Chapter 5:

The mafia thugs

Magnum Opus


The men kept yelling at her, while forcing the door.

“Hide, quickly.” She says.

I do as she says. I go to her mom´s room, I leave the door barely open to see what is about to happen in here.

She opens the door and takes a stand ready to counter attack whatever comes at her with the knife.

“This is surprisin´, you´ve never opened the door before. Maybe you´re considerin´ the offer the boss made.” The man says genuinely happy.

She remains quiet.

“Let´s fuckin´beat the shit outa her!” A thug yells from behind.

“Shut the fuck up idiot, or I´ll kick your ass.” The man says. It seems this guy is the one in charge of the men.

“As I was sayin´, cosiderin´ you opened the door this time, I´ll forgive you for robbin´us.”

Robbing? What did she rob and when?

“I didn´t rob anything, you owe me. “

“Hahahaha get in your goddamn head that we gave your mother all the money your father sent us.”

“You lied to her. I know.”

“Oh come on, that´s the past, think ´bout the future. Accept the offer, you´ll do what your father couldn’t do for our boss and maybe you´ll be part of our family.” He says in a pleading tone of voice.

“No. I´m not my father.” she firmly says.

Tch… of course you´re not, you´ve got guts, and our boss respects you for that that´s why he allowed you stay at school.”

“You´re lying, I don´t need anyone´s permission to do what I want.”

“Bluaghahaha!” The man burst in to laughter. “You don´t even know what you want girl.” The man says as if trying to mock at her.

“When you were a child, you were like an animal, a beast I´d dare to say. If we hadn´t come years ago you would have die of starvation or probably gotten killed. Don´t you remember all those people you..”

“SILENCE!!” She yells.

“Shut the hell up or I´ll cut your tongue.” She yells totally mad. Is this the girl everyone at school known?

The thugs are speechless; it seems they never expected her to yell at them like that. I can see that clearly from here, some of them are terrified. I´m scared as well, but what has she done to scare thugs like them? What did she do?

The man in charge swallows nervously. “Well, this time we just came to tell two things. One, this is the last time you steal food from us, we have to take care of the economy around here you know and second, the boss is getting impatient, so think about the proposal otherwise we´ll come for you.”

“Come anytime you want, my answer will be the same.” She says in her usual calm tone of voice.

“Whatever girl, you´ve been warned.”

And so everyone seems to leave.

I try to leave the bedroom but Hope turns at me with the palm of her hand in my direction as if telling me not to move.

I start to hear the engine of the motorcycles. It seems they are leaving now.

She closes the door. I take that as a sign to leave the room. As soon as I leave the room, I go straight to the window to see how many men were, back then in the bedroom I counted five thugs, but from the window I can count around fourteen men. Fourteen men for one girl… is she really that dangerous or they just like to do things in big numbers to scare people?

“Ahhhh” she exhales.

“Did you rob the breakfast?” I ask, breaking the silence without wishing.

She looks at me a bit disappointed. “Only the ingredients, I prepared everything myself.” She said a little angry.

Maybe it was a bad time to ask, although I can´t say I´m happy with the situation, although, I honestly appreciate she cooked for me.

“That´s not what I meant. The man said you rob them I just wanted to know the details.” I say trying to make things up before she gets mad at me. Maybe… maybe I´m  scared of her.

“Do you think that was bad?” She says as if looking for validation.

I think carefully about what I’m about to say. “I think it wasn´t… I believe you have your reasons right? You said they owe you. I´m sure it must be a big amount.”

“No, I´m not sure about the amount… They just lied to my mom.” She says quietly looking at the floor.

“Do you have money?”

“A little... the principal gave me his savings but they are at his house… I didn´t rob because I wanted I was just short of cash.” She says as if trying to convince me.

“I see… well, it seems it wasn´t your intention after all, so it´s fine” I say smiling at her to comfort her.

She looks at me, she´s speechless, it seems she didn´t expect that. I hope she took it the right way, I´m going to try to see how much can she say to me.

“You said they lied to your mom, what did they do to her?”

She looks outside the window, is that a sad face? “The principal abandoned me and my mother thirteen years ago… He told me he used to send money to us but…” She stops thinking of her next words. “But, they didn´t give us all the money…”

“…” I don´t know what to say, only that that´s despicable.

“Did your mom had a job?”

“Yes, she had one… she used to clean other people´s house.” She sounds sad.

I think I have enough for today… I don’t consider myself a good person but I don´t feel any type of joy making her feel bad. Though, I want to know what did she use to do to other people, the man said she was like an animal, I wonder what he meant by that. I guess I´ll ask other time when she trusts me more.

“Shall we go to the principal´s house? You know, to get some money so that you don´t have to rob anymore, what do you say?” I ask trying to change the topic.

“No, you´ll stay. I´ll go by myself.” She says swiftly changing her personality back to normal.

“You have to stay here, otherwise you´ll get killed.”

“But If I stay here the mafia may come and find me.”

“No, they barely come, they have better stuff to do, coming to my house it´s a waste of time. You are safe here.”

Jeez… I guess I won´t convince her nor I feel like doing so…

“Got it. Go then, next time I´ll cook something my mother taught me.” I say with a smile… I feel stupid now that I think about it. However, she looks at me confused.

“We´ll see about that. For now, I´ll go.”

It seems she didn´t like my answer but didn´t say anything. After saying that, she leaves without me. I think I´ll watch the TV until she comes back.

I turn on the TV, there are some news about the incident at the hospital. Around a hundred people were killed, patients, medical staff and family members. Suddenly, the camera shows my doctor, he´s alive just wounded.

“Although, all the causalities have been reported we are missing one patient. Mr. Kind.” The newscaster says.

I smile.

Yes! They´ll try to look for me for now on, all I have to do is to wait for Hope to take me to the nearest police station.


I sigh.

Hopefully this will be the end of this whole situation. However… my confirmation is near. Will I rebel against my father or would I be one of them… one like my brother…