Chapter 1:


High school sovereign

I open my eyes to be greeted with the sight of fresh fruit and honey glazed porridge on the table. Strips of afternoon sunshine enter through the glazed windows, bouncing off the velvet curtains and pristine white walls. The room is expensively decorated but small and intimate with a bed at a corner. It appears this is my bedroom.Bookmark here

I cast the skill, appraisal at myself. A status window appears.
[Name: Klaus Von Roheim]  [Skill/s: Appraisal Lv1]
[Age: 16]
[Title/s: Twelfth prince, Lord of Braunmoth, Youngest one]
[Place: Personal mansion, Braunmoth outskirts]Bookmark here

Ah, so I've been transferred to the body of a prince.Bookmark here

I sip some tea and look out of the window. Outside, grassy fields stretch far away with cloudy mountains at their ends. Below me some a couple knights are sparring with wooden sticks whilst the most bask in the lovely sunshine. Bookmark here

Knock KnockBookmark here

I turn to open the door, but step back when it is swung open by an impudent middle aged woman.Bookmark here

"Klaus, you have visitors." said the woman appearing to be taken aback as I glared at her.
"Who are you?"
"Oh dear, do you not remember me? I am your head maid, Margaret. Stuck in your room reading those absurd books everyday must've made you forgetful."Bookmark here

Anger boiled inside me. Since I was the youngest prince I knew my power would be limited, but to have this woman talk to me in such a manner was inforgive-able. I would have to dispose of her but the visitors came first.Bookmark here

"Show me the visitors." 
"Ah... , yes of course." Margaret paused and then smiled, normally the prince would refuse to move anywhere and insist they come to his chambers.

In the waiting room we met two gentleman surrounded by four armed guards. Clearly, they were important people.  

"Greetings your majesty, I am Lester von Rosterfield, the prime minister of your father's kingdom. I come to deliver a spoken order from his majesty." "As of this moment you are a participant of the empire's succession war against your eleven siblings and your father himself."Bookmark here

Was this king mad? Not only forcing his children into a bloody civil war but joining it himself?Bookmark here

"Everyone will have absolute power over their assigned territories and any territory they can conquer. The participant that has conquered the empire will be made emperor for the next one hundred years."
"As a starting gift your father has presented you four elite guards present. You may use them as you wish."Bookmark here

With that being said, the two men exited with sly smiles on their faces. My heart is pounding, I've played world conquering games in my past life, but experiencing it reality is something different. However, I know I shouldn't treat this as a game, one wrong move could cost me my life and the lives of my people.Bookmark here

"Margaret, will you summon all the armed forces under my disposal, house staff, and the merchants into our great hall."
Worried with the news, Margaret stuttered, "Y-yes, your highness."Bookmark here

I then cast appraisal on the four newcomers. 
[Loyalty: To Saigo Roheirim]Bookmark here

As expected these people were loyal to my father, not me. He had probably assigned these to manipulate me or just for information gathering. Information is key in war. These people could have killed me at any time, but I guess they've been ordered not to. Bookmark here

I laugh. 

"Your majesty, is something the matter?" one of them asks courtly. 
"I'm feeling bored, so I want you to do something for me."
"Of course." They answer, smiling with over-exaggerated smiles.
"Run in laps around the wall until I say stop."Bookmark here

They stare at me as if I'm stupid and begin running. They wore thick metal armour, and carried large swords, so it would only be a matter of time before their stamina took its toll. Bookmark here

I smile. "Oi run faster, aren't you elite knights?"Bookmark here

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