to use the skill shop.]

Consent? I remember the book scanner, ah. I was tired and didn't pay attention. Almost immediately a large blue screen appears in front of me with an exchange table. The interface reminds me of mmorpgs that I've played to kill time. There is soul power on the left and a scrolling list of skills on the right. 

I touch the soul power icon - it stands at 0. On the right the 'system' skill is already purchased.

['System' was purchased using the soul power upon death.  Please choose which memories you would like to sacrifice for more soul power.]

Sacrificing memories? No. I must keep the memories I have, after all, they are my identity. I don't know what the system is however, I guess it is probably just a proficiency measuring tool. I place 'system' in the soul power box.

[Exchanging SS-tier skill for lower tiers is not recommended.]

I continue anyway and take the S-tier skill appraisal instead. I may be travelling to a world where my knowledge may be inefficient so appraisal would be more useful than a measuring tool. My knowledge will also be useful as it is probably different to the world.

[Slot found. Twelfth prince of the Roherim Empire. Klaus Von Roheim] 
[Commencing transportation]

Ah... This is exciting. It reminds me of the isekai novels in the library, but this is reality not fiction. So I'll have to be careful.